Of Smoke and Mirrors

This is a short story that is about 18 pages. It's centered around the dream the main character Abby, a teenage girl, has been having lately. The dream is loosely based off of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


5. Mr. Lies


Chapter 5: Mr. Lies


It wasn’t long before we ran into a middle-aged man with a clean-cut greying hair wearing a navy suit standing in front of his nice clean white house. He was standing outside, in the front where there was a nice small garden. There were rows of thick green bushes, which were perfectly trimmed and covered in bright red roses. The grass was thick, lush and vividly green. There was a small apple tree, and all of the bright red apples looked so ripe and delicious. There was also a bright pink flamingo on the front lawn, with a row of flowers behind a miniature white picket fence.


 He was weaving a silver cord onto a birdbath. There was a small patio beside him and the birdbath. I walked closer and saw that there was a small statuette of an angel perched on the birdbath. Water was streaming down its face, which made it look like it was crying. He was softly singing an old fashioned upbeat song to himself. I couldn’t help but think that the song was a little bit disturbing.


“Don’t you try

Don’t sell me those sweet lies

Or I will cry

From my blue eyes

You know that I

I would advise

Run or you’ll agonize

Teeth so bright

how they shine

Seems oh so civilized

Nice and kind

then he emphasizes

says its the truth but it’s a guise

It’s a device  

That I recognize

Honesty will advertise

Lead you to your demise

Voice as gentle as lullabies

Sell you those sweet, sweet lies!”


Once he was done, he turned around and greeted us with a chipper “Ah! Visitors!” He put down his cord, which he made it into a noose around the angel’s neck. He shook off his suit and straightened up his tie. “Sorry, I didn’t see you there.” He smiled warmly, but for some reason that made him look even more dishonest. His face, for some reason, reminds me of the Cheshire cat.


“Excuse us,” Adam politely spoke. “We didn’t mean to bother you.”


The man waved his hand and shook his head. “Think nothing of it! I love meeting new people.” He shook our hands in an exuberant way. “I’m Mr. Lies, and welcome to my patio of dreams! Pleased to meet you two!”


Interesting name, I noted. I looked around and everything seemed so artificially perfect and pristine. Upon closer inspection, none of it seemed real. It all looked like it was too good to be true. I thought maybe the rose bushes were actually fake but I couldn’t be sure. I smiled politely in return. “You too…”


“I’m Adam, this is my sister Abby,” he introduced us.


Mr. Lies seemed nice enough so I decided to ask him, “Do you know where we can find the Mad Baroness?”


His smile faltered for a second, but then it was plastered back on his face and brighter than ever. “The Mad Baroness? Why, I think she resides in the forest.”


“Thanks-,” Adam started but the man interrupted him.


“But take care, would you? She isn’t exactly the most reputable sort.”


I raised one of my eyebrows. “What do you mean?”


Mr. Lies shrugged and merely said, “Never mind, it’s not my place to talk badly of others.” He briskly changed the subject, “Say, why don’t you two join me for a glass of nice cold iced tea? We can eat apples!” He held out two red apples in invitation.


I realized the apples were too shiny to be real, which meant they were made of wax. I didn’t feel comfortable spending a longer time with this man, so I just politely turned him down. “No thank you, we really should be going.”


“Aw, I understand!” Mr. Lies grinned that creepy smile at us again. “It was very nice meeting you. Thanks for stopping by my patio of dreams! Take care!”


“Bye,” Adam and I said in union. We waved back to him as we left Mr. Lies and his patio. 


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