The Carnival 》Draco Malfoy [1]

In which a wizard meets a witch in the Muggle world.
Draco Malfoy fanfiction.



2. 2

A week later the Hogwart's train whistle blew and I stared out of the window on the opposite side of the compartments, waving goodbye to my parents. My mother had one hand over her mouth, tear-filled eyes, while the other hand waved. My father was smiling, one arm wrapped around my mothers shoulders, and the other, also, waving goodbye to me.

I waved goodbye back - with much more eagerness and less like a zombie - and pushed myself away from the window when the train began to move. It wasn't much long after that did I feel completely...lost? Even though it was a train and it was highly unlikely that anyone would get lost on a train, but it was just the feeling.

I moved on down the corridor, staring into the compartments as I walked. Many of them were full or already occupied. Blank faces stared back at me most of the time, and I blinked right back. It was usually easy for me to make friends, but the faces that stared at me as I walked told me they didn't want any more friends than they already had. And then I spotted a compartment that -


Stumbling back slightly, I glanced up at the solid back I had collided with and winced. My eyes trailed up and stopped at the incredibly blonde hair that looked awfully familiar...

My face fell when I heard the growl and the boy slowly turned around, a sneer on his face.

"Watch where you're - !"

Draco, the boy I'd met at the carnival not too long ago, blinked before me and his sneer fell as recognition took over. I exhaled in relief as I stared at a familiar face and I smiled.

"Oh..." he trailed off, his eyes looking right into mine, making me slightly uncomfortable. "Emma."

"," I stammered, shifting from foot to foot. "This is awkward. Hi."

As soon as I heard whimpers, my eyes fell to behind Draco, and I watched as two little boys ran out of the compartment he was standing in front of. And then a chubby boy poked his head out of the door.

"Come on, Draco, it's empty. "

The boy then looked to me and sneered. He looked between Draco and I and began to crack his knuckles when he stared back at me. I frowned.

Draco faced me and I jumped when that sneer of his was back - not once did he even blink.

"Um... I was just... I was wondering if you could tell me where to go when the train stops, " I said awkwardly, looking around at the train floor.

The chubby boy laughed loudly and said, "come on, Draco," and then disappeared back inside the compartment.

"Forget it." I turned back to the compartment that caught my eye before, when a hand grabbed my upper arm and I looked over my shoulder.

"Meet me on the platform when the train stops," Draco murmured before releasing me and disappearing inside his own compartment.

I nodded even though he couldn't see me, and walked to the compartment next to the one he was in. I slid the door open and the little boy sitting inside jerked his head up at the sound and stared with curiosity. I waved.

"Hi. Mind if I sit here?" I gestured to the seat across from him.

He shook his head and I smiled, shutting the door and sitting across from him. As soon as I sat down I noticed he had been crying.

"Are you all right?" I asked, concerned.

He nodded solemnly and stared down at his lip. "I'm just...scared sort of. I don't know anything about Hogwarts."

"Ah," I smiled, knowing absolutely what that was like. "I take it you're a muggleborn and this is your first year at Hogwarts. Don't worry. This is my first year, as well."

The boy stared at me, his eyes wide. "Really?" I nodded. "What is a muggleborn?"

"It means you come from a family of non-magical folk," I explained, earning a slow nod from the boy. "I'm Emma, by the way."

"I'm Seth," the boy smiled shyly, glancing back out the window.

Not too long after that, the lunch lady pushing a trolley came around and asked Seth and I if we'd like anything to eat. Seth was too shy to say anything, and his cheeks burnt red, but I saw the way his hand was lingering around his pocket.

I kneeled down in front of him.

"Would you like me to get it for you?" I asked quietly, staring into Seth's eyes which were avoiding mine.

"Yes, please," he whispered, sticking his hand in his pocket and drawing out a few galleons. I took them from him politely and stared at him questioningly.

