The Bad Boy's Reputation

Two completely opposite people; Natalia Grey the school nerd, teacher's pet. She's a big sister and role model. She believes in love at first sight. She wants the fairytale love, the one where you find your prince and live happily ever after.

Jason Summers the school bad boy, player and football player. He does what he wants, when he wants. It's his way or no way. He's the type of guy who doesn't date, doesn't believe in love nor wants it.

Talia only sees one side of Jason and that's his bad boy side; the jerk. Jason only sees one side of Talia and that's her nerdy side; geeky glasses and pulled back hair.

What happens when these two completely opposite teens are forced to see each and talk to each other every single day? What happens when the two teenagers realize there's more to the story than meets the eye? Will their opinions change? Find out in The Bad Boy's Reputation.


71. Chapter Seventy One

This book is coming to an end soon guys! I'm going to stay on this month for a little while, since it's the month of December in the book. The book will start to do a little repeat of events that happened previously. And you'll be able to see which events repeats in this chapter:) enjoy!

Jason's POV

"Can you buckle yourself?" I asked, watching as Macey struggled to buckle herself into her booster seat. "I... Got it." She replied, trying to pull the buckle over her stomach. "You can do it, you got in the truck." I encouraged.

"Jason, I can't do it." She said, freeing the belt from her hands. I chuckled and reached over her. "Watch closely." I instructed, showing the buckle. She looked at my hands, watching as I clipped the buckle.

"Now let me get this little guy." I whispered, as I closed the back door. I ran around the other side of the car and picked up the car seat with Talia's brother in it.

Never, have I ever thought I would have a car seat and a booster seat in the back of my truck. I also never thought I would be whipped to a girl, and have a leash around my neck. And I never thought I would be driving to the mall with my girlfriend's siblings to shop for my unborn child.

Talia decided on not having a baby shower in a couple months, because she doesn't want to make a big deal about anything. I told her a baby shower is necessary, but she claimed she didn't want it. She said Adelaide didn't have one, so she wouldn't have one.

"Can you put the song on?" Macey asked. I looked in the mirror and smiled. "The song?" I asked. "Please." She smiled. I sighed and turned the radio on. I pressed the CD button, and went to track four.

Macey bobbed her head to the song, as the part she didn't know played. Luke Bryan's, Huntin' Fishin' Lovin' everyday blasted through the truck, as we drove to the mall. Macey's loud singing and squeaky voice had me laughing, because for one, she had no clue what the lyrics were, which was honestly adorable.

"Are we here?" Macey asked, as I parked the car. "We are." I replied, putting my keys and phone in my pocket. I grabbed my wallet from the center console, and opened my door.

Macey stood next to the truck, with her head arm leaning on the tire. "Let me get him out, and then we can go." I informed, opening the back door. I got the car seat out of the car, and opened the hatch.

The stroller landed on the ground with a thump, and I groaned. I hated doing this. Putting the baby in the carriage, and making sure he's secured, and covering his face from the sun. It took so much time to do.

Finally, after finishing making sure the baby was secured, I pulled the sun visor down, and wheeled it over to where Macey was standing. "Okay, ready?" I asked, holding my hand out. She took my hand without any other words, and we made our way into the mall.

"Do we wanna shop for you first?" I asked. "No." She sighed, looking down at her light up Dora shoes. "What's the matter?" I asked, walking over to a bench. I sat down, and put the locks on the carriage wheels, before pulling Macey onto my lap.

"Nothing." She sighed. "Hm, nothing? You know, I can see right through you, and I don't think nothing is the answer." I replied. She huffed and crossed her arms over her chest. "Come on, tell me." I pressed.

"The kids at school are mean. They won't let me play with them." She confessed. "You're in kindergarten." I replied. "They keep ignoring me. They hog the blocks, and when I ask to play with them, they keep ignoring me. And then, the other day, one of the kids threw a block at me." She explained.

"The kid threw something at you?" I asked. She nodded. "Where?" I asked. "My leg. It knocked me down. The teacher just laughed and said it was an accident." She replied. I nodded, and put my chin on the top of her head. "Well, the good thing is, you come home, and you get to play with me." I smiled, tickling her stomach a little. She giggled, and put her head on my shoulder. "Alright, we gotta get to shopping, or else the boss is going to be angry. Because she is making me do my homework." I smiled, kissing her squishy cheek.


"I like this!" Macey exclaimed, showing me a baby blue one piece with the words, 'Auntie's Favorite' written on the front of white and black letters. For the past six months now, we've drilled in Macey's head that she will, in fact, be an aunt, not a sister. And now, she runs around the house screaming 'Auntie Mace'.

