Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


11. Chapter 11 Sarah's POV

          School work and Quidit practice three times a week was easy to do. Just maybe not that easy for Harry. We might've helped him with 5 page essays.

         Halloween came in no time. Jennifer and I smelled baking pumpkin - which smelled delicious - in the corridors. But Jennifer and I couldn't smell it inside our room though. 'Cause for some reason it smelled like chocolate and Carmel. But I'm not complaining!

         In Charms Professor Flitwick announced that they were gonna start making things fly. Harry was partnered with Seamus Finnigan. I was with Jennifer obviously. But Ron was partnered with Hermione. I could not tell which one was angrier.

        When Flitwick told us the spell. I yawned. Jennifer and I already knew the spell. We politely waited till he finished telling us how to use it.

        "Wingardium Leviosa!" Jennifer and I said at the same time. The feather rose.

        "Lincolns and Lakins got it!" Flitwick said.

        “Wingardium Leviosa!" Ron shouted.

        "No! No! No! You're saying wrong!" Hermione exclaimed, "It's Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa, make the 'gar' nice and long."

        "You do it if your so clever," Ron snapped.

        “Fine.” Hermione rolled up her sleeves, Wingardium Leviosa!”

        The feather flew.


        We were walking to our next class. Ron was in a really really bad move.

        “It's no wonder nobody can stand her. She's a living nightmare!” Ron said angrily.

         Somebody pushed by me. It was Hermione. Her face tear stained. She ran off.

        “RON WEASLY!” I yelled at him. It caught a bit of attention even through I wasn't trying to. “SHE HEARD YOU!”

        “Fine, she must've noticed she got no friends,” Ron replied.

        “What is wrong with you!” Jennifer exclaimed. We ran after Hermione.


        We found her in a corner in the old girls bathroom.

        “Hermione?” I said.

        “Are you here to call me a living nightmare too? 'Cause just leave,” She said crying.

        “We aren't Hermione,” I said taking her hands in my hands.

        “Ron is just a jerk,” Jennifer said, “Don't listen to him.”

        “But he was right I am a living nightmare,” She said. She cried into my shoulder. Jennifer and I waited for her to stop crying. Which easily could've been an hour meaning we didn't show up for our last class.

        During that time Parvati Patil came in, but left when she saw Hermione crying. Well it might've also been Jennifer's death glare if she didn't mind her business. Nobody bothered us after that.

        When Hermione stopped crying Jennifer brought her iphone out and put Witch Doctor by The Chipmunks on. Hermione started to giggle when she heard it.

         Jennifer and I started singing in really high voice. Hermione laughed.

        We started to do really crazy dance moves. Hermione laughed even harder.

        When that song finished another Chipmunk song played. It was I Whip My Hair. Which to the Chipmunks was I Whip My Tail.

         Jennifer quickly pulled some yarn out of her bag and we stuffed it in a pocket in the back of our uniform. We turned around and started shaking it just in time.“I Whip my tail back and forth, I whip my tail back and forth.” We sang with Jennifer's phone.

        Hermione was laughing so hard. She grabbed some yarn out of Jennifer's bag and did it with us. When the song finished we were on the floor laughing badly.

       We had just put the tails back in Jennifer's bag. When the Troll came.

       Hermione gave off a really high, petrified scream. She started to shrink and make herself as small as possible. Harry and Ron burst through the door. Hermione fainted.

       "Confuse it!" Harry yelled.

       "Oy, pea-brain!" Ron yelled at the Troll.

       "Hey Dunderhead!" I yelled.

       We were really confusing him.

        Jennifer picked Hermione up. She ran towards the door but the troll got there first. He was about to hit them when Ron yelled "Wingardium Leviosa!" The club flew up and hit the troll in the head. The troll fell to the floor unconscious with a sickening thud!

        The door slammed open and Professor McGonagall, Professor Snape and Professor Quirrells came in. Quirrell took one look at the troll and high face went white.

        "What happened here?" Professor McGonagall said looking at the boys not noticing us girls. In fact all three Professors hadn't noticed us. "Why aren't you in your common room?"

        "They were looking for us Professor," I said calmly.

        McGonagall looked startled seeing us.

        "We had gone to the bathroom. Before we knew 'bout the Troll." The boys looked kinda scared looking at us.

        "What happened to Hermione?" McGonagall asked looking at Hermione.

