Doctor Who: Birth of a nightmare.

The Doctor has an impossible mission that could turn him into his own nightmare. Will The Doctor over come this threat or will hell in the universe become real?


1. Unsuspecting Phone call

One peaceful day in the TARDIS, while the Doctor was reading the time machine listening to some Beethoven, The Cloister bell goes off and the phone rings.

The Doctor: No no no, shut up just shut up phone, I'm trying to not crash. Oh fine.

The Doctor picks up the phone and a mysterious voice is heard.

Unknown: Hello Doctor, I don't have much time to speak but I have to speak to you.

The Doctor: Look love to have tea or something, wait no I don't anyway, I don't have time to talk. Just tell me where you are and when and ill come to you.

Unknown: October 17th, 923,431, 5:37pm, Tigella.

The Doctor's face froze when he heard the name of the Planet.

The Doctor: Tigella... that planet was destroyed in the cloister wars, it's gone.

Unknown: That's right, I'm taking you too a year before that ever happened.

The Doctor was think about the answer and said: Ok, don't mind if I'm late.

The Doctor hangs up the phone and the TARDIS stabilizes.

The Doctor: Weird.  

See chapter 2 to find out what happens next


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