Of Smoke and Mirrors

This is a short story that is about 18 pages. It's centered around the dream the main character Abby, a teenage girl, has been having lately. The dream is loosely based off of The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland.


1. Ch 1: Who Are You?

Chapter 1: Who Are You?


“So tell me about this dream you said you’ve been having lately,” Dr. Feilgüd leaned back and absentmindedly gnawed on the end of his pen.


“Y-yeah, right, so like I said it’s been the exact same dream for a while now. It’s always the same thing and then I wake up with no idea what the hell it means,” Abby crossed and uncrossed her legs on the couch across her psychologist.


He nodded and made a “go on” gesture with his hand. “Mhm, why don’t you start at the beginning...” He sat attentively, staring at her from the top of his glasses with his head resting on his other hand that was holding his pen.


She was starting to feel her head becoming fuzzy. Looks like the medicine she took earlier was finally kicking in. Abby nibbled at her bottom lip for a bit, thinking. “Well, it always starts when I’m standing in front of a big mirror. It’s a big old mirror, like the ones you find in a Victorian house or in a museum. Like, I’m staring at it and then it shimmers. Like there’s something cloudy or murky behind it...”




It looks like the glass is made out of water, it shimmers very slightly. The mirror looks so fascinating like it’s luring me in… It’s pretty weird so I gotta touch it, right? And as soon as my hand touches the glass, it disappears into the other side. There’s no way that should happen, so I pull my hand away. But then I want to try again. And this time I put my entire hand in, then my elbow, and finally the rest of me go through the mirror.


It happens so fast and then I’m on the other side. I look around and the whole place is surrounded by this kind of fog. It’s a little smoky and its really soft, but other than that it doesn’t get in my way or anything.


I’m curious at this point, so I walk around and explore the place. The fog is spread throughout as far as I can see. I see an old-fashioned lamppost and I walk up to it. It looks pretty but then it starts to move and it turns towards me.


The lamppost stands tall and boldly demands, “Who are you?”


For a second I don’t do anything because wow what, this lamppost just talked to me! The lamppost raises an eyebrow impatiently and I answer, “I’m Abby…”


The lamppost crosses its arms. “Abby who? What is your last name?


“My last name? Why?”


Their eyebrows rise indignantly. “What’s to make you any different from all the other Abbys in the world?” The lamppost huffed and rolls its light bulb eyes. “Your last name is the pride of your heritage. They tell others who you are and where you come from.”  


My eyes roll. “It’s Lydall. Abby Lydall.”


Satisfied, the lamppost leaned away and pursed its lip in contemplation. “Lydall, huh? I recently saw another Lydall around here. An… Adam Lydall, I think.”


I pause, “Wait what?” Did I hear that right? “Adam? Adam Lydall? That’s my brother!”


The lamppost gave a half smile in amusement. “Indeed? I saw this Adam Lydall a ways back, maybe you’ll be able to catch up to him if you go now.”


I thanked the lamppost and walked away quickly. I couldn’t believe it, Adam was here! I had to find him.


I explored the place and saw a pond. When I got closer, I saw a pair of giant frogs smiling. They surrounded a lily pad and on top of it was a small bed made out of basket weave. The frogs were tucking in a baby and putting it to sleep.


How strange, I mused. Of all things, frogs putting a baby to sleep!


One of them saw me and held its finger up to its mouth. “Shh, the baby is sleeping!”


I mumbled an apology but then I walked closer and saw that the baby wasn’t moving at all. In fact, as I examined it, the baby turned out to be a doll. The frogs didn’t seem to notice as they gently rocked the lily pad back and forth. I didn’t know what to say so I just quickly left the pond.



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