        "Fainted. Can we go back to our common room?" I asked.

        "Yes." McGonagall said avoiding my eyes for some reason.

        I walked out, Harry, Ron, and Jennifer - still carrying Hermione - followed me out.

        "Sarah?" Harry said.

        "Yep Harry?" I said still walking.

        "Y-you're eyes w-were l-like on fire,"

        "Were they now," I said calmly.

        "Y-yeah," Harry said still stuttering.

        "Question? Are you gonna be the be next Stuttering Quirrell?"


        "Then why you st-st-stuttering so much? "


       We all laughed after Harry turned bright red. Ron took Hermione from Jennifer.

       "Aw... Carrying your princess?" I said.

       Ron went pink. We all laughed. We walked into the common room. Everybody went silent.

       I took Hermione from Ron.

      "Grab some plates and cups would ya?" I asked Ron and Harry.

      "Sure," Ron replied.

      Jennifer and I had begun to bring Hermione up when...

     "What are you four doing?" Percy asked a little angry.

     "Eating in our room," I said looking at Percy. "You got a problem with that?"

     "No not at all," he said quietly.

     "Good. And you two get your butts upstairs!" I said to the boys.

    "On it princess," Harry replied.


     Harry laughed. Jennifer and I brought Hermione to our bedroom. The boys came up a little while later with five cups and plates.

    "So," I started.

    "So?" Ron replied.

    "How did you guys know that we were in the girls bathroom?"

    "I heard Parvati talking 'bout three girls in the old girls restroom. And one of them giving her a death glare," Harry said.

    "Well that was Jennifer," I said.

    Jennifer had been playing on her phone "What?"


   "What the heck!" Jennifer exclaimed suddenly. "Look what happened to be recording the whole time on video."

   "WHAT!" I almost yelled. I grabbed her phone and pressed the play button.

   The video started exactly when Jennifer put Witch Doctor on in the bathroom. Then Jennifer and I doing I Whip My Tail. The boys laughed like crazy. Ron fell on the floor laughing. It woke Hermione out of her faint.

   "Wha-whats going on?" She said.

   "Nothing other then waiting for you to wake up," I said.

   "And a lot of laughing," Harry said motioning to a laughing like an idiot Ron.

   "Ron," I said.

   "Yeah?" He replied finally stopping laughing.

   "Don't you have something to say to Hermione?"

   "Oh um. Hermione I'm sorry I called you a living nightmare. I was just frustrated and angry and kinda took it out on you. Can you forgive me?"

    Hermione thought it over for a moment. "Alright I forgive you."

    Jennifer passed out the plates and cups.

    "So I really don't remember what happened," Hermione said.

    "You fainted," Jennifer said flatly, "I got a video of us doing I Whip My Tail!"

    "Your kidding!" Hermione exclaimed.


    We finished eating a few minutes later.

    Jennifer hopped off her bed, grabbed some yarn and handed it to everyone.

   "Everyone is going to use it," Jennifer said. She put her yarn in a back pocket and stood up. She went a little way away from the beds.

   "Now everybody stand beside me," she said.

   We all got up and stood beside her. She put her Bluetooth speaker on the floor.

   "Put your yarn on the exact way I did."

   We all did. Jennifer reached down and pressed play on her speaker.

   Whip My Tail played.

   I laughed and started whipping my Tail. The others joined in after awhile. Soon we were all cracking up so badly. Jennifer turned off the speaker and we were still laughing. Ron, Harry and I fell on the floor at the same time. It made a huge thud!

   Running on the stairs was heard and the door slammed open.

   "What happened?" A girl said. I think she's the other Prefect also in Percy's year.

   “Laughing!” Hermione exclaimed still laughing.

    The girl looked at us weird, scrunched up her nose, slammed the door and walked down the stairs.

   “Hey Hermione?” Jennifer said.


   “Wanna move in with Sarah and I. The dorm I mean.”

   Hermione thought it over for a few moments. “Sure.”

  “Hey Harry?” I said.

  “What?” He replied.

  “Guess why?”


  “Chicken thigh!”

   We started laughing all over again.



If you want me to read your stories. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment telling me your story. Cause I really want to read the awesome stuff you Guys and Gals books. And if you want to add a character plz don't hesitate. But every once in awhile some parts might need to be edited to fit the story. But still if you want to add a character add as many as you'd like.


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