One Thousand Roses

Two completely opposite people; Natalia Grey the school nerd, teacher's pet. She's a big sister and role model. She believes in love at first sight. She wants the fairytale love, the one where you find your prince and live happily ever after.

Jason Summers the school bad boy, player and football player. He does what he wants, when he wants. It's his way or no way. He's the type of guy who doesn't date, doesn't believe in love nor wants it.

Talia only sees one side of Jason and that's his bad boy side; the jerk. Jason only sees one side of Talia and that's her nerdy side; geeky glasses and pulled back hair.

What happens when these two completely opposite teens are forced to see each and talk to each other every single day? What happens when the two teenagers realize there's more to the story than meets the eye? Will their opinions change? Find out in The Bad Boy's Reputation.


43. Chapter Forty Three

Natalia's POV

I sulked around the hallway all day, feeling tired. With my sweatpants and Jason's shirt on, and my hair a mess. I had no energy to put my contacts on this morning, so I left my glasses on. Jason actually had to help me out of bed today, because I didn't want to move.

"Why are you so... Gross today?" Amber asked as Jackson came next to her. I groaned and held my stomach in my hands. 

"Stomach flu?"

"No, you idiot." Amber rolled her eyes.

"Lia, I have a tampon in my backpack. Do you want one?"

"Am, I don't use those,"

"Okay, I'm leaving," Jackson said. 

"Why? You were there when Jason bought her pads and tampons when she had it that one time. Or are you hiding something from everyone?"

"Can someone give me Advil or something. My head is killing me, and my whole body is sore." Amber pulled out an Advil and her water bottle.

"Here." Jackson groaned, moving his backpack to the front. He opened the last zipper and pulled out an orange package. 

"No, you do not," Amber said, opening his zipper more. "Oh my god you do!"

"It's for poppy, alright? If she needs them, I have them." Jackson whispered, zipping his bag up. Amber laughed more, as he pushed her. "Shut up, York."

"No, you shut up." She replied.

"Give me two minutes and then we can go to lunch." I huffed, before walking into the bathroom. I went into the stall and groaned. I hate these times of the month. Usually, Jason is here with me, but he got sick suddenly this morning, so he stayed home. Bria is there actually, watching him, and making sure he's okay. Apparently, she was making him soup, the last time I checked in.

To: Jase

How everything

Read at 10:30 

From Jase:

B is annoying me I want her gone. Aunt sal is over helping. Addison is over to. He smoking.

To: Jase

Smoke for a sick person isn't good. I don't like that. Make him go outside not in the house. And it's too, babe

Read at 10:35

From: Jase

You know what. I'm sick don't judge me. You could've stayed in bed this morning. Aunt Sal had to clean the sheets. Someone had a bit of an accident last night;)

To: Jase

Why are you mean to me? I can't help what my body does

Read at 10:37

I put my phone in my back pocket and buckled my belt. I felt my phone vibrate, but I continued to pack my things up. I washed my hands quickly and ran out of the bathroom, with my hands still soaking wet. "Who's ready for lunch?" I smiled, slinging my backpack over my shoulder.

"I'm not so hungry today, so you guys get what you want."

"Are you sure?" Amber asked. 

"Positive," I looked over at the table next to me and noticed Nick sitting with Sophia. That used to be us sitting with him. Until I went and told Jason. But it had to be done. I couldn't keep getting bullied by my boyfriend's best friend.

From: Jase

Its fine baby don't worry

To: Jase

Nick is watching me. He's sitting with Sophia and the football guys. Oh god. Sophia is coming this way. What do I do?

Read at 10:45

From: Jase

Don't freak out. I think she feeds on fear

To: Jase

Is that how she gets her looks from?

Read at 10:52

From: Jase

What looks? She's all fake. Fake ass. Fake boobs. Nose job. Her hair is dyed.

To: Jase

Should I ask how you know that?

Read at 10:59

"Hey, Talia." Sophia smiled, sitting next to me. She put her arm around my shoulders and smiled. "No food today?"I didn't answer. "Cat got your tongue?"

"Did you know that this whole time.... For the past, I don't know... Five months, I've been hooking up with your oh-so-sweet boyfriend?" My heart skipped a beat but I stood my ground.

"And your hair is so pretty. I just love it. Is it natural?" She asked, with a smile. I nodded slowly but didn't make any eye contact. "What if something happened to it... Like, I don't know, someone chopped a piece off?" She asked. My heart raced as she spoke. All of a sudden, I felt her tug on my hair, and I heard a chopping sound. I froze, as I saw her put scissors away in her bag. I felt the back of my hair, feeling the shortness of just the back.

"You Bitch! You cut my hair!" I yelled, standing up. 

"Life's a Bitch, ain't it?"


"What, McKinely?" 

I stopped. "H... How do you know that?"

"I know everything about you, Natalia. I know your secrets, your problems, you enemies, your fears. I know what happened to you all those sad, sad, sad years ago." I looked at Nick, who had his head down.

