The Kiss that Opened my Door

"Jeremy. . . No. . . St-. . . Stop!" I burst into tears, as Jeremy slid his soft big hands across my body while bitting my chest. "I-. . . It hurts. . . Stop."
"It sounds like you are enjoying it. And your body is responding so well. . . Look how your brief are slowly rising." His low-pitched voice mumbled in my ear, making me quiver.
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2. Fantasizing

"Jeremy. . . No. . . St-. . . Stop!" I burst into tears, as Jeremy slid his soft big hands across my body while bitting my chest. "I-. . . It hurts. . . Stop."

"It sounds like you are enjoying it. And your body is responding so well. . . Look how your brief are slowly rising." His low-pitched voice mumbled in my ear, making me quiver.

I quickly grabbed a pillow near me, biting it so I wouldn't be so loud. "My family is here." I mumbled into the pillow. I tried to look at the door to make sure it was lock, but Jeremy pulled my hair, letting my voice out into the room. "Look only at me." He said in such a tone that felt like he was in all control. "And you don't want your parents to hear you, so don't make loud noises or they will come knocking on the door."

He yanked my briefs off, making me bare and almost making me turn over. He notices, and stopped me right before my back touched the bed, putting me into a doggy position. I felt something rub against the back of me. It was warm and hard to the touch. It kept rubbing against me, making me want it inside me. I wanted him to thrust inside of me, I want him to be in control and make me feel good. Then he started to shake me, over and over again saying, 'Wake up Zachary!' I got confused and asked 'What?' But he didn't respond and kept shaking me until I saw my mother. She was the one who was shaking me the whole time.

"Zachary. Thank goodness you're awake. You were moaning loudly and you are sweating. You want a glass of water?"

"Uh. . ." I gulped air. "Yes please."

"I'll be right back."

I heard mom walking in the hallway talking to dad, was I moaning that loudly? And what kinda dream did I just have?! I felt something wet on my leg and looked down. Semen, goddammit! Why did I dream that? And why was I doing all of that?! I'm so confused, I don't want to go to school tomorrow. Now I really can't face Jeremy. I felt my forehead and my throat, I am sweating like crazy. Of course I am going to sweat like this! That was a freaking nightmare.

My mom came into my room minutes later with a glass of water and a cloth. I thanked her as she handed them to me.

"Are you okay Zachary? Do you want me to stay here for a little while until you fall back to sleep? You know, just incase something happens." The look on her face showed that she was really concerned.

"No thank you mom. It was just a nightmare. I'll be okay." I assured her.

"Well okay. If you need something just come to my room and ask alright?"

"Alright. Goodnight."

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

The next morning, my mom came into my room to check on me.

"Mom I don't want to do to school today." I told her.

"Okay you can stay home, I'll call the school. Hopefully they won't flunk you. And go in the bath. You were sweating last night." She said to me, kissing me on my forehead.

I ran the tub water, making sure it wasn't too hot. While it was filling up someone knocked on the bathroom door.

"Yes." I called out.

"It's me Malena. I just wanted to tell you I was leaving early, so I can beat traffic." She said from the other side of the door.

"Okay, be safe."

"You too. And you tell Jeremy I said to wrap that sausage of his when he is doing my little brother."


"What? You put yourself into that situation not me."

"Go! Bye!"

I got in the tub and lowered by body until you could only see my head. The water made me feel cleaner and the close space made me feel like I was in my own world. I really do like Jeremy. I only hang out with him, I only talk about things to him, and I keep doing nasty things by thinking of him. In my dream he was so forceful and demanding, that I got scared. But his deep, raspy voice I'm my ear made it all soothing. And he didn't even touch me and my dick came up. Thank goodness I don't have to see him to day. Because I don't know if I could handle it. And I know he is straight, so that is really depressing for me. I don't want to be near him if I know I can't have him. I never had sex before, especially not in the ass. But I really want it, and it is tingling down there.

I placed a finger, and went in a circle on the outside of my ass. Deciding rather or not to bring myself to stick my finger in. I slowly inserted one finger, making me quince up at the feeling. I left it there not moving, just feeling it inside me was enough to make me hot inside. I slid my finger, felling the warm, soft, and smoothness of my insides. I let out heavy breathing in place of moaning. Afraid that someone could hear from the other side of the door. I wanted to feel more.

