Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


16. Chapter 16 Jennifer's POV - CHARACTERS NEEDED

Okay I am in NEED of Characters for the next chapter. Please help me. Information at the bottom.


             I woke up and saw Sarah in bed.

             "Wake up lady!" I said loudly when I saw the time. It was like ten fifteen! "If we want breakfast we gotta go! There's like eight minutes left!"

             "Dang! Hey where are those thick woolly socks we made for Snape but thought better?" Sarah inquired.

             "In the desk."

             "KK." Sarah pulling them out of the desk while getting dressed.

             “Did you find anything last night?”


             “Me either.”

             “Sucks right?” Sarah asked pulling a skirt on. She is so dressy!

             “Yeah.” I said pulling my sweatpants and a sweatshirt on.

             “Come on we gotta hurry!” I exclaimed looking at the time again. We had four minutes left.

             We were speedy to the Great hall. Arriving panting which wasn't usual for us to pant.

             We sat down quickly and ate a bagel and had some pineapple juice. Hey it was better than pumpkin!

             “Wanna go search some more?” I asked Sarah.

             “Sure. First I gotta go do something.” She went towards the High Table.

             A few teachers were up there. Dumbledore one of them.

             “Headmaster.” She said handing him the woolly socks.

             He chuckled when he took them.

             “You said you didn't get any.” She said smiling before coming back to me.

             “Come on.” She said.

             “Hey aren't the others coming back today?” I asked Sarah.

             “Yeah I think so. But they won't come till 'round five thirty.”


             “Come on.”

             “Fine, fine.”


             Seven hours later we were waiting by the train station, for the train that had brought the other kids to their homes for Christmas.

           The first ones off the train were Draco and his 'bodyguards'.

           I saw him smile at me when he saw me. I smiled back, while looking back at the castle to see my owl coming from the owly and dropping a package at Draco's feet. I saw him pick it up and stick it his pocket.

           Sarah and I waited there for what seemed like forever – which was actually five minutes – till we heard “Jennifer! Sarah!”

           It was Hermione. Ashley behind her.

           “We missed you!” I said as Sarah and I gave them a bear hug.

           “I'm sorry I forgot to put this in with Jennifer's gift while sending Jennifer's, Sarah.” Hermione said handing Sarah a package.

           She unwrapped the gift. It was a album of the Chipmunks!

           “Thanks.” Sarah replied. “We're gonna have fun with this.”

           “Your welcome. So what did you guys do?” Hermione asked with the message “Did you find anything about Nicholas Flamel?” etched in it.

           “No sadly. We didn't.” I said.

           “What have we missed!” Ashley exclaimed as we picked up their luggage.

           “I don't think we've missed anything!”

           “Lets set that aside. What did you guys do during the holidays?” Hermione inquired.

           “Well,” I said. “Sarah and I gave like fifty presents to people–”

           “–Including,” Sarah interrupted, “ all teachers–”

           “–Everybody from each house–”

           “–Including Slytherins–”

           “–And I think all the Weasleys too.”

           “That's a lot!” Ashley said.

           “Oh, we forgot too.” Sarah said pulling out presents for Ashley and Hermione. We got Ashley a set of roller skates – because when my mom had clarified that Ashley and I were cousins, her Mom sent us a note with her hobbies, which one of them was Roller skating – and Hermione the second year books. Hermione was overjoyed to start studying already. I almost face palmed.

           “What did you guys get?” Ashley asked.

           “Well Jennifer got the presents from you guys.” Sarah said.

           “And Sarah got the album from you and a mysterious ring which we both got.” I added.

           “Wait so all you got for Christmas was a album and a ring?” Ashley exclaimed while we walked to the castle. We insisted that we walked since the ice in the moat was still frozen and Sarah had packed some ice skates.

           “And a fake engagement!” I said. Ashley's mouth fell open.

           “With who?” Hermione asked.

           “Here I'll show you the part of the video.” I said when Sarah looked down blushing. I grabbed my phone – I had transferred the videos to my phone – looked through the video and skipped to the part with the 'engagement'.

           “Here,” I said as I showed them it.

           Ashley took it and she a Hermione watched it. We had stopped by the lake by now. Sarah had sat down and was putting a pair of ice skates. I plopped in the snow beside her and started putting another pair of ice skates on.

           “Oh my gosh!” Ashley exclaimed. “It was Harry!”

           Sarah nodded her head, blushing.

           “Here guys.” I said giving them each a pair of skates, while taking my phone and putting it in a snow proof pocket of Sarah's backpack.

           Ashley had hers on in no time. But Hermione said while she was putting on the skates we handed her, “I don't really know how to skate.”

           “We'll help you don't worry.” I had replied.

           We all got on the ice. Hermione fell as she tried to stand. Sarah I now each were hold one of her hands.

           We had finally gotten across the moat/lake whatever! And were climbing the mountain/hill up to the door. Soon we had gotten up the mountain and through the door and had gotten up to our common room.

            “Do we want to change for the first dinner we're all here and back?” Sarah asked.

            “Or?” Ashley said sitting on my bed.

            “Or spend it in the library?” I added.

            “Lets eat I've only ate a chocolate frog, which right now does not sound appealing.” Ashley said.

            “Yeah we better eat.” Hermione said.

            “We can wear stuff from my closet.” Sarah offered.

            “That's fine with me.” Ashley said.

            Sarah had brought a few athletic skorts – I snatched one of those up as soon as I saw it – skater skirts, and a few others type I can't name. Can you guys tell she's dressy?

