The Bad Boy's Reputation

Two completely opposite people; Natalia Grey the school nerd, teacher's pet. She's a big sister and role model. She believes in love at first sight. She wants the fairytale love, the one where you find your prince and live happily ever after.

Jason Summers the school bad boy, player and football player. He does what he wants, when he wants. It's his way or no way. He's the type of guy who doesn't date, doesn't believe in love nor wants it.

Talia only sees one side of Jason and that's his bad boy side; the jerk. Jason only sees one side of Talia and that's her nerdy side; geeky glasses and pulled back hair.

What happens when these two completely opposite teens are forced to see each and talk to each other every single day? What happens when the two teenagers realize there's more to the story than meets the eye? Will their opinions change? Find out in The Bad Boy's Reputation.


83. Chapter Eighty Three

I just want to say something, and I know these authors notes are coming one and another after another, but I need to speak my mind, and really, this is the only way I can do it.

So, recently, as you all know, I have reached 80 chapters in this book, and that's a lot of chapters. Like, a lot.

My family, as in my mom, grandma and poppop are not as supportive as my dad and brother are of my writings, so when I told them I reached 80, they all had their smart remarks.

'That needs to be edited' 'people read it?' 'Why do you write so much in one little story?'

So, I want to make myself clear on these comments, without trying to sound like a whiney Bitch.

Guys, I write because I love doing it. I love the feeling of getting hand cramps and using so much emotion that you end up crying. And I especially love getting comments on my books telling me such great and positive things about it.

I don't care if my books need to be edited, because they do. I'm not denying that, because I know there are multiple mistakes, but just like in life, there's always a mistake.

I write so much in one book, because A, you all love it, and I want to make you guys happy. B, I love it. I want to do this as a career, that's how much I love it.

That's all I had to say. Because I don't want someone in my own family, asking me those questions. I'm more than happy to answer them, but they're my own family who is supposed to support me throughout my whole life.

Okay, with that being said... the next chapter will come shortly, and so will the title of the sequel! Get readyyyy!!

Natalia's POV

With my back pressed against the wall, I stayed still, holding my knees to my chest staying far away from Jason. With every step he took towards me, made my heart speed up. My sweaty palms wound together, but sliding shortly away from each other, no matter how much I tried to hold them.

"Don't hurt you? Baby, I won't hurt you." He said, shaking his head. "You will. You're mad at me, and you almost did in the car." I replied. "No, I won't." He said.

"Why can't I just make you happy? Here I am, trying to be pretty like all the other girls, and yet, you're still angry with me." I explained. "What are you talking about, T?" He asked, stepping even closer to me.

"I see your eyes wandering around, Jason! You're getting tired of me. Why aren't I good enough for you? Still, after everything we've been through, you always chose the reputation over me. I'm always going to be second." I said.

"Talia, what have you been taking besides your pills?" He asked. "Nothing." I replied. "Talia, don't make me force it out of you. Tell me, what else have you been taking?" He ordered.

"Well, Mason gave me something. I don't know what it is, but he said it would get rid of the stress and the worry. It's in the top drawer if you want some." I smiled, as he turned away from me.

"Let's go to school today." Jason said, taking my arm in his. "Wait, what? It's eleven thirty. Who's gonna watch the baby?" I asked. "Don't worry about that. Come on." He replied, pulling me out the door.


"Yo!" Jason yelled, making everyone in the hallway stop walking. "You wanna threaten me to go to a party, fine. You wanna slip my friends shit, that's fine. But when you give my girlfriend pills that your mom takes, not fine." He said, walking closer to Mason.

*This part is inspired by true events, in which I witnessed today during my lunch block*

"Then stop being a pussy, and come to a party." Another kid replied. "Do you know who you're talking to?" Jason asked. "Who even are you?" I asked.

"One, don't talk to me. This ain't about you. You're being a little pussy, not fighting or showing up like a real man." The kid said, pointing his finger at me.

Somehow, we all ended up in a classroom, with no one speaking. "Don't put your fingers in my face. Who are you?" I asked. "Don't fucking talk to me, don't even open your mouth." He said, before walking away.

"No, you don't come into here and start doing this!" I yelled, following him out the door. "Shut your mouth." He said. "You piece of shit, you better fucking run before I-"

Jason's arm reached out to my waist and pulled me back into the classroom before slamming the door closed in my face. With my breathing erratic and his against my neck, I tried breaking free.

"Let me go!" I yelled. Jason's arm moved up to put me in a head lock, with one arm around my neck and the other on my waist. "Who even was that?" Jason asked. "I swear, I've never seen that kid in my whole life." Mason said.

"Alright, that was eventful." Jason said, putting his head on my shoulder. "If I see that kid again, I'm gonna break his neck." I said. "No you won't. You need to calm down. You don't see me going crazy do you?" Jason asked. I shook my head.

"I want you to stop giving my girlfriend those pills, you hear me? What I saw today, I don't want to see again." Jason said, with me still in his grip. Mason nodded, shook hands with Jason and walked out of the classroom.


So, that whole scene with the most random kid was inspired by my lunch block today, in one of my teacher's classrooms. Some random kid started screaming to one of these kids, he's in college now, but he came to visit today and see his girlfriend, Christian is this boy's name. And this kid in the class started screaming, "you fucking pussy. You're a pussy." And then the girlfriend got involved. And it ended with Christian slamming the door shut and holding his girlfriend in a literal head lock. I thought it was kinda cute the way he literally ran to her and held her. The scene, not so much. And we were trying to figure out who this kid was. So yeah.

Now, the sequel.... who's ready for the title?????????

The title of the second book is....


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