Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.



I closed the suitcase and I went through, in my head, what I had brought with me. This would be a long week. Niall stood behind me and he let his arms slide around my body and he kissed my neck.
"Darling, It will be fun and we need this."
I rolled my eyes. I tried to take myself away from my boyfriend's arms, but he held me tight and he proceeded to kiss, the skin as he could reach, with his soft lips.
"Don't be mad at me!" he muttered hoarsely. "It's about possibilities. Maybe Harry can help me to get a better job or perhaps he can lend me the money?"
I sighed. Niall and I had problems, the biggest problem was Niall. He loved to bet on horses and he sometimes bet on everything, football, soccer and so on. Now we were about to lose everything as we owned, including the house. I was angry at him, but at the same time, I loved him. I was ashamed over how poor we were, but I still hoped for a change. He had, after all, tried to stop gambling and I knew Niall loved me. We really got to experience how it feels to be on the way down and my only dream was that we wouldn't fall straight down into darkness. Yes, I lied to all my friends and even my family. "No, we have it great and everything's as it should be!" but the truth was quite different. We fought more than we talked to each other and during the last month, I had been thinking about leaving him, even though I loved him.
"Just because he's your childhood friend, it doesn't mean that he'll help you." I whispered hoarsely. Niall had decided that we would spend time with his old friend, Harry Styles. I knew why. Harry was filthy rich and he had money. Maybe this was Nialls last attempt to get help? For me it was just a bad plan. We would drive over to Harry's large villa and spend a week there. He lived by the sea, I had found out, and he could afford everything. Maybe I needed this week to realize that life consisted better things against what Niall was able to offer me?
"You don't need to worry." Niall whispered hoarsely in my ear and I felt his hands caressed my stomach, hoping to calm me down. "You get a week free in a big house as has everything. You can lie by the pool and sunbathing, swimming, drinking free drinks and the food are free. Think of it as a holiday!"
I spun around and I quickly looked into his blue eyes. Yes, I loved this man, with all his faults, but to what price?
"And when we get home, we need to talk." I got up. I knew deep down that this could be the end. This was the last week as I would be able to be his girlfriend in this way. Niall hadn't afford to buy an engagement ring, even less, he couldn't  afford to satisfy me with food. He became serious and I knew he knew. He cocked his head slightly askew, and then came that fawning smile back. He raised his hands and pulled them through my hair, testing to see if I was angry or just tired.
"Harry don't care about the money!" he explained cheerfully. "For him it's only a trifle to help an old friend and he has done it before. Not with me, but with other friends, helped them along the way."
I nodded a little bit and I noted that we had to go. The sun was up and we had a long way to drive. I slid away from him, took down the suitcase on the floor and pulled it toward the door. Niall took his stuff and he followed me, quiet and resolute. He wanted me to stay, but I knew that he understood if I didn't. I had endured many things over the past few years and now was even I broken. He had taken all my savings and he had ruined my life. The problem was that I still loved him.


Niall and I met through mutual friends. I was sixteen years old and I was new in the gang. It was love at first sight and even that no one believed in our love, we struggled to prove the opposite. I knew he was the man in my life, but I had no idea about his problem. I didn't notice that the money disappeared, not until I moved into his apartment and I noticed that my salary quickly ran out. It took Niall a year before he admitted that he played the horses, and that he was addicted to it. I was sympathetic, and I tried not to look down at him. He was, after all, perfect in every other way. Perhaps I was blinded by love and I didn't want to disappoint him, I was all he had. Nialls parents were divorced, and he had almost no contact with them. I had my mom, but she never saw how much trouble we actually had. "You were too young when you chose him!" was all she said. "You could have chosen a better guy." And she was right. Niall couldn't keep a job. It was as if he had his six months, and then it was quickly over, then over to the next job and even that ended after six months. He was difficult to work with, because he constantly had financial problems. Perhaps he was more influenced by our situation against what he showed? Why did I then stayed with him? I don't know. Maybe I felt sorry for him, perhaps I felt needed and if you really thought about it, maybe I didn't even loved him? But Niall was still the man as got my heart pounding, my legs to become weak and when he was in the right mood, he took away all the problems in the world. I loved his blue eyes, his charming smile and the attention he gave me. I loved that he dyed his hair blond and he had hair on his chest. I loved his hands, his body and his whole person. Yes, he made me feel good, when we didn't fought over the economy or his problem.


"Sara, darling?"
I awoke from my thoughts and I looked tired over at him. He looked quickly at me to not losing concentration forward on the road.
"Promise to relax." he whispered hoarsely, uncertainly. "See this as a vacation and don't let anyone see how bad it really is. I'll talk to Harry and maybe he'll really help us."
I looked at his profile carefully. Yes, Niall needed help.
"And if Harry asks about you?"
Niall smiled slightly and he frowned.
"I don't know!" he answered honestly. "Don't just talk about that we are on the verge of total chaos, all right?"
I swallowed. Certainly, I could do that. I could lie and I could smile when I didn't want to smile. I had learned all the tricks over the years.
"Okay, I promise!"
Niall nodded slightly and he looked quickly at me again.
"It will be fine."
I doubted his word. I knew it could even go to hell for us. I took up my hand and I pulled a few fingers over his unshaven chin. He often missed that part, to shave his face, take care of his body and showering. Yet he smelled good and he looked like a healthy man.
"Tell me about Harry!" I whispered just to pass the time. Niall lit up and I sensed that there were good memories.
"I met him when I moved from Ireland." Niall explained quickly. "He's the guy who took care of me and he was the one who got me to come back to life, after all as happen with my parents. He was my best friend and we did everything together. When he moved, around when I was sixteen years old, it was like losing a brother. He means so much to me."
I took my hand away from his face.
"Why haven't you directly talked about him before?"
Niall shrugged his shoulders and he was thinking.
"I don't know!" he got up. "When I met you, it was like I got everything back as I had lost. I felt whole again."
My heart ached. Could I really leave this man? He put his life in my hands, and he loved me without demanding much in return.
"You know I love you?"
Yes, the words just slipped out of my lips. I noticed that Niall become almost tearful. He nodded a little bit.
"I know and I love you!" he replied hoarsely, without looking at me. I smiled and I chose to look out the window again. We chose to continue the journey in silence and in fact it was nice not to talk.

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