Lili's Character Creations

have you ever wanted to be in a fanfic?
well here you can!
read on to live in a fan fiction!!!!


1. what this is

okay, this is a long story. I felt like I wasn't including my fans, and I'm running out of character ideas, so I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. (Not literally) you are able to be in a fan fiction and act like your in the story:  you can comment a description about yourself, and what you like. And your favorite member. A la like : Name: Lianna (or Lili) Age: 14 Fav member: Luke. Likes: Phan, P!atd, Fob, Tøp, 5sos, dogs, doge, music, memes, shrek, pepes, surfing, YouTube, hot topic and mcr. Dislikes: haters, iggy azalea, minions, Nash Grier, Jacob sabitatious (I don't know his name) and human contact. (I'm sorry if you like any of those things, I'm just kidding😂) so it's that simple. See you guys on the flip side💚 love ya, lili✨

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