Don't Turn Off Your Lights

Remember as a kid when all those creepy things haunted you? Well here is your answer.


1. Don't Turn Off Your Lights

     Do you remember back as a kid, being scared of “monsters?” Every kid was scared of something. Some people still are scared of things like that.
     Have you ever looked out of your window thinking someone was watching you? Looking around the darkness making sire nobody is peeking through your window. Well someone was looking in. Someone was watching you for hours. Every time you looked out, that someone ducked and hid away from your sight.
     Remember going up the stairs thinking something was following you. You thought someone was going to grab you? Well every time you turned around to look, that thing looked you in the eyes and pulled you closer to him. When you started to run, you were inviting him into your room.
     Ever feel like you were being watched? Maybe you were walking outside in the dark or even driving. Just thinking to yourself that someone was watching you. Well there was someone watching you. That someone has been following you for 3 years now. Watching your every move, your every blink, every time you turned around to shut your door, he was there. He knows what the inside of your house looks like. He knows where you go every morning. There is no hiding.
     Those noises that you hear when you are about to fall asleep at night in complete darkness, you know right? The ones when you think its just one of your animals playing with a toy or the wind from outside. Yeah well its that darkness that’s been following you for years. He’s growing closer and closer to you.
     Have you ever gotten those random chills down your spine that make u quiver? You think I its just a breeze in the room, right? Well its not. Its that evil spirit that is haunting you for sleeping in the dark every night. 
     Remember, don’t turn off the lights tonight. If you do, you’re not going to like what you see circling around you when the light goes on.


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