Bullied By Michael Clifford to dated by michael clifford?(sorry read the blurb)

Kaylee's P.O.V

It was the first night without my parents i hate being 18! Don't ask why I'm still in 12th grade i got held back because i was getting bullied by Luke Hemming's and it interfered with my schooling but i am happy that he isn't at this school anymore. I was walking to class and thats when it turned into the devils home MICHAEL CLIFFORD!! i said shouting in anger he was Luke's best mate and i forgot about him! I hate my life!

Michaels POV
I was walking to class and there i saw her Kaylee that was lukes bully doll when he came here and now shes mine. She yelled my name when i pushed her against her locker. Is it wrong that i kinda like her? yea it is

Alyssa's POV
I saw what Michael did to Kaylee and i started to tear up because she is my best friend.

•Day Two•

Michaels POV
I walked up to Kaylee she was looking in her locker mirror doing her eyeliner i think i startled her a bit she tried to run but i pulled her to the bathroom she asked why i was doing this but i didnt answer i just kissed her neck and she let out a soft moan thats what i was hoping for.

Kaylees POV
I thought i was being kidnapped but it was much better i was being kissed on the neck by my crush/enemy/bully i asked why he was doing this but he just continued i let out a soft moan and his hands moved down to my hips and thats when it happened i was doing it with my bully i was scared at first we moaned REALLY loudly and thats when Alyssa came in and we shut up and climbed on the toilet seat so she wouldn't see our feet well mostly his because for crying out loud we were in the girls bathroom but somehow she knew it was us and climed under the stall at that moment Alyssa asked can i jo-- what about ashton i asked he wont know she answered no sorry i said but after school we are doing it at Kaylees place michael said.

Authors Note
This is my first movella please follow me on twitter
and then dm me saying you read my movella thing and i will choose someone to help me write this thx Love Ya!! Sorry it sucks!! ��������

Lukes POV
I texted Michael to meet me at my house after school but he's not here yet. I looked down the apartment to see if he was coming to my house he wasn't but he was here with a girl wait i know who that girl is its KAYLEE but he doesn't live here wait she does yay next to me why tho? i was trying to sleep when i found out why Michael was at kaylees house oh i could hear why they were screaming each others names and they were moaning really loud how could he.

Kaylees POV
Michael came to my house and i know Luke lives next to me but he thinks i don't know that and that is why Michael came to my house we were playing a prank on Luke making it sound like we are doing it. I think it worked. Mikey said

Luke's POV
I hate him i am going over there right now and showing them who is boss. I arrived at Kaylees house and thats when i knocked on the door but it was open so i let myself in and guess what they were just sitting there making sounds. Were they pranking me.

Sorry guys i am leaving so i cant update yet but i will still pick someone to help write when I'm gone

Alyssas POV
I woke up and i felt a little sick i think it was because i swallowed so much of Luke's famous smoothie last night i feel kinda bad for Kaylee because she use to get bullied by him but she wont know

Sorry short update

XOXO KAYLEE������������


Alyssa's POV
I am so drunk so is Kaylee but we gotta get home

•Gets in car•

Kaylees POV
We are so drunk and i am in Alyssa's car and i hope my bae mic-- CRASH

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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