When he didn't say anything, I figured he had no idea about wizarding sweets, so I offered him a hand, and he gladly took it and walked, timidly, beside me, up to the smiling old lady with the trolley. I let him have a look around, and he pointed at a box of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans. The lady took the money from my hand and swapped it for a few knuts, and pushed the trolley off to the next compartment. Seth beamed at the box in his hands and grinned up at me, about to say something but someone beat him to it.

"So there is a new girl this year, Georgie."

"I can see that, Freddie."

Seth and I turned around to see two ginger-haired twins standing side to side with sweets in their hands. It was easy to spot the difference between the two, but once I blinked, it was difficult and I had to search for the details. The one on the left had a longer nose whilst the one on the right had a few more freckles.

They both grinned at the exact same time.

"Hi. I'm Fred, and -"

"- I'm George."

"Fred," I pointed to the one on the right, "and George?" I pointed to the one on the left.

"Very smart," Fred winked.

"What's your name, then?" George asked, nudging his brother.

"I'm Emma and this is Seth," I gestured to Seth, noticing he was being quite left out. Seth's knees were wobbling.

"Are you two siblings?" they asked at the same time.

I blinked. "Pardon me, but that was bloody brilliant."

Twin telepathy sort of stuff had always fascinated me. One feeling the same as the other, one thinking the same as the other - both twins saying things at the same time was even better. This was just the first time I was witnessing it.

"What was?" They asked again at the same time.

"That," I giggled. They both exchanged looks and smirked. "Seth and I aren't siblings, though. We're just friends."

Seth looked up at me quickly and his lips twitched, and I noticed that he wanted to smile but he was far too shy to smile in front of Fred and George.

"So, anyway, what house are the two of you in?" I asked, wanting to start conversation. So far I only knew two people. Draco and Seth. Draco's chubby friend didn't exactly count.

"We're Gryffindor's," said George proudly.

"Yep," Fred spoke in the same tone, puffing out his chest. "The brave and courageous. What do you think you're going to be in, love?"

"Er...I don't know. My mother was a Ravenclaw and my father was a Gryffindor. I could be in either one. What about you, Seth?"

Seth only blinked up at me with big, green, innocent eyes, not having a clue what we were talking about.

"Oh, right. Muggle born," I mumbled, messing up his hair. I looked back up at the twins. "But, in all honesty, I don't really mind what house I'm sorted into. Hopefully it's the same as you guys or Seth so I'd see a familiar face most the time."

"Well, whatever house you're sorted into, best hope it isn't Slytherin. Those creepy little slugs," George said in absolute disgust.

I shrugged. "I still wouldn't mind. You referred to the people in Slytherin as creepy little slugs, not the actual house as a creepy little slug."

The twins both exchanged a look as though I were an old woman who got hit by a bus twice and was still walking.

"You look about our sisters age," Fred said, changing the topic. "What year are you going to be in?"

"Fifth. Can I meet your sister?"

"Never mind Ginny, then. You can meet Ron, though. He'll be in his fifth year," Fred replied.

"Yeah, and he's friends with Harry Potter."

"Harry Potter?" I murmured, remembering everything in the American's daily prophet about Harry Potter when he was chosen to perform three dangerous tasks in the Triwizard Tournament just last year.

"Harry Potter," the twins grinned wickedly together.

I glanced down at Seth and noticed he wasn't very comfortable, and leaving him alone or dragging him along with me to meet other people wouldn't be very helpful. I didn't want him to be lonely or uncomfortable. I looked back up at the twins.

"Erm...maybe later. It was nice meeting the two of you."

"First years. Over this way please. First years, this way!" A high-pitched voice was saying.

It took Seth a while to finally go off to the woman calling first years over. And when he did, it looked like he was, surprisingly, making friends fast.


I turned around and spotted Draco walking toward me with two other boys behind him. The chubby one from earlier, and a taller boy.

