Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.


9. That happen

Okay, beware! Contains sex and filthy stuff.

Read only if you can handle it and are mature enough.


Hug Nelly





The tension was total between us. I almost didn't dare to look at Harry and I wondered, all the way home, over what the girls had said. Maybe I had the wrong picture of this man? I had thought he had lots of girls around him and that he just chose me to "win over Niall". I sensed that I was forced to change that. Maybe Harry was serious when he said that he was looking for the right one? The only thing as was a problem was that I felt that I wasn't her, but he seemed to believe that.


When we entered the house it happened. Harry didn't hesitate and he made me forget. He made me spun around and I ended up with my stomach against him. He took his arms around me as if he never wanted to release me and his lips caught up my lips. My arms slid around his neck and I felt how my head just spun around. His lips were so soft and his breath so warm. I closed my eyes and I chose to give him this kiss, for free. I wanted to kiss him and actually I wasn't cheating. Or was I unfaithful?


Harry pushed me up against the wall. He took his hands under my butt and lifted me up against the cold surface. I quickly took my legs around his waist and I stopped to think. His tongue went in between my lips and we almost started a fight between our tongues. He sucked on my lips and he tasted to me like he was hungry. I felt his hardness down there, and it made me just get crazier. I pulled my fingers through his hair and I groaned higher, toward what I should. I don't know why I continued. I forgot all about Niall and I erased all my memories. I was here and now. And here and now I wanted Harry!


I tore his shirt open. I let my hands discovering his skin and I felt how he began to bring the hips back and forth. I was wet, I screamed for more and I was totally in His power. I felt his hardness as just made me feel more and I did everything to follow his movements. I pulled down the shirt and finally he put me down on the floor. Harry quickly tore it off and he undid his pants, the whole time he looked straight into my eyes, as if he expected me to say no. I chose to ignore the reality, what was happening. I wanted this! I pulled off my panties and direct it spread a smile on his lips. He stood naked in front of me, as he quickly began to pull off my dress and my bra. I wasn't ashamed, I wasn't thinking, I was just present.


Harry took my hand. We ran naked up the stairs into his bedroom. I had never been there before, and precisely in this moment I didn't care about where I was. I landed on my back in the bed and Harry landed on top of me. He kissed all over my face, all over my neck and down my chest. I felt his lips and tongue got my nipples to become hard and I moaned. I pulled my hands through his gorgeous hair and I felt how he took care of me, in the best way.


When Harry penetrated, it was as if I become filled with everything that I wanted. He filled me to the brim and he filled me deep inside my horny cave. I screamed and I pulled the nails over his back. I wasn't aware of anything other than what happened right now. He was so deep inside me that I almost burst of all the emotions. I took my arms around his body and I forced him to kiss me passionately and hard. I was crazy. I wasn't used to react in this way. I cared, only about to getting more, I wanted more. I wanted everything!


I rode Harry. I felt his hands caressing me everywhere and his palms left behind traces of emotion. I felt how he caught up my breasts with his hands and he made me move faster. I moved even more faster on my hip and I felt him coming deeper and deeper inside me, all the way to my soul. I leaned forward and I let my hands land on his chest. I felt how I approached that moment and it was like I had to fight to get there. I was sweaty, I was hot, I was totally inside the slightest movement I made.


I don't know if I screamed, moaned, or if I even got out a sound. I exploded. It was as if my whole body amazingly uncontrolled lost everything in its power and a lot of emotion just poured out of me. I sat straight down on his hip and I felt my muscles grabbed hold of him inside me. It was near that I fainted.


Harry spun around. He grabbed my legs and took them over his shoulders. He leaned over me and I felt how he pounded harder inside me. He was all over me and I could do nothing more than stare at him. The sweat ran down his forehead, and all he was red all over. I took up my hands and I stroked his face. I saw the grimace on his face, as told me that he was close, and finally he came.


I lay on top of Harry, with my head against his chest. He moved a hand across my back, up and down, and the other through my hair. I lay still and finally I realized what had happened. I had been unfaithful to Niall and I had loved it. The emotions spun around and I had no idea what I would feel. Partly, I was happy, but at the same time unhappy.
"Please stay with me!"
Harry's words made me open my eyes. I didn't moved and I played dead. He wanted me to stay with him? I swallowed. No, I was going home, although I was now the world's worst girlfriend, I wanted to go home.
"I didn't believe in love before you came!" I heard him whisper muffled and hoarse. "Now I know that even I can feel love and love another person. I love you."







A big hug to you who leave comments and likes my story. I love you. I will continue to write and I hope you continue to read the story and give me stars sometimes.


Hug Nelly

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