Bad boy:CALUM

I saw him and instantly though "um yeah no it won't ever happen"

"Fell for him and I don't think I can ever get back up"


1. how it started


Yay another day of work. I throw on my work outfit and brush my teeth. I make a messy bun and casually go to the kitchen. " I feel like I'm forgetting something" Then I remember that my bestie Karen is supposed to pick me up. She texts me

I'll be there in 5 minutes

She finally arrives. We both work in the mall called Sherwool County mall. The specific place we work is called (most people know this) well we work at Starbucks. "Hey why are there moving trucks and stuff?" She answers my question pretty fast. " there's this new guy moving in and he's pretty hot! I've seen him around but I don't know him like that" "oh cool" is all I say trying to seem uninterested but really I'm curious. We're quiet all the way to work.

We arrive at work unharmed somehow. Everything's fine. After 3 hours we're about to leave. Suddenly I hear these guys coming but I don't turn around because I'm still busy. Karen stares at me and then comes up to me and whispers "THATS THE GUY!!!" I automatically turn around and he's about 6'1 and starts taking to his friends again. Then he looks at me and says "hey" but he had this warm smile. He's cute but nah I wouldn't date him. He seems like a player type. I can't believe I'm think about dating! INVOLVING HIM!! "Hi welcome to Starbucks what would you guys like?" I say with a welcoming smile. He laughs and says "well I'm just new around here and my friends wanted to come here because Luke here says you seem interesting" he looks over to another guy next to him which I assume is Luke. He's about the same height from the one who I was speaking to. He has blue eyes, blonde hair. Luke blushes "dude, stop lying you said she looked hot!" I freeze. "Ugh you're so annoying Luke" he pauses to laugh "well I'm Calum he's Luke that guys with blue hair yeah that Michael and messy hair next to me is Ashton" they all laugh. "Well I'm Ally and I need to go back to work sorry." Then Calum says "wait! What time do you get out?" I say "well in 30 minutes" then he surprises me and gives me his number!! "Call me after maybe we can hang out?" "Sure" I say and get back to work. Karen run up to me after they all leave and she freaks out. "OMG he was totally flirting with you!" "Of course not" I say. What if he was though? Hmm...

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