The Carnival 》Draco Malfoy [1]

In which a wizard meets a witch in the Muggle world.
Draco Malfoy fanfiction.



11. 11

Draco had grown quite annoyingly and unnecessarily obsessive over Emma the next few days. He'd act out like he and Emma had known each other since they were in a crib. He'd force her, or in other words guilt trip her, into holding his hand. He'd dangle his arm over her shoulder at unexpected times, sit beside her in every class, compliment her appearence every five minutes - even louder whenever Harry was nearby - and constantly ask to kiss her. But according to Emma it was more like he begged.

It appeared, though, that 90% of the Slytherin girls had a thing for Draco. Emma could understand that though since he was so handsome, but that didn't mean they had to go ahead and glare at her or whisper to each other whenever she walked by. She practically despised by all of the girls in her own house. Sabrina, Daphne and Pansy still liked her. Well, Pansy occasionally liked her. Sabrina told Emma that Pansy had always been in love with Draco so it was understandable why she had trouble getting along with Emma.

"But - it's not like I want him to like me so much!" Emma cried when the topic was brought up. They were in the Slytherin common room, and Pansy was not too far away, sitting beside Draco with Crabbe and Goyle on the other recliners. "I just want to be friends."

"I know that, and I'm sure deep down Pansy knows that too. But you've got to see it from her perspective. Imagine you being in love with someone for many years just waiting for that person to finally notice you in the way you notice them. And it turns out that a new girl has come along and he's suddenly all into her. As though this girl has taken your place and he's known her for years. I'm sure you'd be pretty hurt and you'd find it tough to get along with her, even if she isn't interested in him this way. It would most likely feel like a competition. Well, Pansy feels like it's competition."

And, alas, Emma could finally see where Sabrina was coming from. But, still, Emma was sure she wouldn't hate this girl if it weren't her fault. She would simply move on; it was clear Draco was not interested in Pansy the way she was interested in him.

"She told you that?" Emma's voice wavered. She didn't want someone thinking they had some competition in her and she didn't want anyone thinking that she thought she was better than them. Unless, of course, she was doing it deliberately.

"Yep. But, don't worry. I'm sure she'll see past it soon."

"Has she told him the way she feels?"

"I suspect she's tried giving him these hints. She's been doing it since third year but Draco's pathetic, as you can tell."

Emma followed Sabrina's eye and seen Draco with the ends of two quills poking out of his nose. She couldn't help but laugh. Draco was imitating Hermione Granger's enormous teeth.

"Anyway..." Sabrina continued. "I'm worried about you."

Emma frowned. Unless, of course, Sabrina was worried about what Draco might do if he was alone with her...but Emma knew better. Draco wasn't that type of boy. He had in fact offered to walk her home that night at the carnival because he was worried about her.

"Worried about me? Why on earth would you be worried about me?"

"You're failing potions!"

Emma scoffed and crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at the taller girl. "I most certainly am not failing potions. My grade every time is Acceptable."

"Unless you're Crabbe or Goyle, an 'A' is a 'D.' Dreadful."

Emma sighed, figuring that Sabrina was right. Everyone else in her house was passing, apart from Crabbe and Goyle who were no smarter than coconuts, and she was the only one Snape was giving an 'A' to. She didn't understand why, though. She put effort into her potions each week and had even managed to get the potion to look better than Sabrinas, who always received an Outstanding, but still always received a simple Acceptable. Why was this teacher always giving her the cold shoulder?

"I know," Sabrina said, putting her hand on Emma's shoulder. It appeared that Sabrina could sense what Emma was thinking, and she nodded understandingly. "Professor Snape has been a bit odd ever since you've come along, but I'm sure it's nothing. He's probably just stressing over all us fifth-years. It will be OK in the end."

"I hope so."

"Let's go sit by the fire," Sabrina suggested, and took one step before Emma reached out and seized her arm.

"Wait," she hissed, pulling her back to whisper, "will you sit where Draco won't be able to get to me?"

"That's what I was planning on."

Even though Sabrina's words had assured Emma when she first said them, she was now deeply regretting ever having agreed to sit by the fire in the first place. Sabrina was sat next to Pansy, while Draco was on Pansy's other side meaning that sofa was taken. And on the opposite sofa it was only Crabbe, Goyle, and one empty spot for her to sit by. Sabrina had suggested Emma sit with Crabbe and Goyle. The two large boys who reminded her of gorillas, not only because they were big and grunted all the time, but because they smelt like a mixture of garbage and rotted fruit dipped in sweat.

Draco could obviously tell Emma was uncomfortable with this, and jerked his head to the side. The two boys left the sofa immediately, and Emma sat in the spot that was once already empty because Crabbe and Goyle had left two very large sweat marks that were in the shape of their bums. Emma didn't even bother questioning why they were sweating in the first place; it was winter after all.

