magcon who

what class do you have today?" she said," I have math how about you?" "English class ugh." I say. meg giggles and walks off to her class. soon some boy with dirty blonde hair comes to my locker and says," het their hottie." I roll my eyes and walked away from him, I walked into my English class and sit in the way back. I soon see that same kid that was at my locker, just my luck he comes and sit by me. I groan and say dude what's your probably why wont you leave me alone already?" "whoa their Bianca I'm sorry for my bad boy act back at your locker, if you really get to know me I'm a really sweet guy." I say," bad boy act you say?" he nodded his head as if saying yes, I just smiled and continued to pay attention to Mrs. smith.


4. chapter 2

Me and meg walked down to the lunch room and I see that Matthew kid again, I say," meg that's the boy who tried to make a move in me. By making a "bad boy" impression."  She says," oh damn well if you get to know him he's a really nice guy." I rolled my eyes and went to go get my tray, soon Megan gets her tray and we went to go sit at a table. Soon Matthew comes over and says," hey Megan and bianca wanna come join me and my friends for a get together at my house?" " of course we would." Megan said without asking me if I wanted to go, I glare at her and she just ignores it. I say,"meg you know that my parents won't let me go to a guys house." Megan just shrugs her shoulders and said," so what their not your real parents are they?" "No their not my real parents. I say with a firm voice. Soon Matt walks away to go back to his table, megan turns and faces me. she said,"trust me your going to have fun!" i smiled and laughed at the face she made.

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