Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.


2. The big house

I can't describe the house better than this: Perfected! The house was placed near the sea, and when we drove through the gates, I noticed that everything was just big. Even the wall as protected the entire estate was big. Niall smiled when he saw my reaction. He let the car roll forward toward the door, which meant that he gave me time to digest this sight. The door was big and all the windows were large. It was like something from a magazine about how perfect a house can be and I realized how rich Harry really was. Niall had quickly shown me an old photo of Harry, from the time they were young and I realized that he really had a different fate, against what Niall had.
"I told you he was rich?"
I couldn't let my eyes be dropped from the house and when the car stopped, I began to breathe again.
"This is crazy!" I got up. "Does he live here alone?"
Niall laughed a little bit and he didn't seemed the least impressed as I was.
"Yes, he likes big things!" he explained quickly and then he leaned slightly toward me, to possibly get a kiss. I chose to open the car door. I didn't want to kiss him, not until I knew if Harry would help us or not. Yes, it was a nasty thing to do and I saw that I hurt Niall, but I wanted to show him that this week could be the end, or the beginning of something new. I jumped out of the car and I looked at everything that was the house. Well, I could stay here for a week, I sensed that I would miss the house when we went home. Niall also slid out of the car and he seemed almost annoyed at me.
"Do you have to stare?"
I laughed a little bit and I nodded.
"I've never been this close to such a house before." I got up quickly, and then I smiled at him. "I'll like this week."
Niall seemed relieved and he nodded. He closed the car door and went back to retrieve our bags in the trunk, when the front door opened. I let my eyes caught the man as came out. He was tall, slender, yet supple. He had long dark curly hair that hung down over his shoulders and his smile was dazzling. Quickly I noticed that his pants were tight and was really cut for his body. The shirt was unbuttoned and I glimpsed that he was tattooed. I admit, Harry was truly a man who took care of himself, but on the other hand, he could afford it. Direct Niall dropped the bags and he almost ran up to Harry.
"God, how good to see you."
Harry laughed and he nodded.
"Long time no see?"
They hugged and I saw that they were both excited to have this meeting. I swallowed when Niall showed his hand towards my direction.
"This is my girlfriend, Sara."
My legs become weak. I don't know why, but Harry looked straight at me and it was as if his green eyes saw everything all the way deep inside me. He had a big smile on his face when he walked up to me. It was as if he enveloped me, sucked me hard in against him, and he took over the right to touch me, but he only reached out his hand in greeting.
"Hello Sara!" he said with a sultry and alluring voice. "I'm Harry, nice that you came along with Niall."
I was sweating, I was shaking and I used all my strength to look normal.
"He has talked a lot about you:"
Harry let go of my hand, he gave me a look from the bottom up, and he liked what he saw. I was grateful that he had his back against my boyfriend, because Niall certainly had become angry if he knew.
"And I want to hear all about you." he murmured almost inaudibly, then he looked at Niall again. "You have certainly managed to charm the right girl?"
I know, this didn't start well! I chose to fight against that feeling as Harry gave me and quickly I stood beside Nialls side and I took his hand in mine. I avoided looking at Harry.
"I tell the staff to bring in your bags!" he said cheerfully, and then he went before us into the big house.


I was impressed. The house really had everything. On the back there was a large sundeck and a large pool, there was even a pool in the basement and a gym. Harry had a library and I suspected that he had any books like a normal city library had. There were several bedrooms, a bar, a dance floor, a cinema and everything was just so big. I was dumb, and it took me some time to get used to the house. Harry had staff who took care of everything. They cleaned, picked up our things to our bedroom and I suspected that there was also a chef in the kitchen. It was as if I came from life as a homeless and came into something resembling a dream.


"Do you have a girlfriend?"
I was still compelled to ask the question. I couldn't understand that he had the house all to himself. Harry laughed and he seemed almost amused by that question.
"No, I prefer not to have a relationship. I'm young and I'm not ready for that part yet."
Niall laughed, he didn't see how Harry stared straight into my soul. It was as if he wanted to tell me that he was single and open for suggestions.
"You have always been a charmer." I heard Niall say. Harry chose to smiled at him instead.
"I'm changed my dear friend." he said firmly and happily. "I can think of to have a girl when the right one happens to cross my path."
Then Harry looked at me again. I was forced to look away. Damn, was he flirting with me? I realized that this week wouldn't be easy. Harry was surely such a man who had a new girl every day and he could seduce whoever he wanted. I didn't want to be the one in the line of girls as he had been with and I had Niall.


Niall and Harry chose to go into Harry's office. I sensed that Niall was quick to tell him about how the situation was, with our economy. I surmised that none of them wanted me to be nearby. Therefore, I went up to the room and changed into a bikini. It was just as well to invest in a tan, before I could be burned by Harry and his charm. It was a wonderful weather and the sun was high in the sky. I took a towel from the bathroom and then I went downstairs and out to the pool. I chose a lounge chair that was by the pool and then I lay down on my back. This was the life!




---- Thoughts and flashback ----


I thought back on everything that had happened. The day when Niall admitted everything, I had been on my way to leave him for the first time. He had begun to cry disconsolate and he had almost no strength left to tell the truth to me.
"I know!" he had said. "I have spent all the money on horses and I know it's wrong, but I always think that I'll win back the money and that everything will be fine."
I had felt pity, but at the same time I had been angry.
"So there will be no trip to Italy?"
Niall had shaken his head and he had really been ashamed.
"No, I guess we have to start saving again."
Three months later, all my private savings was gone. After that it began showing up cars outside our house and Niall started to get scared. I suspected that he had borrowed money from the wrong guys, and I sensed that this was only the tip of the iceberg, but I stayed on. I thought my love would cure him and that one day he would arrange everything to become as before.
"I promise to stop!" he had said so many times. "I just happened to get hints about that this horse would win and I actually thought that I would win back some money."
"Sara, it was only a hundred dollars. I don't need to buy beer this month. It will be all right."
When Niall had no more excuses, we started to quarrel. It was as if all the small details appeared and at times we could get angry just over a small thing that was insignificant.
"You're crazy Sara! You know I love you and you know I'm going to solve everything."
I had never believed in his words.
"I have a new job now and I make more money." but after six months he had another plan. "I change jobs just to earn more. You'll see that I'm going to make us rich one day."


As you can imagine, I was shattered. I wanted to be with Niall and perhaps help him, but at the same time I began to understand that I couldn't do anything for him. He was more interested in getting rich or wasting money, against to take care of me. I knew he loved me, but he put me in the last room.

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