"This is Crabbe," he gestured to the chubby boy, "and this is Goyle. We'll show you the carriages and...well...I don't know what you do from there. Haven't exactly had a transfer, have we, boys?"

I didn't know if he was trying to be funny or threatening or what, but his tone didn't exactly sound very kind. Far more different to the boy I spoke to at the carnival. I didn't say anything.

Draco gestured for me to follow the three, and they lead the way toward the end of Hogsmeade station to where I seen a girl and two boys just exiting the train. Draco smirked and muttered something to Crabbe and Goyle, and I furrowed my eyebrows.

"I'm surprised the ministry is allowing you to walk around free," Draco sneered at the brunette boy in the grey jumper. The girl among the two boys looked bothered and annoyed - like this was something she was used to.

"Oh, bloody hell," the ginger boy whispered to himself.

"Better enjoy it while you can," Draco kept going, walking right around so he was standing next to the boy and I was left with Crabbe and Goyle beside the girl. "I expect there's a cell in Azkaban with your name on it."

The boy in the grey jumper lunged at Draco but the ginger boy held him back. Draco staggered back and stared the boy down in disgust, curling his top lip. I watched it all happen in confusion. Draco stalked off with Crabbe and Goyle and I moved quickly to keep up.

"What'd I tell you?" Draco said loudly on purpose. "Complete nutter."

"Just stay away from me!" The boy shouted back.

"Who was that?" I asked, earning a glance from all three boys.

"Ah, so she speaks," Draco smirked, glancing at Crabbe and Goyle - they laughed instantly. "Don't worry. That nutter back there was nobody important."

Draco, Crabbe and Goyle lead me toward a carriage and the three of us sat down inside it in complete silence, the only sound being me clearing my throat in awkwardness.

"So, uh...thanks for showing me the way," I smiled.

Draco nodded once in a cocky manner before a smirk twitched at his lips, and he stared, making me feel very uncomfortable. I had a small feeling he did that on purpose. We arrived at the school in no time and Crabbe and Goyle slowly climbed their way down off the carriage. Draco jumped of and held his hands up for me to grab hold of while I, too, jumped off.

We strode through the long grass and gravelled ground and followed behind others who were also making their way up to the school. Crabbe and Goyle talked quietly to one another and Draco slowed down so that he was walking beside me. He didn't say anything, and I crossed my arms, staying silent myself. I still felt nervous about switching schools.

"" I croaked, staring ahead. "How exactly does this work?"

I glanced at Draco and his smirk was already there. He shrugged. "Dunno. You'll probably be sorted with the first years. You can sit with us till you find out."

"OK," I smiled.

Draco nodded and the rest of the walk was in silent. The castle was definitely something that had my attention the entire way. We eventually got inside the castle, where I had found myself in utter dumbstruck and awe. The roof was so far up I could barely even see it. It all seemed very fancy with the torches in brackets, gargoyles, and statues along the stony walls. Draco watched me look at everything at once with his eyebrow raised.

"Different from your last school?"

Crabbe and Goyle noticed the two of us had stopped walking and as soon as they reached the first step of a simple staircase, they paused and waited.

"Oh, yes, very much so," I responded in awe, rotating in circles. "It's very fancy."

"C'mon, you can look at everything later, Emma," Draco said in annoyance and pulled me by the hand up the stairs. We reached two gigantic doors that were already opened on both sides that lead to an enormous room with four long tables filled with students.

The place was lit up by at least a thousand floating candles that hovered over the four tables. The room was definitely fancy seeing as each table was laid out with polished, glittering golden goblets and plates with silver kitchen utensils. At the very end of the room was another table but it was laid out horizontally whereas the others were not, and it was obvious that the teachers would be dining there. The ceiling was a velveted black, curtained with twinkling stars. This place was definitely much cooler than my last school; it was so much more ordinary and boring compared to Hogwarts. This school was laid out as though it were the nineteenth century. A castle, even! My old school was just two simple buildings. I couldn't wait to get started into the school year.

