Six Week Empire


1. First Looks

The sun seemed to come up slowly that winter morning, taking longer than usual to peak through the gaps in the white blinds of her bedroom. As always however, the light crept through the window and blinds and ran across the polished wood flooring to the bottom of the bed; it started its climb up the dishevelled bedsheets and found itself highlighting the already sun-kissed skin of a girl, fast asleep.

The sunlight danced around her features, stopping only when a strand of her brown hair cascaded down her face. It moved with every breath she took, until it eventually woke her.

Glistening green eyes fluttered open, almost drinking the sunlight from the room. She sighed heavily and adjusted her position in bed, turning now to face the ceiling. Green eyes locked on a beautiful painting of trees and a smile swept across her face at the sight of the painting, which felt more like home to the girl than her house could.

Again, she sighed but this time brought her body up into a sitting position as she did so. The pale blue duvet fell around her as she stretched her arms up and around her. With a quick glance at the clock, her face fell. 9:43am. She started work at 10, so this late rising would definitely mean she wouldn’t make it to the cafe on time. She sighed again and got to her feet quickly and quietly, not bothering to make her bed.




She hadn’t gone home the night before, and her mother was probably worried sick, but she didn’t care. With her head propped against her motorbike, she watched the sun rise: casting blasts of pink through the sky just before the piercing yellow made an appearance on the horizon. The girl shivered and wrapped her old blanket around her tighter, snuggling into the warmth that the rising sun had to offer.

“I thought I might find you here, Princess,” he said, startling her with his gruff voice.

She stared at the boy through bright blue eyes and scoffed slightly before looking back at the sun rise.

“It’s nearly 10am,” he said, very matter-of-factly, but she just turned further away from him. “Abbey’s asking where you are, you know you can’t keep disappearing like this… Especially in the middle of the winter.” He sat next to her, not so close as to invade her personal space, but close enough to show that he was there, if ever she wanted to talk.

“I just need time,” was all she could say in response, turning to briefly look him in his dark brown eyes before getting up and folding the blanket. The blanket was shoved in the compartment under the seat of her Harley Davidson Fatboy. She swung her leg over so that she was seated comfortably, her black ripped jeans easily showing the goosebumps that covered her legs. The motor roared to life, and the girl checked her dad’s watch for the time: 9:43. She drove in a circle around the boy, kicking up a cloud of dust before putting her black helmet on and disappearing off down the dirt road.

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