Enjoy it, Before it goes

The worling world of darkness should never be feared, but excepted.


1. The Big Bad Wolf

The world is always dark,

The days go on and on,

And the hopelessness of waiting for you,

Tracks on.

What happened to all the letters,

The thoughtful notes we used to send,

The words that made my life less lonely,

The memory of what we had.

It kills me to say I miss you,

To know that what we had was real,

Every moment we ever shared,

was all for nothing.

So goodbye,

Good night!

You won't see me tomorrow,

When realize how wrong you were,

It will be too late,

I'll be long gone by then.

You could say I'm moving on,

I'm letting it all go,

But I'm not,

You destroyed our perfect life,

And when the little people around you,

hear a Big Bang,

they do what little people do,


So let them all run away,

Be the big bad wolf too good for anyone,

And when your all alone,

And the darkness starts to creep in,

Remember me and the letters we used to send,

Regret if you made me stay,

you wouldn't be this way.

The clock is ticking down on this parade,

And I will sit back and watch it pour,

As our lovely letters wash away.

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