"You told her everything. Everything that Jason has ever told you, you used against me. You told her everything. I thought you learned your lesson," I said, shaking my head, just as Jackson and Amber came over to me.

"What's- T, your hair."

"Oh my god, what happened?" I looked over to Sophia. 

"You cut her hair?"

"I wanna go home," I whispered. Jackson put his arm around me and I leaned into him. 

"This isn't over, Sophia," Jackson said, before turning to Nick. "Watch your back." Amber's mom ended up picking me up since she's on my emergency contact list. I sat in the car and watched as she tapped his fingers on the dashboard.

"You're still getting bullied?" I nodded and leaned further into the seat. "I thought this was all over. Amber never said anything."

"I thought it was over too. After Jason beat up Nick and told off Sophia, I thought they would leave me alone. But obviously... Things change."

"I'm so sorry you have to go through this, honey. Your whole high school year, you've been bullied. I'm sorry, hon."

"Yeah, I am too. But Am is a huge help, and she gets me through the day."

"I raised her well, for living on the streets." 

"How did you do it? Living on the streets with a newborn?"

"It was hard. I got no sleep, because all I wanted to do was make sure my baby was safe, and no one was going to take her. I had no bottles for her, no formula. I had no money. Clothes were limited. I bathed her in sinks in McDonald's, or the rivers. She was unhealthy for a while until we got placed in the home. She was on medicine, and so was I. I wasn't healthy so I couldn't give her milk. I was smoking, and drinking and selling to get money. And I was using. I was a new mother, who had no clue what the hell to do. 

"But Amber turned out perfect,"

 "She did, didn't she? For a new teen mom, who raised her baby in a new mother shelter, she turned out pretty great, didn't she?" I nodded.

"Here your stop, baby." Lilian smiled. 

"Thanks so much for picking me up. I know mom would have a flip if she found out."

"She doesn't know?" I shook my head. "Oh, sweetie, you have to tell her. She has to know what's going on."

"I'll tell her eventually. But not right now. Right now... I wanna go inside, and cuddle with my boyfriend." She nodded and kissed my forehead.

"I'm always here for you, baby."

"Thanks, Lillian," I replied, cracking a smile, before getting out of the car. Lillian has been a mother to me since I could remember. From a young age, she's treated me like her own and still, does. She's the only mom who's allowed to ground me, that's not my mom of course.

I walked into the house and groaned as the noises became loud. Yelling, slamming dishes, the smell of smoke, the laundry going.

"Jase?" I asked, dropping my bag. Addison came out of the kitchen, with a cigarette in his mouth and a beer in his hand.

"I believe you're home early." I nodded and walked to the couch.

"Where's Jase?"

"His room."

"Hi, Sally. Hey, Bri." I said, waving to the girls in the kitchen. They both waved back but didn't turn around. 

"They're trying to make chicken soup again. First time didn't go over so well." I nodded and walked to the stairs. I walked into Jason's room and smiled as I saw him sleeping. With his eyes shut tight, and a pillow over his head, his arms crossed over his chest, he looked like an angel. Even though he's usually never one. I cuddled into bed with him and took a deep breath. 

"What are you doing home? You should be at lunch." He mumbled.

"Things went down and Amber's mom picked me up," His lymph body turned to me and his eyes opened slightly.

"What happened?"

"I'll tell you once you feel better," I replied, running my hands through his hair. 

"Okay." He whispered, before pulling me close to him.

I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent. His heartbeat was the only thing I could hear, and it eventually put me to sleep.


I walked out of college with a big smile on my face and the certificate in my hand.

Natalia Grey

Bachelor's degree in business

NYU Class of 2021

My mom held me by my shoulders, as Zac fixed my cap. "We have a surprise." Mom smiled, turning to me. I smiled widely, as I saw her move to the side.

"Jason!" He hugged me tightly, and kissed my hair. 

"I'm so proud of you."

"And... This little guy is too." He smiled, picking up Nathaniel from his carriage.

"My baby boy." I smiled, kissing his chubby cheeks. "Is he talking yet?"

"Not yet. But do you expect him to? He's only a few months old. You gotta remember you had him in the summer." 

"I'm so proud of you, baby." Jason smiled, hugging me again. 

"Crushing the baby." I laughed, pulling away. 

"And your godmother is here too, Nathan. And so is your godfather." Jason said. 

"No, they are not," He nodded

"Did you forget about us?" Amber asked, running to me. 

"I missed you!" I exclaimed, hugging her tightly. 

"Never leave for four years again! I can't deal with Jason."
I laughed and hugged Jackson.

"You two flew all the way from Massachusetts and Vermont for this?"

"Not quiet," Amber replied, with a small smirk.

I turned Jason who was down on one knee, holding up Nathaniel. Nathaniel was wearing a small jumper saying... Marry me. I covered my mouth with my hands. "Well?" Jason asked. "

"This isn't a joke, right?"

"No, Talia. It's not a joke."

"Then yes." I smiled, holding my baby boy in my arms, following Jason. 

"I love you so much," Jason whispered in my ear. 

"I love you too, always. And now... We spend our lives together." 

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