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what class do you have today?" she said," I have math how about you?" "English class ugh." I say. meg giggles and walks off to her class. soon some boy with dirty blonde hair comes to my locker and says," het their hottie." I roll my eyes and walked away from him, I walked into my English class and sit in the way back. I soon see that same kid that was at my locker, just my luck he comes and sit by me. I groan and say dude what's your probably why wont you leave me alone already?" "whoa their Bianca I'm sorry for my bad boy act back at your locker, if you really get to know me I'm a really sweet guy." I say," bad boy act you say?" he nodded his head as if saying yes, I just smiled and continued to pay attention to Mrs. smith.


8. chapter 6

I wake up before Megan and start  to get ready, for the last school day before summer. I go into the bathroom and put on my outfit, when I was done I seen Megan all dressed and ready for school. we grabbed our bags and walked downstairs to find max eating some cereal I say, "see ya after school." he smiled and we walked out of the house, we were walking when we seen matt and his friends walking I say," meg lets see if they wanna walk with us." she nods her head and she says, "hey matt do you guys wanna walk with us?" matt smiles and says," sure." they make their way over to us and matt says," hey Bianca you kind of look just like jack Johnson."  Johnson said, "if this is my twin sister I think my mom would have told me, by now." me and Megan  giggled at how jack said it. matt called jacks mom here's how the convo went.

convo m-matt  j- Mrs.Johnsons

m- hello Mrs. Johnson by any chance does jack have a sister that looks like him?

J- I believe  so hold give me a minute.


J- okay its says here that I had a daughter named Bianca I just had to put her in foster care until I had enough money for all my kids.

M- oh well I have Bianca here right now with me, wanna speak to her?

J- oh yes please

B- hello...
J- hi honey its your mom
B- omg hi mom

J-I miss you so much you know that your brother is jack Johnson right
B- no way well we made it to school now I will call you later.

end of convo

me and jack stood their next to each other I say, "we don't look nothing like each other." matt says," nah you both have the same eyes and you both wear glasses so yeah your twins." I say," no we do not." "B you both look alike just face it." meg says to me, I give her that "your not helping." face. she just sit their and laughs I roll my eyes and walked to my locker.

in math class
I male it to math class and I see that matts in the same class as me, I don't know why but every time I'm with matt I get all bubbly inside. I soon get a text from him it says.

M- meet me by the tree at lunch time.
B- okay ill be their. :)
end of convo

I look at him and he's smiling at me, I smiled back  and payed attention back to what the teacher was teaching.

before lunch
I was walking outside to the tree matt was talking about and I see a picnic set up for two people, I soon see mat come from behind a tree with a red rose in his hands. I put my hand over my mouth and ran to where he was, I say," matt is this supposed to be a date?" he nodded his head yes. I say," well this is amazing." he smiles and hands me the red rose, we sit on the blanket  and he asked," Bianca I wanna know your story." I say," well I don't have much of story, but here we go when I was about five I was sent to a foster home. around like seven I was adopted by the family I lived with before I moved in with Megan, they used to beat me make me live in the basement and even called me horrible names. it was terrible living their, so when I came to this school I met you and the guys and we all became bestfriends."  matt smiled and played with my hair,  matt soon started to lean in and soon the bell rung I say," we have to start getting ready to get back to class and with that I left.......

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