Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


9. Chapter 9 Sarah's POV

        Jennifer and I studied the Wizard duel books until eleven o'clock. I jumped up and flipped through our clothes until I got to the bottom. I pulled out our suits. The were black stretchy fabric like nylon. There was a zipper in the back and these type of sequins around the hip area. It was weird but they were really cute and worked well with the darkness and gave us a little bit of light around us.

       We got dressed and Jennifer pulled out the shoes that went with the outfit. They felt like sneakers if you felt the top with your hand. If you felt the bottom it felt like you'd slip right away. But they have really good grips.

        I pulled our makeup kits off the shelf and opened them. Our kits was a collection of kits from the last free years. I looked through our kits until I got to the kit that said 'Nighttime'. I opened it. It had dark colours of eyeshadow. Dark red, Dark blue and black lipsticks. Dark brown blush. Really black mascara. Dark black eyeliner. This kit was for sneaking out, going to dances 'round midnight sometimes, and other stuff if our parents woke us up during the night.

         We finished putting it on at eleven 15.

        "One last thing," Jennifer said, "I found this spell that turns your hair a different color. It might help with your hair colour blond"

        "Fine," I replied.

         Jennifer went over to the desk and pulled out a note book she had. She flipped to a page. I looked at the spell.

Change hair to be my dream.

Or the time being I mean

It may be dirty

It may be clean.

Turn the colour

I want to be seen.

           "So you want me to repeat this?" I asked Jennifer.

           "Well I think brown would be a good idea tonight." She said.

           "Fine," I said.

"Change hair to be my dream," I started.

"Or the time being I mean

It may be dirty

It may be clean.

Turn the colour

I want to be seen." I finished.

             I felt nothing.

           "Wow looks awesome!" Jennifer exclaimed. She handed me a hand mirror. I looked in it. My hair was a beautiful brown.

           "Perfect!" I said.

            I took the 'Nighttime' kit and put it away.

          "You ready?" I inquired.

          "Yep!" Jennifer replied.

           We were at the stairs when I heard a creek!

            I whirled around. It was Hermione.

          "And where would YOU be going," she huffed.

          "To the common room," I replied.

          "Your sneaking out!"


          "It's a wizard duel. Isn't it? Malfory! Yep it's a duel with him."

          "That was quick!" Jennifer exclaimed.

          "Well see ya!" I rushed down the stairs. The boys were there.

          "Quick Hermione!" I said. We all rushed out just to run into Neville and Silyen.

          "The passwords Dracan granno," I told them before running after Harry, Ron and Jennifer. We finally stopped for a moment for the boys to catch their breathe.

          "I'm coming with you!" A voice behind me said.

         "Fine! But please stop freaking the crap out of the boys.," I said. The boys had freaked expressions on their faces. I turned around. Just who I thought it was. Hermione.

         "Come on let's move it!" Jennifer exclaimed.

          We all started walking in silence. After awhile we walked into the trophy room. No one was there.

         "We probably beat them here" Jennifer said looking at her watch.

         "No he would've been here first." I replied.

         "Sniff around my sweet. They may be hiding in the corners," a voice near the other doorway.

         "It's the new caretaker!" Hermione whispered loudly.

         We quickly ran back down the hallway and ran into Peeves.

         "Hi Peeves," I said.

         "What you gang out for?" Peeves inquired.

         "Uh stuff." I heard a meow!

         "Run it's the caretakers cat!" We ran like crazy and kept running no matter what. We finally ran into a door. Ron tried the nob.

         "It's locked!" He exclaimed.

         "Oh please! Alohomora!" Hermione said. We opened the door and quickly went in there. We waited until we heard the caretaker walk away except he didn't cause Peeves caused a distraction.

         "I know where 'ickle firsties are!" Peeves sang in an annoying type voice.

         "Which way?" The caretaker asked.

         "Shan't say nothing if you don't say please," Peeves in his annoying singsong voice.

         "All right - please."

         "NOTHING! Ha haaa! Told you I wouldn't say nothing if you didn't say please! Ha has!"

          The caretaker ran a different way mumbling "brat, brat, brat!"

         Awesome Peeves! I thought. I felt something wet, slimy and sticky. I turned around. A big three headed dog. I tugged on Harry's robe.

       "What?" He turned around and saw the dog. "Uh guys?" He said "let's get out of here."

        We quickly went out. But before I closed the door I saw a trapdoor that the dog was standing on.

         I ran to catch up with the others. They were running to the common room. We ran into the room.

        "Did you see what it was standing on?" I asked the others.

         Ron looked at me like I was crazy. Jennifer and Hermione nodded.

        "What was it standing on?" Harry asked.

        "A trapdoor!" Hermione said.


THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU!!!! Thank you all. You especially Bobbistroud118 and I as well WILL FIND YOU!!

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