"This is the Great Hall," Draco informed me, letting go of my hand at once. "It's where we eat and stuff."

He lead me over to a table to the far right where I noticed all the students had a dash of green to their ties. Mine was still a blank tie. Draco sat down and scooted over for me to squeeze in beside him while Crabbe and Goyle, Draco's two very silent friends, took a seat on his other side. In front of us was a pretty girl with longish, light brown hair, who sat next to a girl with shoulder length dark brown hair who looked strangely like a pug.

"Ah - so it's true. You're the new girl," the pretty girl leaned forward as though examining me.

"How does everyone keep assuming there is a new student?"

She shrugged. "Word gets around quickly. Even when you're on a train for seven hours."

"This is Sabrina Lestrange, my cousin," Draco gestured toward the pretty girl who had spoken, and then he pointed to the girl who looked like a pug, "and this is Pansy Parkinson, one of my friends."

"Hello," I smiled at the quiet girl. "I'm Emma."

"Hi," Pansy Parkinson huffed, her nose in the air and her eyes set downward at the table.

I looked at Draco. He shrugged in return, and then pointed to a handsome dark-skinned boy a few seats down. "You see that lad over there? That's Blaise Zabini. He's one of my closest mates but you might want to watch out for him."


Sabrina, Draco's cousin, leaned forward again, cutting into the conversation. "It just so happens that Blaise dacks anyone who is a first year. Or in your case, a transfer. It's technically your first year here so you aren't so different from the actual first years. He'll pull down your skirt and run away. Does it every year."

I gulped.

"Don't worry," Draco nudged me with a wink. "If he dacks you, you know who to come find."

"Yeah," I replied absently, leaning upwards to get a better look at the teachers. I could barely even see anything over the sea of heads. "Which one is the Headmaster?"

"That one right there," Sabrina pointed to the front. "In the biggest chair. That's Dumbledore."

I stood up to get a good look and seen a man with a long, silvery beard and half moon spectacles sitting in what looked like a golden throne. I sat back down.

"He looks nice."

"You prefer old men?" Draco scoffed. "What does that daft man have that I don't?"

"Facial hair," I responded. "Manners."

Sabrina laughed into her fist while Draco fake glared at me. I laughed.

"I'm only joking. I meant to say that he looks like a kind person."

Soft footsteps, many of them, caught my attention and I looked over at the end of the hall where the doors were. A stern looking woman in an emerald gown and a pointy hat walked through, leading a line of eleven year olds who were finding it hard to contain their uncontrollable gasps. She stopped them right in front of the teachers table where a stool sat with a manky looking hat perched on top of it. I'd heard of this from my parents - it was a sorting hat.

"That's Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor house," Sabrina whispered to me, gesturing toward the old witch that had brought the first years in.

I didn't pay very much attention until Seth was called up.

"McLaughlin, Seth."

Seth timidly wandered up to the stool where the sorting hat was placed on his head. He met my eyes for a second and his mouth jolted into a fit of wobbles.

"HUFFLEPUFF!" The sorting hat announced, and two tables over were filled with cheering students.

The sorting ceremony continued until the very last first year was sorted into their correct houses. The man with the very long beard stood up and raked over the crowed of students until he spotted me.

"Emma Baranov," he spoke directly to me in a clear, calm voice. I figured he didn't remind everyone that I was a new student because, like Sabrina had said, word got out quickly. The older man beckoned me over with his hand. "Come."

Many students craned their necks to get a good look at me when I stood, and very few wolf-whistled as Dumbledore had given them a look to hush. A woman in pink stared down at me from the teachers table with her toad face fixed into a hard stare. When I reached the stool, I grabbed the hat before McGonagall could and placed it on my head. I didn't hear the sorting hat speaking or launching into my thoughts like my parents had told me it was supposed to do, normally. No, that wasn't what happened. Instead, the hat sorted me immediately and shouted it.


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