How To Be A Girl: The Betty Cornell Experiment


1. Introduction

Betty Cornell's Teenage Popularity Guide is a self-help book for teenagers published in the 1950s. Written by the model turned author Betty Cornell, it gives advice on fashion, makeup, hair, and, of course: how to be popular. After reading Maya van Wagenen's book, I have decided that I am going to take on the Betty Cornell experiment. I am going to learn how to be popular!

Honestly, I'm doing this because I could never imagine myself doing this. I'm not one of those girls who are on Instagram and caption everything with #blessed

Generally I'm just not one of those girls who really cares. I'm not particularly cleancut and I'm not particularly rough either. Hair, makeup, skin, weight- I've never quite bothered. Frankly, at this age the only person I can realistically imagine being like is Janis Joplin. Or Bob Dylan.
Not good, brutha, not good.

But this'll be interesting. This'll be something new.
I have about two months left of school and then summer holidays, so I reckon I'll get through this challenge decently enough.
Some way or another, you'll end up finding out about my private  life, so I will take care to protect everyone mentioned under pseudonyms, including myself.

- Kate Moss

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