Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.


22. Change

"He's nearby!"
I opened my eyes. Harry had chosen a cheap hotel, at least when it came to what he called cheap. I saw that he put away the phone and then he looked at me.
"Niall's here in town."
I swallowed.
"How do you know that? We have already travel eighty mil just to get away?"
He took his hand through his hair and I noted that he was still quite calm. He sat down on the bed and he smiled weakly at me.
"I don't know and who knows what he's thinking?"
I knew at least that Niall wasn't violent, the old Niall was kinder, even when he made mistakes. Harry pulled down the blanket and he pulled it down to my waist. He looked down at my body. Direct I frowned on the forehead.
"I'm not exactly keen for sex."
He laughed a little bit and he put a hand land on me belly. I had a tank top on and underwear.
"Who says we're going to have sex?"
I felt a certain distaste. The only thing he had in his head was sex, and for the moment I was more eager to just sleep. Still, I said nothing when his hand slipped down and he let his fingers play with the edge of my panties. He then looked straight into my eyes.
"I know I'm desperate for you." he muttered hoarsely. "But this is my way of showing that I love you."
A finger slipped down and without hesitation or waiting for my reaction, he let his finger move over my clitoris. I groaned. He was on the outside of the panties, but still it felt like he touched my bare skin.
"Spread your legs!" he whispered hoarsely and demanding. I obeyed. The finger was playing with me and he made me forget all about that sleep as I needed.


I closed my eyes as his fingers slid inside my panties. I whimpered quietly and I forgot everything else. I felt the pressure down there and I felt every slightest movement. I wasn't aware when he pulled off my panties and how he let his fingers affect me even more.
"I want you to enjoy!"
His voice sounded so far away. I moaned and I followed his movements. Two fingers penetrated and immediately I realized how much I needed him, even in that way.
"Damn, Harry, take me."
He laughed.
"Not today, honey."
I took down my hands and took them around his wrist. I got him to bump in harder, straight into me, and I showed that I wanted more. Three fingers. I whined louder and I suspected that he was looking at me the whole time. I was wet, it dropped from me. Harry groaned and I felt how he flexed his fingers so that it really would feel inside me. I bit my lip and I took his hand harder and faster back and forth. In the end it was impossible to stop it. I shook and I almost screamed. I squeezed his fingers into me and I felt how my body fell, this orgasm was intense and wild.


I heard that Harry went into the bathroom and washed his hand. I opened my eyes and I was ashamed. I was like a puppet in his hand. I obeyed him, and I didn't like that feeling.
"Your body is my temple!"
His words should make me happy, but instead I hesitated. This wasn't a relationship that was even similar to what I wanted. Harry had the money, Harry had the power to control me and I didn't even dare to say no?


Right as it was, the door opened. It just opened up, without any hesitation and I quickly tore the covers up over my stomach. Harry flew out from the bathroom, just in time to see Niall with a rifle. I didn't start to cry, but I was stiff all over. Nialls eyes were wide open and he was breathing rapidly. He looked crazy, but at the same time, he seemed to know what he wanted to do.
"I'll fucking kill you!" he yelled straight at Harry as soon as he saw my new boyfriend. Harry lost the color in his face and he seemed to hesitate.
"Niall, you..."
I was now afraid. Niall was aiming the gun at the ceiling and fired a shot.
"Damn, you should just shut up!" he shouted cold. "I decide and you'll fuck obey. It's I who decide everything now, not you."
With the foot, he closed the door hard. I noted quickly that other guests had heard or sensed what was happening. Before the door slammed, I saw a face quickly behind Nialls back and she looked in through the door. Maybe they called the police? That was my only hope.
"Can't we talk about this?" Harry asked hoarsely. He was scared and he shook. Niall laughed cold and then he looked straight at me.
"And you?" he hissed like a snake. "You chose the wrong way, idiot."
I didn't know if I should say something. I sat there and I kept the blanket tight around my body. Niall took a step toward the bed and I saw the cold in his eyes.
"You're a fucking whore!" he shouted straight out and he smirked at me. "You are a whore and a fucking bitch."
I suspected that he had reason to think that about me. Quickly he looked over at Harry and he seemed almost supernatural.
"I'll skip some justice."
Harry backed off a few steps. He peered at me, but his attention was directed straight toward Niall.
"Justice?" he asked hoarsely. "You've got the money, more than I promised you. What more do you want?"
Niall were aiming the gun at me.
"HER!" he shouted. "What the hell do you think about me? That I should just let her walk over to you, no questions asked?"
Harry swallowed.
"She chose me."
Niall laughed again cold and he looked straight at me. I saw how he aimed his gun at me knowingly.
"Now you're scared, huh?"
I swallowed. I felt small and yes I was scared.
"Drop the gun, and let's talk!" Harry whispered hoarsely. "You come nowhere to threaten us."
Niall disagreed.
"I can do whatever I want. We live in a free country and in this country you don't take stuff from people, and especially not girlfriends."
For the first time in my life I didn't know what I would think about Niall. He looked coldly at me and I saw all the hatred in his eyes. Maybe I should tell him that he did all this wrong? But I had lost the ability to talk. The thoughts spun around in my head and slowly I realized that I didn't want to die. I didn't want that Harry would die.




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