Niall lost everything on horses. I was drawn into this because I was his girlfriend. We were going to lose everything, when he finally asked his best friend Harry Styles for help. Harry was rich and had everything that one could have. It was he who changed everything, but at the same time he just wanted to help, yet I was drawn into something that would be the end of everything I was used to know. I was stuck between two men.


17. A plan

"How did you know what we talked about?"
Harry threw the phone on the couch and he placed himself beside me.
"I heard it all in the office!" he answered quickly and I noted that he didn't seem honest. I frowned and I watched him closely, which made him realize that I suspected something.
"Okay!" he muttered quietly. "I happened to lift the phone and listen, but that was only because I heard that you were upset."
I was still grateful. I didn't care if he had been curious enough to listen to my conversation with Maura.
"And what happens now?" I asked instead. "It feels as if this isn't the last time she will call and Niall seems to have been derailed?"
Harry took my hand in his, and this time he watched my face carefully.
"I can call a bodyguard if you want."
I was about to laugh, but he didn't take it the same way.
"No!" he said quickly, interrupting my laughter. "I'm serious. I don't even know if I dare to let you leave the house without me. Niall has threatened to do things and I don't trust him."
I become serious.
"What has he threatened to do?"
Harry chose not to answer that question.
"A bodyguard!" he mumbled rather quiet. "A man who can protect you."
It sounded so distant and so odd.
"No, I'm not interested in that, having a man walking behind me." and I meant every word. "Can't we call the police and report unlawful threats?"
Harry smiled.
"I have already contacted the police and they are involved."
I was disappointed that he had secrets, that secret behind my back.
"And why didn't you tell me?"
He hesitated.
"I don't want you to feel afraid to be here."
I rolled my eyes and took my hand away from his.
"What happens the day when he was standing outside the door and I don't know that he has been threatening us?"
Harry sighed and took back my hand, as if he wanted to tell me that he had control over everything.
"I don't know!" he answered honestly and he was frankly worried about this. "I guess I don't think he will do what he says he will do. He's just here to destroy us."




Anne had a solution to the problem.
"You need go away, to the cottage?" she said firmly. "And you need a vacation, Harry."
He didn't seem to like the idea.
"We can't just leave everything?"
I chose to be outside the conversation, because Harry seemed to feel that his work was important. She was a faithful mother and she looked at him with a fixed gaze.
"You can't tell us that the work is more important than your girlfriend." she she sounded almost angry. "Now. you go to our cottage and live there a few weeks and take care of her. Your work, you can manage via the computer in the evenings, or perhaps when you get home."
Harry seemed to know that he couldn't go against her. He rolled his eyes, but when she stared at him, he sighed.
"Okay, Mom!" He said, irritably. "But that's no solution?"
Anne smiled satisfied and she then looked at me.
"Yes, that's a solution."
I chose to just smile at her. She was a determined woman and maybe she knew what she was talking about?
"And if he finds us?" Harry got up. "I mean, Niall's not stupid."
She sighed again and she let her gaze drift back to her son.
"How on earth should he find you? He doesn't even know about the cottage?"
I was forced to smile. They had a fight with each other. Harry stood up and he nodded a little bit.
"But I have to make some important phone calls." he murmured, and then he looked at me. "Is it all right if we go tomorrow?"
I chose to just smile. Anne sighed and she didn't seemed, at all, satisfied with his answer.
"Go today, this evening. The sooner the better."
Harry almost growled.
"Will you be happy if we go tonight?"
She nodded.
"I'll be both grateful and pleased."


I chose to pack my own bag. I then made so that even Harry got a suitcase with his clothes in. I heard him talking on the phone at the office and I chose to leave him alone to do his work. The sun began to go down when he was done, and he did join me in the bedroom.
"You didn't have to pack my bag."
Yet I heard how happy he was that I had done so. He stood behind me and took his arms around my waist. I felt his lips kissed skin and he groaned a little bit.
"Can you handle a cottage?" he asked hoarsely. "With just me and no one else?"
I smiled.
"I think I can do so!"



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