Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


5. Chapter 5 Sarah's POV

              Jennifer and I walked with Harry and Ron to the Great Hall. But it was annoying. Everybody was staring, pointing, and whispering about him. It was SO annoying. And if you wanna hear how annoying it was. Well it went something like this.

              "There look."


               "Next to the girl with brown hair, the girl with red highlights, and the tall boy With red hair."

               "Wearing the glasses?

               "Did you see the scar?"

               When we finally got to the Great Hall. We quickly sat down. I grabbed a bagel. I was really happy when I found blueberry cream cheese. While we were eating our breakfast our schedules were passed down to us.

              "Okay," I said after comparing all our schedules. "On Wednesday we are to study stars at midnight. Three times a week we have to go the greenhouses behind the castle for Herbology with Professor Sprout. History of magic taught by Professor Binns. Charms with Professor Flitwick. Transfiguration with Professor McGonagall. Defense Against the Dark Arts with Professor Quirrells, and potions with Professor Snape."

             We quickly finished to head to our first class. Our first class was Herbology. We could not find our way outs of the School which I would call a castle. We finally found Peeves.

              "Hey Peeves?" Jennifer said.

              "Yes." He said.

              "Can you show us the way to the greenhouses?" Offering him a dumdum from her bag. Peeves took the sucker and showed us the way to the greenhouses.

              "Thanks Peeves!" I said, and hugged him. He looked surprised, but he hugged me back. Harry, Ron, Jennifer, and I went into the greenhouse. Before we went into there Jennifer and I went over our notes in our notebooks.

                In Herbology we learned how to take care of a lot of strange plants and fungi, and we also found out what they were used for. Jennifer and I took turns taking notes. Professor Sprout caught us taking notes but we didn't get in trouble because she thought it was a great idea and gave each of us ten points. I also saw Hermione look jealous.

               The next class was History of Magic. Ends up Professor Binns was a ghost and gave us a very detailed story of how he died first on the day. He droned on and on making us scribble down names and dates. It must be boring to everyone else but Jennifer and I thought it was interesting and Hermione of course. Again We took notes during and before class. And this time got twenty points each.

               Charms was taught by a tiny man. When he came to Harry's name during roll call he squeaked and toppled out of sight. Jennifer and I helped him up. And he gave each Jennifer and I five points. And when he saw us taking notes he gave us each ten points.

               Professor McGonagall was not a teacher to make cross. She turned her desk into a pig and back. I thought it'd be cool to learn how to do that. But the thing we had to change was matches into needles. We took notes again getting twenty five points each. Hermione turned her match into needle. Professor McGonagall gave her compliments on how it was silver and pointy. But when she saw Jennifer's and mine she said they were even more silvery and pointy, we got thirty points.

              The class everyone looked forward to was DADA. But it turned into a joke as soon as we got in the classroom. The room smelled strongly of garlic. Which everyone said was to ward off vampires it was pathic. He told us that the turban was given to him by a Prince in Africa as a thank you for getting rid of a Zombie. Nobody believed that, because when Seamus Finnigan asked how the Professor got rid of the Zombie. He went red and started talking about weather. His turban smelled strangely. The Weasly twins claimed it was full of garlic so he was protected anywhere he went.

             Jennifer, Hermione and I were at the top of almost every class. Even through Jennifer and I were ahead of her.

             Friday when Harry, Ron, Jennifer and I had finally made our way to the Great Hall, with help from Peeves.

            "What have we got today?" Harry asked.

            "Double potions." Jennifer said.

            "With Slytherin." I said.

            "I heard that Snape favors Slytherins," Ron said.

           "We'll be able to see if it's true," Harry said.

            Mail arrived. Whitie flew over to Jennifer and landed on her head. I laughed. Hedwig Harry's owl dropped a note on his plate.

            "What does it say?" I inquired.

            "It says 'Dear Harry, I know you get Friday afternoons off, so would you like to come and have a cup of tea with me around three? I want to hear all about your first week. Send us an answer back with Hedwig. Hagrid'."