"So, what did Sabrina and I miss?" Emma said in a fake enthusiastic tone, her eyes drifting over toward Pansy who was wiping something on her clothes.

"Just Draco here being a fool. He got snot all over my quills," Pansy replied absently, too focused to give a full explanation although Emma already knew why. Her eyes lifted slightly on two the bum sweat beside Emma and she scrunched up her nose in disgust. "Those baffoons," she uttered.

"I'm so tired," Sabrina yawned, her eyelids half closing, blinking slowly. She leaned her elbow onto the arm of the chair and rested her head in her palm. Her eyes locked on Emma and she gave her an odd look. "I'm going to go to bed. Anyone else coming?"

But Emma was wide awake, and she knew Sabrina was definitely not tired. Sabrina gave her a look as though not to say anything. It was more of a 'sort it out' kind of look, and Emma understood. Sabrina wanted her to put a stop to Draco's behaviour but how was anything she said going to change him now? She'd already tried a thousand times every twenty-four hours and he never listened.

"Yes, I'm quite tired myself," Pansy said, putting her quills in her pocket. "Coming, Emma?"

Emma tried her best not to raise her eyebrows in surprise; this was the first time Pansy had addressed her by her first name. It definitely made her feel a lot better, like Pansy had started considering her a friend.

"No, I'm not tired. I'm just going to read a bit before I come up."

"Why not just read in the dormitory?" Pansy scoffed lightly, and that little hope for friendship was gone when Emma noticed Pansy flickering her eyes between Draco and her, Emma.

"In the dark?" Emma tilted her head, her eyebrows furrowing to imply that Pansy's suggestion was invalid.

"Oh, right..." Pansy faltered. "Well, see you in the morning, then."

She reluctantly left the two, and followed Sabrina who encouraged Pansy to hurry up.

Draco and Emma didn't say anything for a while, though Emma was expecting Draco to have that cocky look on his face and mention something about her eyes for the hundredth time. But he didn't, to her relief. She was beginning to think it was all just an act, like he only pretended to like her in front of other people but really he couldn't care if she left for a different school and never returned.

Draco watched her for a moment, but she avoided his eye. She was just waiting for a comment. Anything. She knew it was coming.

"What's going on with you and Potty?" Draco finally asked, though it wasn't in a cocky voice. He sounded more hurt than cocky.

"You mean Harry?" Emma furrowed her brows. If Draco had simply said 'Potter' instead then she'd understand.

Draco took offense by this and rolled his eyes, snapping, "Yeah. Harry."

"Nothings going on with us. Even if there was, what is it to you?" Her tone suddenly transitioned from a feather to shattered glass. It was soft one moment and sharp the next. If Draco hadn't been so demanding about her personal life she wouldn't have spoke this way with him. It was the first time she was finally letting her anger lash out on him. "What if there was? What have you got to do with who I see?"

"I don't care who you see, as long as it isn't him!" Draco cried, his fists clenching and his face reddening from anger. "He's already got everything he wants, don't give him something else to add to it."

"Draco, Harry does not see me that way! I barely even know him!"

"Well, then why the hell do the two of you always eye one another off and smile when you two pass each other, or when you two are in the same room? It sickens me and turns me off my food. You make me sick when it happens." Draco growled, his tone dipped with a pinch of sour and contempt. It made Emma shudder as she was so used to him flirting with her and him being so gentle. But now it looked like he wanted to hit her. "When he was holding your hand. When you let him take advantage of the moment just so you could feel something you couldn't see. I seen the way he was looking at you. And you disgust me," he growled.

Emma could feel her face falling and she could tell she was about to lose one of her friends. For a second it looked as though someone had slapped Draco in the face and snapped him out of whatever nightmare he'd been in. As a matter of fact, it looked like he'd just awoken from one. Emma didn't realise the two of them were now standing, and when Draco guiltily reached out to her, she backed away from him.

"What happened to the boy I met at the carnival?"

That was the question that had been demanding to leave her mind and drift out of her mouth for a while now. The two hadn't spoken once about their first meeting out in the muggle world, and now Emma had a clear image why. 

"He doesn't exist," Draco shook his head, that guilty look still present on his face. He shoved the question aside. "Emma - I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything I said."

The only thing Emma knew was that Draco didn't mean half of what he'd said. Harry did not like her, and she did not like him. She knew that. Harry barely even seemed to like her and he didn't even trust her at all because she was friends with Draco. But, still, she chose to continue being friends with him despite Harry's trust issues. She chose to be friends with Draco rather than learn to defend herself. If that wasn't friendship then she sure as hell didn't know what was. If only Draco knew this...

"I'm going to bed," Emma walked quickly away from Draco before he could grab her and make her listen to him. But she didn't want to hear any of it. She just wanted to sleep and forget about it; she was no longer wide awake.

"Wait -"

"Good night."

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