Two Girls, One Stone

Jennifer Lakins and Sarah Lincolns have known each other since birth. They've done everything together, literally. They get their letters for Hogwarts the same day even. They go to Hogwarts and meet new people. Does anything happen when their there? Well, from what they hear and see a dog is gaurding a trapdoor?


1. Chapter 1 Sarah's POV

           Jennifer has brown hair and blue eyes looking almost exactly like her mother. I have blond hair and blue eyes. My hair usually has coloured hair chalk in it. Well usually. Jennifer and I have the exact same eye colour blue.

         Jennifer and I were walking home one day. We stopped by our mailboxes before going inside our houses. I always had wished that we lived together. I flipped through the mail. I stopped when I saw one addressed to me. I threw the mail down on the dishwasher and raced over to Jennifer's.

          I knocked on the door. The door opened and I was ran into by Jennifer.

          "You got mail as well?" I asked.

          "Yep," she replied.

          We raced to her room, flopping on the bed panting. We laughed after she raised her arm in victory.

          "Who sent you a letter?" Jennifer asked.

          "There is no name saying who sent it." I told Jennifer.

          Jennifer looked at hers. "Same as mine," She said.

          We looked at each other with nervous looks. We slowly opened them. This is what mine said.



Headmaster: Albus Dumbledore

           Dear Ms. Lincolns

           We are pleased to inform you accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

            Term begins on September 1. We await your owl by no later than August 31.

            Yours sincerely,

            Minevra McGongall,

            Deputy Headmistress

            We stared at each other in awe.

            We're Witches." We said at the exact same moment.

            I took the other piece of paper in the envelope. It was a list of everything we would need.



            First-year students will require:

           1. Three sets of plain work robes

           2. One plain pointed hat

           3. One pair of protective gloves

           4. One winter coat

           Please note that all pupils' clothes should carry name tags.


           COURSE BOOKS

           All students should have a copy of each of the following

          The Standard Book of Spells (Grade 1)

          A History of Magic

          Magical Theory

          A beginners' Guide to Transfiguration

         One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi

         Magical Drafts and Potions

         Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

         The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection



        1 wand

        1 cauldron

        1 set glass or crystal phials

        1 telescope

        1 set brass scales

    Students may also bring an Owl OR a cat OR a toad


        There was yet a third note showing you how to get all the stuff and a bank key vault.

        We looked at each other, hopped off the bed and started jumping up and down squealing. Jennifer's mother finally came to find out  why we were making so much noise. Jennifer and I showed her our letters. She was very happy for us.

        "Sarah," Jennifer said while handing me her phone, "Call your Mum to ask if you could spend the night."

        "It's fine she'll know where I am," I told Jennifer, but I still dialled her.

        "Hey Mum?" I said.

       "Yes Sarah."

       "It looks like Jennifer and I aren't going to StoneWall this year."

       "Why is that Sarah?"

       "This school called Hogwarts enrolled us. And I was wondering if I could go with Jennifer tomorrow to get our school supplies."

      "Fine with me dear."

      "Thanks Mum! See Ya!"

      "Bye dear."

      I hung up and smiled at Jennifer. "We're going tomorrow."

      "Yes!" Jennifer said pumping her fist in the air.

       We changed into PJ's. We talked till like midnight until finally falling asleep.

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