The Bad Boy's Reputation

Two completely opposite people; Natalia Grey the school nerd, teacher's pet. She's a big sister and role model. She believes in love at first sight. She wants the fairytale love, the one where you find your prince and live happily ever after.

Jason Summers the school bad boy, player and football player. He does what he wants, when he wants. It's his way or no way. He's the type of guy who doesn't date, doesn't believe in love nor wants it.

Talia only sees one side of Jason and that's his bad boy side; the jerk. Jason only sees one side of Talia and that's her nerdy side; geeky glasses and pulled back hair.

What happens when these two completely opposite teens are forced to see each and talk to each other every single day? What happens when the two teenagers realize there's more to the story than meets the eye? Will their opinions change? Find out in The Bad Boy's Reputation.


14. Chapter Fourteen

Natalia's POV

The house was quiet, too quiet. Mrs. Summers has been in her room since Jason and I came home from school yesterday and Jason has been quiet. Only coming out of his room to go to the bathroom, eat and go to school. Now that it's the weekend, I can at least try to get through to Jason and find out what is going on. 

"Jase?" He looked at me, then looked back to the ceiling. "Do you want to talk?"

"Not really."

"Do you want to do something else?"

"I don't care. Anything to get my mind off of what's going on." Making progress with his words, I see. 

"How about we go somewhere?" He shook his head. "Come on, get up and get dressed."

"I don't want to."

"Jase, come on. You have to get out." He sat up, groaned, then laid back down. "Fine." I grabbed him by the ankles and slid him off the bed.

"Ouch! What the hell T!"

"It got you up, didn't it?" He rolled his eyes. What a little baby. "Jase, please? Please, get dressed."

"Alright, fine." He grabbed a shirt next to him and slid it over his head.

"A clean shirt." I put my shoes on and waited at the door.

"Where are you going?" Mrs. Summers asked.

"I'm taking Jason out today."

She nodded, "good, good. He needs to get out. Oh, do you know if he's ready for the wedding?"

"Um... no."

"Alright. Well, you two have a good day."

"Ready?" Jason nodded and grabbed his keys. "No, I'm driving."

"I don't think so."

"I'm supposed to be taking you out, not the other way around."

"What if you crash my car?" He asked, dropping his hand. I shrugged and grabbed the keys, then ran out of the house.

"Babe! No!" He yelled, running after me. I got into the car and locked the doors. "Babe! Come on!" I laughed as he banged on the driver's side window.

"Are you going to hurt me?"



"I promise. Now, let me in." I unlocked the doors and he got into the car. "Alright, where are we going?" He asked, buckling his seatbelt.

"The beach to watch the sunset."

"I don't like the beach."

"Oh stop."


"Let's walk a little, yeah?" Jason nodded and took my hand in his. "It sucks we couldn't have lunch together the other day at school."

"It does, doesn't it." I nodded and walked to the water. "So... what's been going on?" I asked as we walked in the water.

"I really don't want to talk about it."

"It'll make you feel better."


"Jase, we're not only dating, but we're living together. Whatever is happening to you, is happening to me and Macey. I need to know so I can protect not only myself but my sister."

"Trust me when I say this, nothing and I mean nothing will ever hurt you or Macey."

"When I was younger, my dad would get angry and when he got angry, he would hit and punch random things." He looked up to me. "One day, he came home from work and he was drunk. Really drunk. He went into his bedroom, where my mom was laying down. At the time, I was sleeping in the office, and I could hear everything.

"My mom she was sleeping, and he came in. He... woke her up, and beat her. He beat her so badly. He abused her in almost every way possible. Every day, he would call her names and say she's worthless, he never loved her, he said she should leave and never come back.

"My mom thought she could take it, but when he moved onto me, she lost it. He beat me with his belt and he would hit me, he would tell me I was a mistake, that I was never supposed to be born. That I'm not his son. He would tell me I would never find someone who would want someone like me.

"It got so bad one night, my mom called the police because my dad took one of the pictures, and  threw it at me. The glass shattered all over the floor and me. And ever since then... he's been in jail. And I guess they let him out."

"Jason, I'm so sorry."

"I'm over it now. My mom is over it. We're okay now."

"It doesn't make it right. Just because you're over it, doesn't make it okay that he did it." He shrugged

"Anyway..." He hopped on his feet, his whole demeanor changing completely. He picked me up and ran into the water.

"Jason! No!"

"Hold your nose!" He yelled, before throwing me into the water.

"Jason! I'm going to kill you!"

"You have to catch me first, yellow."

"Yell.... Oh my god!" I yelled, covering myself up. He nodded his head and sat on the sand, watching me as I walked to him. I smirked and hovered over him.

"What?" He asked, looking up at me. I climbed on top of him and smiled.

"What are doing?" He asked, holding my waist.

"This." I smiled, shaking my head.

"T!" I laughed and continued to shake my head. "Alright, alright, my punishment is good."

"Say you're sorry."

"I'm sorry." I nodded and laid next to him.

"Do you think my mom will come back home?" I asked as he put his arm around my waist.

"Do you want the truth?" I nodded. "No. I think she's making up excuses to stay where she is." I put my head on his shoulder and sighed.



"Are you embarrassed to be seen with me?" He looked at me, then closed his eyes. "Well?" 

"Of course not. No, why would you think that?"

"It just seems like it. I'm just always worried that you're going to leave me alone somewhere because you saw someone from school." He shook his head.

"You know, I'm happy we're dating," I spoke.

"Why's that?"

"Because now I feel like someone actually cares about me."

"You have a lot of people who care about you, T."

"My family doesn't. Only my Uncle. My mom could care less. My dad is gone. Zac tries to make an effort."

"I think you should actually give Zac a chance. From the way Macey talks about him, he seems like a pretty chill guy."


"Thank you for getting me out of the house." Jason smiled, as we walked in the house.

"I'm only doing what my Uncle did when my dad died."

"Your uncle made out with you on the beach?" I slapped his shoulder and laughed. "No, he got me out of the house." He nodded.

"Speaking of making out on the beach..." I smiled and leaned up to him. "I think we should give it another shot. For... practice."

"I think you're right." I replied, before kissing him. He walked over to a hallway, and pushed me to a wall. He opened the closest bedroom door, before pushing me inside of it.


"Don't worry. Just trust me." He whispered, before kissing me again.

"I trust you."

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