Of Smoke and Mirrors

This is a short story that is about 18 pages. It's centered around the dream the main character Abby, a teenage girl, has been having lately. The dream is loosely based off of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


2. Dr. Feel-Good


Chapter 2: Dr. Feel-Good


 I ventured into the thick smoke and eventually came upon a walrus wearing glasses sprawled out on a lounge chair, smoking from a hookah.


The walrus’s gaze caught me and it turned towards me and it raised an eyebrow. I cleared my throat, “Excuse me, have you seen my brother Adam?”


It cocked its head to the side. “Adam? No, I haven’t seen an Adam.”


Dejected, I sighed. “Great, thanks.”


The walrus leaned forwards and its glasses slid down its nose. “Hold on, I’m a doctor. My name’s Dr. Feel-Good.”




“Hold on,” Dr. Feilgüd chuckled, his eyes slightly wrinkling. “You saw me in your dream?”


Abby shrugged. “Yeah I guess. I don’t know why but…”


He gave a good-natured half smile and briefly laughed. “That’s kind of funny, but I didn’t mean to interrupt you.” He stroked his bushy mustache and beard, “Alright, please continue.”


She nodded and cleared her throat.




He put down his hookah at this point. Dr. Feel-Good asked me, “You seemed disoriented, are you alright?”


I did feel kind of confused and my head felt sorta heavy. “Well, I do feel a little weird. I don’t know what’s going on. I don’t even know where I am!”


He nodded in an understanding way. “Hold on, I have something for that.” He reached into his big black bag and pulled out a mushroom. “Here, this will help you feel better.” The mushroom was about the size of my middle finger. The stem was dark navy blue while the cap was white, and it had red and light purple dots all over it. There were some red lines marked on the mushroom as well. It didn’t look like any mushroom I’ve ever seen before.


A mushroom? Really? That’s odd, I thought. But I’ve always trusted doctors and this walrus seemed kinda trustworthy. I shrugged and ate the strange mushroom he gave me. Almost immediately I started to see more vivid colors and the lights were brighter, even though they made my head feel even foggier in a way.


 I looked around and I could see more objects taking shape, appearing out of the fog. There were grass, trees, and animals. It started to look less like a desolate wasteland and more like a real place even though in the back of my mind I noticed things that were impossible. As the mushroom took effect I saw more and more impossible things. I even saw flowers dancing, as if they had feet. I snorted. Ridiculous, flowers don’t have feet, or even legs. Everything around me seemed to bloom in color and life, and I started to feel happier and lighter somehow.


 Seemingly satisfied, he picked up his hookah again and went back to smoking it. I thanked Dr. Feel-Good and went on my way.


I didn’t go looking for long before I finally found Adam. His brown eyes twinkled in delight as he saw me. He ran over to me and hugged me in relief. “You’re here! I can’t believe it,” he grinned with delight.


“Adam!” I squeezed him back. We pulled away and I had so many questions, “What are you doing here? What am I doing here? Where the hell is this place? How do we get out of here?”


He shook his head. “I don’t know, I don’t know anything. But … I do know that we have to find the Baroness if we want to go home.”


The Baroness? Well, alright, if that’ll help. “Where is she?”


Adam shook his head. “Dunno, let’s look around and see. Maybe we can ask for directions,” he suggested. So the two of us set forth in this strange land to look for the Baroness. 


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