            "Um of course." I said and handed Harry my pen. He scribbled Yes, please, see you later on the back and sent it off with Hedwig.

             Potions took place in a dungeon. It was very creepy with pickled animals in glass jars, ALL around on the walls.

             Like charms Professor Snape took roll call and like Flitwick he paused a 'Harry Potter'.

            "Ah, yes," he said softly, "Harry Potter. our new ---- celebrity."

             Draco Malfory and his 'bodyguards' sniggered behind their hands. Jennifer and I turned our heads and glared bloody murder at them. They shut up when they met our glares.

            "You are here to learn the subtle and exact art of potion making," Snape said, on barley a whisper, "And if you aren't a bunch of dunderheads as I usually have to teach, I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death."

             Hermione Granger was on the edge of her seat looking desperate to prove she wasn't a dunderhead.

            "Potter!" Snape said suddenly. "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" Hermione's hand shot up in the air.

             Asphodel to an infusion of wormwood. I grabbed my notebook out of my bag quietly. And opened to a page which said the answer asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death! Thank goodness I was sitting right next to Harry. I tapped his leg. He looked down and reached down as if there was a itch on his leg. He saw the note.

           "Asphodel and wormwood make a sleeping potion so powerful it is known as the Draught of Living Death," Harry said.

            Draco's mouth was hanging open.

            Snapes eyes darted through the Gryffindor crowd for someone else to embarrass. His eyes rested on me. "Lincolns, Where would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar? And what is the difference, between monkshood and wolfsbane?" Again Hermione rose her hand.

           Their was barely any time frame between his question and my answer.

           "A bezoar is a stone taken from the stomach of a goat and it will save you from most poisons. As for monkshood and wolfsbane, they are the same plant, which goes by the name of aconite." I swear If a jaw could go to the floor Draco's would.

           With Snapes questions answered he split us into pairs to make a very very simple potion for curing boils. He criticized almost everyone except Draco, Jennifer and I.

            I saw Neville about to add porcupine quills before taking the caldron off the fire. I made it look like I had to get an ingredient from the cabinet. I whispered to Neville. "Take the caldron off the fire than add the porcupine quills." He quickly pulled it off and than added the quills.

           I went back to my table. Seamus some how poured his potion over his head. Snape saw it and criticizied him. Boils started to come up on his cheeks and forehead. I took a stirring spoon and took the slightest bit of Jennifer and mine's potion. I took a napkin from my bag, folding it tight enough to hold the potion in it. I dabbed it in the bit of the potion and went over to Seamus. Then I dabbed it on his cheeks and forehead. The boils went down.

         "You're lucky Sarah here is such a good potion maker," Snape said. I was still dabbing at the boils to make them disappear when he said that. I smiled. The next thing he said really surprised me. "Twelve points to Gryffindor."


           An half hour later they were running up the steps out of the dungeon.

           Ron, Jennifer and I went with Harry to meet Hagrid. When Harry knocked a clatter and a bark was heard. We than heard Hagrids voice "Back, Fang --- back."

            Hagrids face appeared as the door opened. He was trying to hold back a big dog. He let us in.

           "Make yerselves at home," he said. There was two rooms in the cottage. This was technically the kitchen living room. I'm guessing that it was his bedroom. Hagrid put the dog in the other room.

           "This is Ron, Jennifer and Sarah," Harry said.

           "Another Weasly?" Hagrids asked, looking at Ron's hair. "Spent most of the time chasing yer brothers from the forest.

            Harry tells Hagrid about potions. Hagrid sounded surprised when he heard that Snape gave Gryffindor twelve points.

            "Now who'd he'd giv th'm to?" Hagrid asked.

            "Sarah here," Ron said playfully punching me in the shoulder.

            "How's ye brother doing in Romania?" Hagrid asked Ron.

             Jennifer had picked up a newspaper. I looked at the newspaper. I gasped when I saw the headline.


            "What?" Harry said.

            "Listen to this a Gringotts vault got robbed." I said.

            "On July 31st." Jennifer said.

            "Hagrid that happened the day were at Diagonal Alley." Harry said.

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