Tell Me Now

My Problems will now be yours!


1. Hey. Hi. Hello.

This chapter started out great. Hi, My name is not important seeing that if you didn't know, you are probably oblivious to everything around you. I am an amateur film maker. The reason why I say "amateur" is because I upload all my work on a website called Youtube, don't bother looking me up. I originally enjoyed film all my life and comedy, but... who doesn't? I was heavily inspired by George Lucas to pursue film. Before that I was influenced by Robin Williams to get into comedy. Shortly after the tragic death of Robin Williams I moved onto a little known comedian, Bo Burnham. His stand up blew me away. It pointed out the problems in society, but that it's not all that bad, if you can laugh about it. Going to Middle School, I got myself in a pretty emotional phase. I was struggling with depression and had been having trouble determining my sexuality. I experimented with two girl friends at the beginning of the year. I started "dating", if you can even call it that, at a very young age. This is supposed to be a very relatable book, explaining the struggles of Junior High and how to survive. It is very difficult, so take my advice.

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