            Sarah grabbed some shirts out of the closet. And set them by a skirt. She ALWAYS has them color-coded. She then studied Ashley for a minute grabbed a shirt from one set, a skirt from another set, and pushed Ashley behind the changing board.

           Ashley came out a minute later look really cute in the outfit. I have to admit that Sarah has a great fashion sense. Also I might add her clothes are top of the line. You might ask how since we're only eleven? Well, and found this website called Polyvore creates these fabulous outfits and posts them. Soon became known everywhere on Polyvore, and is almost always being sent top of the line outfits and pieces, to try. All in her size! – All pre-owned though – I'm also gonna say, she doesn't fan over the trends or top of the line outfits. But she cares about her reputation.

           While Ashley had been changing Sarah was studying Hermione and asked her to turn around. Hermione did that and Sarah said “Bingo!”

            After Ashley came out Sarah put a few pieces in her hand. Hermione went behind the Board and changed. It look completely adorable on her.

            Sarah looked at me and saw the skort in my hand. She grabbed a sports shirt from my trunk and shoved my behind the board. Just to know it wasn't hard and Sarah and I have a habit of pushing each other. So don't worry, and I bet Sarah is gonna ask if we want her to do their hair and make-up. If I'm right You owe me Ten Galleons. If I'm not, I owe you twenty.

            “Do you guys want me to do your hair and make-up?” Sarah Inquired. Told ya so! I better get though Galleons!

               “Sure.” Hermione said.

               “Who wants to be first?”

               “ME!” Ashley exclaimed. I can so tell she's starting to like Sarah. I am so glad!

               Sarah pulled the chair from her desk and turned it away from the desk.

               “Hold it!” Hermione said and rushed to the bookshelf we put in for her. She pulled a book out of her shelf and flipped through it.

               “Aha.” She said, when she found it, she grabbed her wand and said, “in tabula elit rutrum.”

            The desk turned into a Makeup-table! Wow she is good.

            “It'll wear off in a hour.” Hermione said.

            “That's good to know.” Sarah replied. “'Cause I'd like to use my desk again.”

            I rolled my eyes, took the makeup-kit off my shelf and handed it to her.

            Sarah took a look through the colors of eyeshadow, grabbed a eyeshadow brush, a eyeshadow color blender, and dipped the eyeshadow brush in the color “Serenity is...”

            “Close your eyes,” Sarah said to Ashley. Ashley obeyed. Sarah put a little eyeshadow on both eyes. She then started playing with the blander brush until she got the perfect blend. She then took a look through the lipsticks, picking the color “Strawvery Red,” and speard it expertly on Ashley's lips.

            Sarah put the lid on the lipsticks, while skimming through the blush colors, grabbing the color “Vanilla Cream.”

            If you're wondering how, Sarah also got our makeup from Polyvore, but we got some locally.

            When Sarah was done with the makeup, she went to the back of Ashley's head and did a cute hairstyle that had a heart in braids.

            “You're done!” Sarah said.

            “Wow.” Ashley said, “This is so pretty!”

            Sarah smiled while Ashley got out of the chair.

            Hermione sat down closing her eyes.

            Sarah first worked on Hermione's hair which had to be the hardest thing to do. She brought the brush through her hair several times until it had a silky, wavey look, making Hermione look great!

            Sarah took a couple bow from the hair accessories.

            A black bow and a grey bow. Sarah separated parts of Hermione's hair, crossing some pieces for the perfect look. When she found it, she took some clear, tiny elastics and tied them in place. Sarah grabbed the bows and clipped them ontop of the elastics.

            Sarah then put some black eyeshadow on Hermione, and then added some white blush, making her face look a bit more bright. I was surprised at how well she looked.

            Sarah grabbed a lipstick brush and a color that looked a lot like the color Ashley has on her lips 'cept it was a little darker. She brushed the lipstick brush lightly 'cross the actual lipstick, and dabbed at Hermione's lips. Until it looked perfect.

            “You look great!” Ashley said, when Sarah finished.

            “Thanks!” Hermione replied looking in the mirror.

            “I better not look like a Barbie doll when your done.” I warned Sarah.

            Ashley laughed outloud. “A Barbie doll, Seriously? A Barbie doll?”

            “Well, last time I did her makeup, I might'a turned her into a almost Barbie look-a-like.” Sarah said.

            Ashley howled.

            “Ya, know what!” said Sarah.

            “What?” Ashley and Hermione asked.

            “Check your texts!”

            Ashley looked at her phone and laughed loudly.

            I facepalmed now knowing what Sarah sent them. A picture... of me... looking... like a Barbie. I sat down in the chair.

            Sarah just put some foundation and blush and was done.

            “Let's go!” Sarah said.

            “You're wearing that?!?” Ashley exclaimed.

            Sarah looked down.

            “Yeah?” Said Sarah sheepishly.

            Hermione shoved some clothes into Sarahs hands and put her behind the changing board. Sarah came out in exactly one minute.

            Ashley made her sit in the chair and opened the makeup-kit again.

            Sarah closed her eyes while Ashley put some eyeshadow, blush and lipstick. on Sarah.

            I have to admit, Ashley was pretty good. Not as good as Sarah of course. But good.

            “Now let's go.” I said.

            We were walking down the stairs, when Sarah ran up and back down with some necklaces. Hermione refused though Saying it wouldn't look right. So Ashley just stuffed it in her pocket.


             “You ready?” Sarah asked all of us as we stood at the Great hall doors. They had been closed to keep the heat in.

             “I think so.” Hermione said.

             We walked in.


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