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  • Published: 20 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 20 Mar 2016
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They tell me it gets better in time. But till you've experienced what I have, then how in the hell would you know.


7. I really miss you

I had it planned out. I had everything planned out. What I would say to her when I saw her again. I was going to let her have it. But my chance never came. The only person I would see in the super market would be him. He was the blame. He was the reason my mother left me. I had nothing but hate towards him, but also envy. He got to see my mother and I didn't. Every night I would dream about her. My once pleasant  dreams, her face would haunt them. It was like she lingered on with me. I just couldn't let her go. She was my mother and I longed for her.

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