Some Monsters and Humans Don't Mix

Just a short story that I thought of a while ago. Just enjoy.


1. ...

    “You human kids know of the monsters that live under your bed and in your closet. Well, that is not us. We are the monsters that live way under the floorboards and deep in the earth. Us monsters are split into two groups, good and evil. I’m in the evil, but I don’t feel evil. My mother was an evil monster, and I don’t know who my father was.

    When I was born, my mother made me go into the evil side, and I couldn’t interject; I was not even one. A little after I turned four my mother, who I barely talked to because of school, got up and left me. She had told me that she was going to the store, but she didn’t return, and all of these years I’ve been fending for myself.

    I walked out of the old house that I was currently staying in and was greeted by my only friend, Neal, who was exactly a year older than me. Everyday we went out together, talking about things that other evil monsters didn’t. We usually talked about how we were going to get out of this place. Just like me, Neal was forced into this place by his father, and he didn’t know his mother, and no we aren’t brother and sister, we figured this out a long time ago. His father didn’t leave him like my mother did, and his father never lies. His father told us who his mother was, and we learned that his mother was also evil, but she died.

    Neal smiled at me and we began to walk to a small little space. Underground can be very crowded sometimes because there isn’t much room in each little town, but we still make due. From where we sat we could see the good side, everything brightly colored and nicely organized, and on the other side was the evil. Reds, blacks and grays, there wasn’t many different colors. Sometimes there was some dark pink or blue but that was kind of rare.

    'You know,' Neal said, 'you don’t look like me, I wouldn’t be surprised if your father was a good monster. I looked at me then I looked over at Neal. Neal had orange hair and gray eyes while I had blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, not many monsters on the evil side had that color of hair or eyes.

    I glanced over at the good side. There were many monsters that had blonde hair, and from here you couldn’t see their eyes.

    'Maybe, but aren’t you not allowed to go and marry someone from the other side?' I questioned.

    'Sure, but maybe they had an exception.' I shrugged and played with my fingers. Then Neal kind of whined which made me jump.

    'What?' I looked up into his eyes.

    'A week until… that.' I winced. He was talking about the thing that everybody was talking about. In about a week the evil was going to take us over. We would barely have power over our own body. We would do everything bad, but what sucked that it was just us. The good monsters didn’t have to do anything, unless they were bad.

    'No, I don’t want to do that. I just want to leave this and sleep.' I closed my eyes and opened them a second later. 'Let’s just go home, I’ve had enough of talking for once.'

    The week flew by in a blur, everything normal happened. Neal and I went out and talked, hugged and almost cried. Today was going to be the day that we were going to leave, get out of the normal place and go evil. Everyone that had turned twenty three this year had to get escorted out of their houses and gone to a small stage.

    What I thought was going to take forever took less that ten minutes and after I felt way different. My body seemed to move by itself, I wasn’t controlling it, except for the thoughts. When it was about twelve I watched as my body walked itself to a party that all of the newcomers were having. I was expecting to sit and do nothing, but I was really wrong.

    My body drank gross punch and my eyesight went all weird. I ended up sitting because I couldn’t stand up straight. For a while I sat and watched but someone came over to me and pulled me to the dance floor. I danced for a while and we partied hard. Then something crashed the party. Light was coursing through the room instead of the darkness and dim of the small lights.

    'What do you think you are doing?' A police officer asked.

    Before I could interject I spoke, and it was horrible. 'Partying, what do you think we are doing?' I spoke. My voice had gone off and I didn’t sound like me. My vision had returned to normal and I suddenly saw someone that I thought I would never see in my life. Everyone had kneeled and I was stupidly just standing in the middle of the room.

    I tried to kneel but my body didn’t let me. The woman, or should I say, the queen, walked over to me.

    'Parker, I knew this would happen to you.' She sighed and looked at my feet. Then my body did the same and I saw that my clothes were in shreds because of how I was partying. 'I cannot let you stay here like this. Come.' She motioned someone behind her to come up in front of her.

    A little girl that I knew was the changer came in front of her. The changer could make anyone from one side go to the other. I tried to stop her but she was too fast.

    'I am sorry to say this but, Parker, you are no longer evil, you are going to be good from now on.' I nodded and everything seemed different.

    I was back to my normal self. I could control my body and I could do anything. The changer went back behind her and I was lead out. Before I left I glanced back at Neal, a tear slipped down his face, which I didn’t know an evil person could do. I waved back at him and surprisingly he waved back, but it was a sad wave.

    The queen lead me to the other side, and into a small house that she said was my new one. On the good side everything was the same as the evil, but just different colors. 'You will now have to live here. I knew that you weren’t going to handle the evil side. I told your mother, but she knew that your father wasn’t either so you couldn’t be able to stay on this side.' I repeated that over in my head twice before I realized something.

    'My father wasn’t either good nor evil?' I asked as the queen was about to exit.

    I heard her whisper a ‘dang-it’ and she turned back to me. 'Yes.' She simply replied trying not to crack.

    'But then wh-' Then it hit me. He was a human, he couldn’t be evil or good, and they didn’t classify the humans as they did us. 'He was human, but how is that possible? How did he get down here? And how did she make it work?'
    'Sit I’ll tell you.' We both sat at the small table and she explained everything. 'Humans are getting smarter, Parker. They found out how to dig this far, and your father was the one to come this deep. He then went exploring, in the evil side, and he met your mother. I remember him telling me that he thought he was very pretty. Your father ended up staying for a little while longer and their friendship turned into dating and marriage. Then when your mother had you your father had to leave. The evil people were getting to him. And when you were four your mother couldn’t take not being with him and she left to go be with him.

