Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


6. Chapter 6 Jennifer's POV

          The next morning Sarah and I were walking out of the girls dormitories when we saw a notice in the Gryffindor common room.

First years will start broomstick lessons on Thursday with Slytherin.

           Sarah and I groaned.

         "Typical," Harry said when Ron, Sarah, Harry and I were sitting down on a couple couches facing each other. Boys on one couch, Sarah and I on the other. "I always wanted to fall off my broom in front of Malfory."

        "Your so much better at it than Draco!" I exclaimed.

        "Harry," Sarah said, "Draco tells long boastful stories that he claims that end with him almost getting caught by helicopters. Like what the heck? He probably got caught by his daddy and got a swatting on the big end!"

         We laughed.

        "Remember that Thursday." I said.


          At breakfast Thursday a barn owl brought Neville a package. He opened it quickly to find a small ball.

        "What is that," I inquired.

        "It's a Remembrall!" He explained, "I always forget things. If it turns red you've forgotten something." His face fell, the ball turned red.

        "Maybe you've forgotten homework?" I said. The ball turned green.

        "Thanks Jennifer," Neville said. When Draco came by and took it out of his hands.

        "Hey," Neville said.

        "Wait," I said to Neville, "Hold that tightly."

        "Why should I do that?" Draco said but he still held it tightly. The Remembrall turned red.

        "What did you forget Draco?" Sarah asked, "To put your underwear on!"

          Everybody laughed but we laughed even harder when it turned green. Draco dropped the Remembrall in Neville's lap and left.

        "Classic," I said "Embarrass him. Were you just using one of our old boy tricks?"


         At three thirty that afternoon all the Slytherin and Gryffindor first years went to broomstick lessons. There were twenty eight broomsticks in neat lines.

         Madam Hooch had short grey hair, and yellow eagle eyes. "Well what are you waiting for find a broom." Was the very first thing she said. We all shuffled around for a moment to get a broom.

       "Stick a hand over your broomstick and say UP."

        Everyone said up. Sarah and I our broomsticks hopped up in our hands at once. Other people weren't so fortunate. Draco's broomstick came up making it look like it was going into his hands it went around smacking him in the but. I laughed silently.

        Madam Hooch asked Sarah and I to help some people. I went to help Draco.

        "I don't need help from a filthy Mudblood." Draco said.

        "Fine!" I huffed, "Don't blame me when you can't get your broom to work." I walked away.

         Neville and Silyen Longbottom were having problems so I we went to help them. They were saying UP in nervous voices.

        "Here, let me help!" I set my broom on the ground. "Talk in strong voices. Letting your courage through. Let me show you." Neville and Silyen stepped away from their brooms. I put a hand over each broom "UP!" Both brooms immediately hopped into my hands. I set them back down. "You try," I told them.

       Soon there was only a couple students left, Draco was one of them thankfully. I went to him.

      "Now will you except my help?" I asked.

      "Sure," he said finally. I saw what he was doing wrong. He hand down to low. I brought his arm up a bit.

      "Now try it." He did try it, it hopped in his hand.

      "Now that we all got our brooms in our hands mount your brooms." Everyone mounted their brooms. "When I blow the whistle kick off hard fly five feet and come back down. One... Two....." The whistle hadn't even been blown when the Longbottom's had flew off.

      "You two back down here." But they couldn't bring the broomsticks down. Then CRACK, WHAM! Silyens broom broke in half and she fell. Neville also fell off his broom.

       Cushion, cushion, cushion? Cushion! "Cushargo," I muttered. The spell didn't exactly stop them but it did cushioned their fall. Neville broke his wrist and Silyen broke her ankle.

      "If I see anyone and I mean ANYone. They will have their butts out or Hogwarts faster than you can say 'Quidit.' Now come on sweeties." Madam Hooch walked up to the castle with the Longbottom's behind her.

       Draco started laughing soon all the Slytherins were laughing like hyenas.

      "Shut up, Draco," Sarah snapped.

      "Didn't think you'd like crybaby Neville." Pansy Parkinson said sniggering.

      "Look it's Neville's stupid Remembrall!" Draco said picking up Neville's Remembrall.

      "Give," I started.

      "That," Harry said.

      "Here," Sarah finished.

       Draco smiled nastily, "I think I'll leave it in one of the towers for Longbottom to find it."

      "Give it HERE!" Sarah yelled.

        But Draco had already pushed off. Harry, Sarah and I grabbed our broomstick's.

       "No!" Ms.Know-it-all-Granger said. "You'll get points conducted!"

        But Harry, Sarah and I didn't care. We kicked off. HARD. We flew up leveling to Draco, forming a triangle, Harry in front Sarah and I in the corners.

        Draco's mouth was hanging open again.

       "Give it here Malfory," Harry said.

       "Or we'll knock you off that broom." I said.

       "No Crabbe and Goyle to save your butt." Sarah finished.

       "Then catch if you can." Draco sniggered while throwing the Remembrall as far as he could. Which surprisingly was fifty feet.

        Harry, Sarah and I, flew torwards the Remembrall. Harry flew with such speed you wouldn't think was possible. He thankfully caught the Remembrall, but while catching the Remembrall he fell off his broomstick.

         A gasp went through the other first years.

         Sarah and I raced to the rescue each of us grabbing an arm. We also grabbed the broom. Sarah took one end and I took the other. We didn't have any hands on our brooms. Literally!

        "Harry climb on my broom," I said.

          Harry grabbed a hold of my broom. I kept a hold of his arm. Sarah slowly let gave of Harry's arm. He grabbed a hold of my broom with his other hand. I helped him climb up.

        "Thanks," He whispered in my ear.

         We landed safely. A cheer went through the Gryffindor's.

        "HARRY POTTER!! SARAH LINCOLNS!!!!! JENNIFER LAKINS!!!!!" Professor McGonagall yelled. "Come with me."

         We followed her. But before we left I heard Draco chuckle. Sarah sent a death glare.

         We went up the stairs to the castle. Professor yanked the doors open.

         Inside we followed her to Professor Binns classroom. She opened the door and popped her head in.

       "Can I borrow Brick for a moment."

        Harry looked as if he was gonna pee his pants. Which was pathetic.

        A boy came out of Binns classroom.

       "Potter, Lincolns, Lakins, meet Oliver Brick, Brick I found your Seeker and Chasers."

       Oliver's face went from confusion to delight in less than five seconds. He circled around each of us in turn.

      "Yes!! Harry has the build for a Seeker and these two girls for Chasers." Oliver said. "Was this the first time      you've been on broomsticks?"

       We all nodded.

      "And their naturals," Professor McGonagall said.

      "The brooms fit for Harry is a Nibus Cthree-O and for these girls Neon Poylent 5."

       "I'll see what I can do."




Hey guys thanks for all the reads I am so glad some people have read this. And you guys should go check Bobbistroud118. Her My Hogwarts Years. is awesome so far go check it out.

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