Royals// H.S AU

Merdil Augustin lived in one of the poorest villages in the kingdom on Ulaha.

So, to make sure that her family stays well Merdil takes on the job of being Prince Harry Styles' personal maid.

Little did Prince Harry and Merdil know that they had a lot more in common than what meets the eye.

(Book can also be found on my Wattpad page, @Harryismeh_Daddy)


1. Chapter 1


Chapter 1:

I placed down the last dish at the small dinner table. Tonight was my night to cook supper and set the table. I had decided on making chicken at first but my mind was soon changed as I found that we had ran out of the heavenly meat. So I was forced to cook broth.


“Merdil, Have you set the table yet?” My ma asked.


“Yes ma’am. Is papa gonna be home any time soon?” I asked and she nodded. My papa worked all day, from early morning to late evening. It was the main reason why we started having dinner at 10:30 pm on the dot.


“Ma! Ma! Ma! Dolly’s dress ‘as ripped” My little sister cried. She held up a doll that had been made by my mother and given to her for her 4th birthday.


“Oh dear. How’d this happen June?” My ma asked and the small 5 year old wiped at her swollen eyes. Sniffles were heard in the air.


“She got stuck on that hook over ‘der” She explained whilst pointing at a small nail that was stcking out the wall. Ma sighed and grabbed the doll and kissed my sister’s head.


“I’ll fix it. I’ll also have to get your da to fix that hole there” She said and June nodded and sat in her seat at the table.


“‘M home!” A deep voice called out, along came the sound of heavy boots hitting the ground and a door closing.


“Hello Papa” I greeted.


“Oh hello Merdil! Missed ye today” He said and I giggled and gave him a kiss on his cheek.


“Da!” June screamed and jumped up from her seat.


“Junely! My love, were ye good for ye mother?” He asked and she nodded.


“Good, Good.” He replied and sat her back in her seat.


We continued on as we did every night. Once we finished dinner June and I washed up with the last bit of water that was left in our buckets and blew out our candles.


Ma and papa had decided that tonight was a self-tuck night. I was fine with it but June wasn’t, I could understand though. She was only five.


“June, I’ll read ya a story if you lay down in our bed.” I tried. She bite her tiny bottom lip and then laid down on our mattress.


“Which story, Ju?” I asked.


“Princess” She replied and I picked up the book she was talking about. It had also been my favorite when I was a child.


“Once upon a time…” I started.


After the book the night continued perfectly. June had fallen asleep and I was next in line, Ma and papa were never heard going into their room, so I guessed they said out tonight.


“Merdil, beb. Wake up. You are due at the palace in half past the sun. Your dress is right there and you can use my shoes today.” Ma explained. I opened both of my eyes and saw that the sun had not yet rose.


I quickly hopped out of bed and grabbed my dress, it was made by my mother, our town’s tailor. She was our main source of money at the moment since papa works as a pastor in training down at the ole church.


“Thanks ma” I said and then slipped the smoothe dress on over my under garments.


“Welcome, beb. Da has left already and you will be leaving soon. I’ve left you a portion of bread on the table and the shoes are in the main room near the door.” She said and I nodded.


I quickly headed to the main room where both the table and shoes were located.


I first put on the shoes and then ate my portion of bread slowly. It would have to last me the day until supper.


“Here beb. Please buy some chicken and eggs on your way home.” Ma said and I nodded.


I left the small house and began my long journey to the palace. When I arrived there were guards everywhere, they all just stood in place without moving a single muscle.


“Halt!” A voice yelled to me. I abruptly stopped and turned to the voice. There stood a guard that, I’m guessed, is the head guard.


“State your name and your purpose!” He ordered.


“I’m Merdil Augustin. I’m a new maid for the palace, my invite is right here.” I said and then grabbed the small script that I was given for this exact reason.


“Aye aye. Let ‘er through mates” He said and the mass of guards opened the massive gate.


“Go straight and don’t stop until you’ve reached the maid’s quarters. There should be the head maid waiting to greet you.” The man said and I nodded gratefully and walked to the maid’s quarters.


“Aye, so you’re Merdil?” A tall woman with red hair asked. I nodded my head and latched my two hands together and planted my feet firmly together.


“You will be a personal maid. I’d much rather have someone more experienced but we haven’t gotten anyone willing. You’ve worked for others, aye?”


“Ya, I have worked for Lady Duke and Sir Duke back in my village. I took care of all their needs and I feel as though I did a superb job.” I said and she nodded.


“Well you will be the maid for the beloved Prince Harry. You must always address him as either sir or my prince. You will have no other contact with anyone of the royal family unless you are told to. If they speak to you than you will answer, never greet them first unless it is appropriate. Also, remember to curtsy when is their presence. If any of these rules are broken you will be banished out of this palace and back to your home village without a chance of working here again.” She explained and I nodded my head, making extremely sure that I was in no way curt looking.


“Yes ma’am” I replied and she gave a small smile that could be mistaken as real... but it wasn’t.


“And if you’ve never been told this before…” She began.


“Ya?” I asked.

“The royals are always right. You will never be right. You are just a peasant child and that’s all you’ll ever be.” She said and then walked away to tend to something else.

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