    'Being a baby monster, she couldn’t take you.' I saw her sniffle and wondered why she cared so much.

    'Why are you crying?' I asked, and that triggered her. Her small sniffling turned to full on sobbing.

    'I also met your father, and I had liked him too. But he didn’t choose the rich people path. He had to choose the ugly, poor people path.' She got angry and that made me angry.

    The queen just sobbed and called my mother ugly and poor. I slapped her right across the face. She gasped and looked up at me.

    'That was for calling my mother ugly and poor. I now know why he chose her over you. You are a snobby rich person that wants everything to herself, and when that human came and he found someone else pretty you had to go about telling people that my mother was ugly. Maybe you are the ugly one, because he didn’t choose you.' I was screaming.

    'He picked your mother because he felt bad.' That set me off.

    I slapped her and she stood, this time more shocked. When she tried to kick me with her pink heels I punched her in the stomach. She got dazed and I took a swing at her face. This time when she took a swing she wasn’t powerful enough and I grasped her wrist and twisted it.

    She cried out and I pushed her out of my new house. I heard her small screams at me as I grabbed some things that I thought I would need. I ran out of the house and up to the door leading to the other side. Thankfully the queen was stupid enough to let me see the code so I punched in 3-9-6-0 and pushed through the door.

    I shut it behind me and ran off to Neal’s house. When I was there instead of knocking I burst through the door and found something horrid. Neal was kneeling by his father’s dead body. 'What happened here?'

    'They slaughtered my father, the queen sent people and they killed my father.' Neal sobbed. He turned to look at me and I saw that his eyes were bloodshot.


    'Five minutes ago.' I shook my head. This must have been my fault. I kicked the queen out less that eight minutes ago.

    'I’m sorry. I may or may have not hit the queen.' His head whipped over to me.

    'What? Parker, you killed my father, it wasn’t the queen, it was you!' He stood up and walked slowly to me.

    I backed up against the wall and he kept on coming closer to me with his right fist up, ready to hit. I whimpered as he was less than a foot away. He then looked down and his hands dropped to the floor.

    'I’m sorry, but why did you hit the queen?’ He whispered.

    ‘She told me who my father was, he was a human. And then she went about how he was stupid and chose my mother over her and she called my mother poor and ugly.’ A hot tear slipped down my face and Neal pulled me into a tight hug.

    ‘Then what are you doing here?’

    ‘Remember that tunnel that we found and it said don’t enter?’ He nodded and smirked a little. ‘Well, my father drilled that from the surface, I have decided to go up and meet them.’ He smiled and I knew what he was thinking. ‘You can come if you want.’ He jumped around and packed some things that he thought that we were going to need.

    After a while we noticed that we didn’t do anything about his father. We picked him up and quickly buried him in the back yard. Then we headed off. We trekked down the long road and to the tunnel that had only a sign that kept us out. I went around the sign and into the tunnel that was dimly lit with small torches.

    We walked for a while, just following the torches, and then I heard Neal start complaining.

    ‘What?’ I turned to face him.

    ‘We’ve been traveling for two hours, can we rest?’ I shook my head and pulled him on forward. We traveled for another hour and I started to see more and more light. Then I could see the ending.

    I pulled Neal up and out into what I knew was a human backyard. The sun shined brightly and we put our hands up to block it out. In front of us was a house, and I went up and knocked on the glass doors. A woman with blonde hair and green eyes came up and answered it.

    She slid it open and I could see the shock on her face. ‘Parker?’ She asked. I nodded. ‘And Neal.’ She glanced over at Neal and they both smiled at each other. We were brought inside and I noticed that there was a man sitting at the table, my father. He had brown hair and grayish blue eyes.

    He looked up at me and his eyes kind of widened. ‘Parker?’ I nodded and he ran up to me, crying, and gave me a big, long hug. ‘I can’t believe it’s you.’ I could hear that he was still kind of crying. Then he let me go.

    Now it was time for the interrogation. ‘Why did you leave me mother?’ I faced her.

    ‘I couldn’t stand being without your father and I knew that Neal’s father would take care of you.’ She smiled and slightly nodded.

    ‘Well guess what, Neal’s father didn’t come and check up on me at all, and now he is dead.’ I threw my hands up and my eyes flickered from both of them. ‘After twenty long years neither you or Neal’s father checked up on me. It was only Neal who cared about me.’ My mother’s eyes went all soft and she walked over to me.

    I pushed her away and ran off, and down the tunnel. Halfway down the tunnel a hand grabbed me and I swung around into someone. When I looked up I saw it was Neal, and I sighed.

    ‘They told me that we should just stay down in the monster world.’ I nodded and we fast walked back down. It didn’t take as long as it did climbing up so we got down there in about two and a half hours. We entered the evil monster side and said our goodbyes. Neal would be living in the evil side and I went back to the good side.

    Four years later we were reunited, when Neal switched to good. We ended up being best friends and actually getting married, just like my parents.” I finished my story. Some of the students in the human class looked up at me and smiled, while some just looked bored and others looked sad.

    “Okay class, it’s time to clean up and go home.” I glanced over at all of the parents and smiled. Then someone entered the building, Neal. I ran up to him and hugged him tight.

    “How are you today?” He asked as we exited.

    “Good. Now let’s get home.” I answered.


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