I covered my mouth as I tried to stick one more in there. I felt a burning sensation, but that didn't stop me. I closed my eyes imagining Jeremy fucking me. Him sliding his hands up and down my thighs. His warm tongue coming into my mouth.

My hips began to move. Letting the water go in tiny little waves. I kept in motion of the waves, making it more sensational. I sucked two fingers with my mouth, imagining it was a dick. My tongue circling around my fingers.

I removed my hands from my mouth and grasped my growing cock. I played with it, rubbing the tip. I let out a faint cry that only I could hear.

I pulled my fingers out and I got out of the tub and at on the rim of it. Still going in a steady hand motion on my penis.

I bit the side of my lips as I came, letting semen go into the water.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

When I am sick I cling like a sloth to a tree. Still and trying to hold on to dear life. So that's what I did for the day. Being all clingy to mom. But she didn't mind at all. She loves when I am sick because it's the only time when I want to be by her. But dad hates it because I am in his room most of the time. And probably ruining their sex life. But this is what you get for having children. They ruin your sex life.

I was in her room, laying in moms lap watching her gossip shows when the door bell ranged. My mom looked at dad but he didn't budge. So she got up while I followed her, holding onto her arm. She opened and Jeremy was there.

"Oh Jeremy! You finally arrived. I was uncertain that you were going to come over." Mom said to him. I looked at her stunned. I don't want to see him right now.

"Of course I was coming. I just got stuck at practice. Next week is my game, can Zachary come?" Jeremy's mom and my mom participate in most of all the Girl Scouts activities. Even though my sister and Jeremy sister is in college, and out of Girl Scouts.

"Of course he can. Just tell me what time you two are coming home."

"We will. Thanks."

My mom released my grip off her arm.

"You are tired of being with me?" I let out a small cry. "I didn't mean to bother you."

"No. . . No, it's not like that." She assured me. "I thought you wanted to see Jeremy that's all. You are best friends after all."

I let out a deep breath and started to walk to my room. Letting Jeremy follow behind me. Once he came into my room I shut the door. He took the remote from my dresser and plopped himself down on my bed. This is an wide open opportunity to be slick. I sat beside him and slightly wrapped my arms around his wast and laid my head in his lap. He looked at me confused. I began to open my mouth but my mom walked in with snacks and drinks.

"He's a clinger when he is sick." Mom told him. "For as long as you two been friends, Jeremy you were the one who was sick the most." Mom looked at me. "Zachary if he doesn't want you to cling on him let go." She gave us our snacks and drinks and closed the door behind her.

"It's okay. Your sick so don't worry." Jeremy said to me in a sweet voice that made me so calm.

He began to rub my back, and I can feel my thing starting to rise. I closed my eyes imagining him doing more stuff to me. I moved my hand to his leg, and tightening my grip. The television muted my tiny moans, but my shivering wasn't covered up.

"Are you cold?" Jeremy asked in concern.

"No." I told him. I didn't want him to try and move me. Then he would see my erection and get scared away. "I just want to fall asleep right here."

"But you are shivering. Let me just put the cover on you and I will leave."

"No don't leave me." I said in desperation. "Stay please."

"Alright, but get in your bed. I'll get in there with you, you baby." He said laughing.

I laughed as well but because I was nervous. I put my erect penis between my legs, as I crawled into my bed. He came in with me, his leg brushing mine. I turned away from him and dug my face in my cover.

"I am going to go to my house and pack some stuff so I can stay here okay? I'll be right back."

I hurried and grabbed his arm. I don't know if I took it to far, but I am going to take my chances.

"Alright, I will call my mom. But I don't think she will be happy." He said looking at me. He got back in the bed.

"You smell." I regretted my words the moment I said it."

"Because like I said I had practice. But when I call and get my stuff then I will take a shower."

"You can use my pajamas. You know because I am asking to much all ready."

"Okay. But I think it will be tight on me, and I don't have any underwear so I will have to wait."

I was kinda happy. I mean he will be beside my longer. But I love his smell when he is clean. And I have a boner right now. If he sees I'm done. But if I can do it quietly then I will get away with it. Or. . . I can go take a shower. Yea, that is now my place to relieve myself.

"Well I am going to go ahead and head in the shower myself." I told him. As I got up and grabbed my stuff out of my draws.

"Okay, I'll be right here when you get back. And probably your chips will be gone when you get back." He said laughing.