"I like that one, how about this one?" I asked. "Daddy's Little... Monster." She said. "Good job." I smiled. Now at school, Macey is finally learning how to read. We've been trying to teach her at home, by reading a line to a book she never read, and having her repeat the line to us. And then, she reads the line from the book. We've been doing the cards too, the flash cards. She's very smart, I'll give her that.

I held shirts in my hand that said, 'ladies man' 'daddy taught me how to be cute' 'of course I'm cute look at my daddy' while others were just printed onesies with either blue, white, or camouflage prints on them.

Macey swung her bag in her hand, as she warned for me to finish up. "Mace, stop that. You're gonna hit someone." I ordered. She huffed and put the bag on the bottom of the carriage, before walking over to me. "I wanna go home." She whined. "I know, we're leaving soon." I replied, picking up the last few onesies. 'I'm what happened in Vegas' 'my daddy is jealous that I got boobies for dinner' 'thanks dad for not using a condom'

The lady at the register looked at me with the eyes that Talia gives me when I do something stupid. "It's for my girlfriend, okay?" I groaned. She put her arms up in defense, before telling me the total price.


Natalia's POV

"You know, that mall better be really freaking good, and you better put this baby in all these clothes. I just spend almost two hundred dollars on clothes for this child." Jason complained, throwing the bag on the bed.

I searched through the bag, excited to see what he got. Knowing him, he got something inappropriate, and probably things I would never put this baby in.

"My daddy is jealous that I got boobies for dinner? Thanks dad for not using a condom? Really?" I asked. "Come on, he would look adorable in those shirts." Jason smiled. "I'm not putting him in shirts that say things like this." I replied. "Come on, it was either I buy it or Jackson does." He laughed. "Good, so I could smack both of you." I replied.

"Hey, did you know Macey is getting ignored at school by other kids?" Jason asked, pulling his shirt over his head. "No, she hasn't said anything." I replied. "Well, she told me they're ignoring her, and one kid even went as far as throwing a block at her." He informed. "Do I have to go down there?" I sighed.

"I'll kill those kids. The block left a bruise." Jason said. "They're five, probably spoiled rich kids. They're parents probably live somewhere in the nicer part of town, more near Manhattan." I replied. "Still, it doesn't make it right." He replied. "You're right. But you can't kill a five year old." I laughed.

"Is it cold out?" I asked, looking at the frost on the window. "Hell yeah. It has to be below freezing, at least. But yet, it's sunny." He replied. "I can feel the draft coming in." I informed, kicking the blankets off of me. I stood up, walked to the dresser and grabbed sweat pants.

"I hate my belly button." I groaned, looking in the mirror. "Why? I think it looks cute. Fits the whole... Pregnancy look." Jason replied, putting his arms around my bare waist. "Because it's poking out. I don't like it." I complained. I pulled the sweat pants on and made my way back to the bed.

I stopped, as a pain shot through my stomach, making me wince. I mumbled a quiet, ouch, before putting my hand over my stomach. "What? What happened?" Jason asked. Another feeling came through, before I realized what was happening.

"He's kicking." I smiled widely. "No way! Let me feel!" Jason exclaimed, putting his hand on my stomach. I felt another kick rip through me, and smiled down at Jason, as his smile grew. I ran my hand through his hair, before pulling him back up to me.

"I love you, you know that?" I asked, pressing my forehead to his. "Well, I sure hope you love me. I gave you that baby." He replied. "Way to ruin the moment. Always got to ruin things." I laughed. "It's my specialty. So my mom used to say." He replied. I laughed and shook my head.

Another kick ripped through me, and I looked down to my stomach. "Little soccer player he is." I smiled. "No foot fairies. He's gonna be a football player, just like his daddy." Jason replied, getting on his knees.

He pulled my shirt up to my bra line, which I had to get a bigger size, thanks to this child. He put his lips to my stomach and peppered kissed all across the middle of my stomach.

"Natty! Someone's at the door!" Macey yelled. I threw my head back, before pulling my shirt down. "She'll start to flip out." I informed, walking to the bedroom door.

Once downstairs, Jason held Macey in his arms, before bringing her into the kitchen, while I went to the front door. Jason kept mumbling things to Macey, making her giggle, which made me laugh.

Seeing how Jason is with kids, makes me so excited for this little guy to be born, so I can see what Jason is like around his own child. So I can see what I'm like around my own child. It'll be like I'm raising three kids.

I opened the door, only to see the people I would never have expected to be standing at my doorstep. "Grandma and Grandpa McKinley?" I asked.


This was a short chapter, I know. But my mind has honestly been elsewhere these past few days. I've been having friend drama, and issues like that, so I've been dealing with that.

This book will now stay on the month of December for the next two or three chapters, so you all can get a feel of what Christmas will be like:) I hope you're all enjoying this book as much as I am, and I hope you all can't wait for the baby name to be revealed;)

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