Dark World Unleased

good vs. evil never gets old


2. Kirito

The sword barely misses as the savages try to take down Kirito. He was 1300000000000 years old but only looked like he was 13 year old boy with pitch black hair , light blue eyes and bone's like titanium.

''Think fast!'' Kirito shouted not knowing the archer on the building behind him.

the archer let the arrow fly and hit Kirito right in the heart. He fell to the ground with blood dripping from his chest. Kirito pulled out the arrow then looked up and smiled. The savage's eyes widened in fear and he stared in horror as the hole in Kirito's chest regenerated without a mark, as if there had never been an arrow wound there in the first place. He grabs his sword glows blue and he swings it around kill all most all savage's. 

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