Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.


18. The summer house

"Is this a summer house?"
I just stared at the house. Harry laughed and he stood beside me. He took his arm around my shoulders and he nodded quietly.
"Yes, it's a summer house as been in my family in generations."
I didn't get it. For me was a cottage, a small house that contained the most needy and nothing more. That as was in front of us was a large house that had luxury and everything you needed normally, in every day life.
"You are rich?" I happened to say. Harry giggled a little bit and he smiled at me.
"You already know about that part?" he whispered happily. "But if you want to know more details, my mom's richer toward what I am."
Out of the house came a butler and he immediately began to bring in our luggage. Harry pulled me into the house and he showed me around. It was as if we came back home to his place, but a little more different. There were more old furniture, but everything was in style. On the back was a large pool with a deep section and a more shallow area. The whole house was created for summer visitors, which made me feel small.
"It's just you and me?"
Harry seemed to understand my thoughts.
"And a butler, a cook, and a gardener, but yes it's just you and me here."




I lay on my stomach next to the pool and with my fingers in the water. Harry stood further away and was talking on the mobile phone. He was tanned, handsome and stately. It felt almost unreal that he chose me. I had come from a poor home and I had to fight my way through my childhood. Okay, maybe I hadn't missed anything, but I had absolutely had a different life from what he had. We were totally different, but in some way not. Slowly I thought also about Niall. When I met him I thought he was the meaning of my life. I had thought that we would take us through everything, but now I lay here, in front of a swimming pool, with a man I hardly knew. Talk about the doubts popped up. I had really loved Niall, but the memory of a shabby apartment and all the lies he had told me over the years, came back. He had become a master at lying to me. It was about everything from small things to bigger things. Yet, Niall didn't give up? Why didn't he understand that I wasn't able to do more with him? Why did he got me to flee with Harry to a large house?


"I give everything for your thoughts!"
I respond by looking up at Harry. He stood beside me and his smile was wide. I blushed.
"No, I was just thinking."
He put away the cell phone on a table and then he sat down beside me. He took his feet down in the water and he put a hand over my back.
His hand began to massage the spine.
"I want you to be happy and if you have doubts or thinking about leaving me, tell me about it before you find out something foolish to do."
I swallowed.
"I haven't planned to just leave you, but ..." I looked up at him. "I still can't understand why you chose me of all the women out there."
He cocked his head slightly askew and he smiled at me. His smile was always reassuring, and it was as if he could get the world to create world peace, just by smiling.
"My heart decides, and I obey." he whispered hoarsely. "I can't help you's so enticing and so inviting that I can't resist you? You are such a person as I want, and it doesn't matter if there are more women out there."
He knew how to talk, he always knew what to say. I frowned and I looked down into the water again.
"That was also a response?"
He laughed.
"What do you want me to say?" he asked, amused. "Yes, I love you and I have no power to prevent that or that feeling. I can't help that it was you who I want from now on. Isn't it enough that you make me feel crazy?"
I smiled.
"Yes, but I have nothing to give you?"
He didn't seemed to care and his hand stopped, in the middle of my back.
"Well, you can give me your heart forever."
I become weak. I looked up at him and repent that. He always made me want to do more, feel his body against mine, and so on. I slid up and sat next to him.
"In a way you already own my heart." I got up. "But still, I feel like the idiot, because I just left Niall, just like that."
He took his arm around my shoulders.
"No, he wasn't taking care of you and you had no choice."
I looked at him.
"Well, I could have stayed?"
Harry frowned and he didn't like where the conversation was going.
"Please, Sara. I promise he had destroyed you more if you had stayed with him in that place and I promise that he won't change. Give him time and he will find a new girl."
I know he means well, but just the thought that Niall would find a new girl made me shiver all over. I don't know why I felt like that. It was I who had left Niall because of Harry, or because of that all as had happen. I should understand that even Niall wanted to get on with his life.
"I know!"
Harry kissed me lightly on the cheek.
"Are you hungry?"
Yes, he changed the subject. I swallowed all my feelings and I smiled at him.
Directly he stood up and began to walk toward the house.
"I tell the sheaf that we are ready for dinner." Then he stopped by the door and smiled at me. "And stop thinking about that stuff. Everything will be all right."




When evening came, we sat on the couch outside and watched the sunset. Harry took a blanket around us and he made sure I had the legs over his knees, and he had his arm around me. I hugged him and I tried to let go of the past.
"So you spent many summers here?"
He kissed me lightly on the forehead.
"Yes, at least up to the age of ten and then wanted my parents that I would be occupied during the days."
I smiled at him.
"Strict parents?"
He shook his head.
"No, they just wanted me to learn to take responsibility." He smiled at me. "I worked extra on my father's business, and I learned that money don't come fore free."
I was surprised.
He laughed.
"Yes, it may sound crazy coming from a person who always had everything, but my mother wanted me to understand that not everyone's rich. She taught me not to wrinkle the nose when I saw a person without a home, and so on. she taught me common sense."
I began to imagine why Harry had helped friends and even Niall with money. Harry had a big heart for those who were weaker.
"And what exactly do you do, work with?"
He took a deep breath.
"Export, import, wholesale and businessmen." He rolled his eyes just to show how boring it sounded. "I make so that the world is spinning around."
I laughed a little bit.
"And why aren't you in an office, then?"
He sighed again and he smiled at me.
"Because I'm lazy!" he admitted. "I don't want to sit in a big house with a lot of working people. I work a lot better from home and because I can do that, I do it..."
He bent down and kissed me on the lips.
"Do we have to talk about work?" he whispered hoarsely. "I don't want to talk about that as is boring in my life."
I smiled wide and responded the kiss.
"So what do you wanna talk about?"
"You and me?"
I felt his arms caught me up more and I slipped up in his lap.
He kissed me again and this time it was as if it wouldn't end. His tongue, his lips, his whole way of being. Yes all that was perfect.


I had one leg on each side of Harry's thigh. I slid slowly up and down and I felt how he filled me. He tore off all my clothes and he caressed me as if I were something wonderful. I closed my eyes and I found myself in the present.


His breathing became deeper, faster movement and I held him like I would lose him. He kissed me and he was desperate for more. His hands glided over my bare back and down over my butt. He made me do all as I had only dreamed about. I dared more, along with Harry and it was as if he opened me up to a new life, a new Sara.


Harry pushed me down on him. He ached straight out and I felt the hot liquid filled me. I was tired. I had come before him, as always, and it was as if everything was just one big fog. He squeezed in every inch of him, and he filled me.
"Oh you're everything I want!" he whimpered out, and then he opened his eyes and looked straight into mine. "You are all, Sarah. Do you know that?"
I shook my head. I laid my cheek against my shoulder and I sat there. Harry grunted and he held me tight.
"Damn, I will never let you go!" he whispered. I don't know if it was a threat, or if he meant it as something lovingly. It sounded just like I would accept it.





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