I ran to the bathroom, hoping he didn't see my pants. I hurried and yanked my clothes off and relieved myself. I turned my shower on. And while I waited for the water to turn up, I looked in the mirror. I look desperate. And my face is all flustered, hopefully my face wasn't like this when I was in my room.

I tested the shower and got in. I hurried and washed my chest, I didn't want my stuff all over the floor. And after, just stood in the shower thinking of what to do. Jeremy's in my room. We usually sleep in the bed together, not wanting to sleep on the floor. He was okay when I laid in his lap, so is it okay to snuggle with him? Yes, but how? The whole time I was in the shower I was thinking of ways, and the scenarios. I dried off and started to put my clothes on. But my shirt felt sticky. I looked at it, I goddammit, I wiped myself with it. I wasn't paying attention, I thought it was a cloth. Well I'm a boy, I can walk out without a shirt. But I'm pale! I don't want him to see now. Before I didn't care. But now!

I took a dry towel and wrapped it around my chest. I walked back to my room, seeing Jeremy getting things out of a bag.

"Alright, I'm going now. Hope you didn't use up all the hot water." Jeremy said to me. "And why is there a towel over you? were both men."

He snatched it off me. I hurried the get the towel back. But he's stronger than me.

"Dude what's the matter? I've seen your chest before." He told me. "You need to get out of the house and into the sun. Dude you are paler than before."

He walked out of my room still holding the towel I was wearing. I quickly put a shirt on. But I had this shirt since the seventh grade. I haven't had a growth spurt since then. I was the tallest person in my grade to. Taller that Jeremy. But he grew most when he hit high school. And I was so obsessed with little Kawaii girl animes when I was in seventh grade. And my mom didn't understand that I liked the adorable girls, she thought I liked cute things in general. So she bought me a whole pajama set full with sushi as the decoration. and that's the last shirt in my draw to. Fuck my life. I will look like a complete wuss.

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

It's four-fifteen in the morning, and I woke up. My body intwine with his. 
His hands on my ass. My eyes wide, I panicked and tried to move. But I couldn't because I didn't want to. He was feeling me up. I loved it and his rubbed mine. 
Every time he let out a breath, it blew into my hair. Stimulating it more. His whole body touched mine, his breathing heating me up. I slowly grind my body up against his, trying not to wake him up. 
I felt his breathing speed up as I went along. I wanted to feel his and I had the best opportunity.
I slid my hands down his shorts. It's really big. I kept feeling him, an it began to get bigger. His breathing became little moans, and mine also. 
I wanted to taste it so bad but his grip on my body was so tight since I was touching him. I released my other hand from his grasped. And started touching my ass, while still holding on to him. I inserted a finger, my heart started to race really fast at the feeling. My mouth was wide open but no sound came out.

I tightened, my jaw so I wouldn't make any loud sounds. I released my hand from his growing cock and held on to his broad shoulders. Slowly I began to grind on him again. Looking at his face, making sure he doesn't wake up. He came in his shorts, and let out a hot sound with it. That sound made me shiver and came. His heavy breathing, made me want to do it again. I touched his cum, wanting to taste it. But I stopped myself, because I am going to far.

His grip on my body was loose, and I hurried mine back inside my shorts. I laid my head on his chest and started to drift to sleep, but he started to move. I felt his hand going in between us. He gasped. I panicked. I faked being asleep, hoping he would think I was asleep. I felt his body get off the bed and open the door. I got up after I heard the door shut.

I grabbed the closest thing to me and wiped myself. I felt his. I felt wonderful. He felt good. It's a win win. I was so happy that tears started to roll down my cheeks. I heard the door opened and I quickly wiped my tears away. He looked at me, his eyes wide.

"Did I wake you up?" He asked me. His voice sounding sympathetic. "I'm sorry that I did."

"You left me." I quickly responded.

"Dude I had to use the bathroom. Do you want me to use your bed as a bathroom?"

"Of course not. But tell me that you are going. I feel lonely."

"You act like a girl when you are sick. So needy." He started to laugh. He walked to the bed, and patted my head.

"I do this type of stuff. I can't help it."

"If only you did this in school. Then the girls will be thinking you are cute and be around you."

"The girls at our school are stupid."

"Well. Gotta do what you gotta do."

He got in the bed, and instead of wrapping me up with him, he turned the other way. I was sad for a moment. And then I thought that he might be embarrassed.

I pressed my body against his back and finally drifted to sleep.

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