Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


13. Chapter 13 Sarah's POV

       Nothing has happened between Harry and I. I repeat NOTHING! Okay maybe he hugged me. But that DOES NOT mean we have something going on. 
       Winter -- or December you pick -- came sooner then later. The week after the Quidit indecent Hagrid sent Harry a note/letter to Harry saying that if he'd like to. To go down to his hut later that day.
       "It's your decision, but if you want I could come with you," I said after he asked us what we should do while we were walking to Transfiguration.
       "Well I think I'm going. You guys?" He asked the rest of us.
       "I'll go!" Jennifer said.
       "Well I think all of us are going!" Ashley said happily.
       "Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who said I'm going?!?!" Ron exclaimed.
       "Me!" Jennifer said.
       "And who said you're in charge?"
       "If you don't come Ron Weasly I'll set Peeves on you!"
       "I'm coming!" Ron said not wanting to know what Peeves was gonna do if was set on him.
       "Look how lucky we are to find the 'Mudbloods' and 'Blood Traitor' together," Someone said behind us.
       "Draco move it before I tell McGonagall!" I said not turning around to see his sneering face.
       "Oh gonna tell teacher are you? What are you teachers pet? 'Cause they already got one 'Mudblood' one here," Draco sneered.
       "Says the boy who was to scared to go in a Wizarding duel. And told the caretaker? Talk about caretaker's pet!"
        We left him standing there.
        Transfiguration was as boring -- well so an so -- as ever then there was charms, DADA, and history of Magic. Then finally we were let out for the day. Us 'gang' went down to Hagrid's Hutt.
         "H'llo kids!" Hagrid said while opening the door. We all walked in. "How yer liking H'gwarts so fer?" 
         "Good Hagrid!" I told him.
         "I don't think you've meet Ashley and Hermione, Hagrid. Have you?" Jennifer asked.
         "No I d'n't th'nk so!"
         "Well meet them now."
         "'Arry wh't h'ppened at the Quidit with y'o broom?" Hagrid asked Harry.
         "I don't kno-" Harry said before Jennifer, Hermione and I cut him off.
         "It was Snape!" Us 'girls' said minus Ashley. 
        "Jennifer, Hermione and I saw him," I said.
         "He was cursing your broomstick," said Jennifer.
         "Muttering, not taking his eyes off you," Hermione says.
         "When did you three talk 'bout that? " Ron inquired.
         "Quidit it game," Hermione replied.
         "Rubbish," said Hagrid. "Why would Snape do somethin' like that?"
         "'Cause he's been limping!" Hermione exclaimed.
         "That explains nothing Hermione!" Ron said sighing.
         "I think he's been trying to get past the three headed dog on the third floor!" I said.
         Hagrid dropped his teapot.
        "Stop," I said looking at the teapot.
         It stopped in midair.
         "Up, sit," I said. The teapot flew up and sat on the table.
         "You didn't loose a teapot," Ashley observed
         "How'd you k'ow 'bout F'uffy?!?!" Hagrid exclaimed.
          "Yeah -- he's mine -- bought him off a Greek chappie I met in the pub las' year -- I lent him to Dumbledore to gaurd the --
         " Yes?" Said Harry eagerly.
        "Now, don't ask me anymore," said Hagrid gruffly. "That's top secret, that is."
        "But Snape's trying to steal  it." Exclaimed Hermione.
        "Rubbish," said Hagrid again. "Snape's a Hogwarts teacher, he'd do nothin' of the sort."
        "Looks and jobs can be deceiving," Jennifer said.
        "I'm telling yeh, yer wrong!" Said Hagrid hotly. "I don't know why 'Arry's broom acted like that, but Snape wouldn' try an' kill a student! Now, listen to me, all six of yeh -- yer meddlin' in things that don' concern yeh. It's dangerous. You forget that dog, an' you forget what it's guardin', that's between Professor Dumbledore an' Nicolas Flamel --"
        "Aha!" Said Harry, "so there's someone called Nicolas Flamel involved, is there?"
        Hagrid looked furious with himself.


I am SO sorry I haven't updated. I've just been busy ALL weekend.  Then there was school, I had to go to my grandparents. yeah i've been having a crazy week.

If you guys want to you can still submit characters and songs. Just go back to chapter 12 for information. Thanks

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