Creepypasta Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios



1. Meeting

Jeff The Killer(REDONE)~
You yawned and got out of bed,It was around 4;30 in the morning and you were getting thirsty,You believed in Creepypasta because you kept seeing some.You WERE tired but you couldn't sleep due to you being an insomniac,The only times you did get sleep was actually pretty rare.
You rubbed your eyes a bit and got a glass of warm water,You drunk the water and coughed a bit,You also had to put sleeping pills in it because that somewhat helped you sleep,I DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR LIFE!!
"God where are my parents?This house is creepy when I'm alone..."You whisper and heard a window break,That caused you to drop your glass cup which shattered on the ground a some pieces of the glass cut your foot,It burned but you still ran to the living room to get the baseball bat.
"Hello?!OKAY IF ITS A DAMN PASTA GET THE HELL OUT YOUR DRIVING ME INSANE!!"You scream but all you heard was a laugh.
"O-Oh my god!Haha!I am sooo sorry!!Haha!!I-I can't take you serious Y/n!"You hear and you dropped the bat,"GOD DAMN IT IRIS!!"You yell as I laughed at you.
"I'm sorry!I just had to!"I said as I gained my breath.
You glare at me and huffed about the put the bat down,Until we both hear three words,"GO.TO.SLEEP!!!"I scream of course and ran out your house,"HELL NO AM I DEALING WITH A HOUSE LIKE THAT!!HE-HEEELLLL NAW!!".
You gawked a bit as I ran out the house,"REALLY?!"When you said that,The other person in the house took that as an advantage and put the knife to your neck.
You actually just stood there and waited,Feeling the blood trickle down your neck,"Are you even gonna fight back?"The killer said and you shook your head no,"Why should I?I would FINALLY be able to sleep."You state simply and he groaned pushing you away,"Its no use..".
The moon was shining through the cracked window when I slammed the door.
You knew who was trying to kill you due to the whole 'Go to sleep' mess,"Now...Jeff The Killer,I assume,If you wouldn't mind,LEAVE MY DAMN HOUSE SO I CAN TRY TO SLEEP FOR REAL!!"You scream and Jeff only scoffed saying,"Oh fine,But I will be back Y/n."With that said,He jumped out the window.

BEN Drowned:
You were at a slumber party with a couple of friends an you were playing truth or dare. You decided to be risk taker an picked dare an they told you to go on Cleverbot an ask for BEN Drowned. You didn't understand why they would want you to do this but you didn't object. Instead you grabbed your phone an went on Cleverbot asking for BEN Drowned. At first the responses were normal but then they started to get weird. The more you asked the more angry Cleverbot seemed to get. It was yelling at you to stop an that you would be next. Suddenly your phone shut off completely and you had to restart it. Instead of staying you went home because of how terrified you were. When you got home you went on your computer an started to play solitaire. Half way through a window opened up to Cleverbot an you slammed your computer shut. You panted from the shock an closed your eyes thinking 'Alright maybe I'm losing my mind'  you thought but soon heard laughter. When you turned around you were face to face with an elf that looked like Link accept this one had black eyes with red irises an dripping blood. You screamed an fainted making the boy laugh.  "oh you're going to be so much fun"  he said an jumped into the computer 

Smile Dog.Jpg
You were in your room crying, it has been a week since the dreams started. Those damn nightmares! You were scared to even close your eyes now. And it's all because of that damn email. You couldn't just spread the word an give people this pain just so it could stop for you. You weren't like that at all. So now you were laying in bed crying. Suddenly you heard a creek an clicking an clacking on the tile all the way to the outside of your room. Your door creaked open an you were facing away so you shut your eyes pretending to be asleep until the door closed an the noise was farther away. You waited a few seconds before turning around to the dog from the picture smiling at you making you  scream an fall off the bed hitting your head. The dog crept closer an you noticed it was limping slightly. Ignoring how scared you were you became concerned an kneeled in front of him. Touching the pay softly he whimpered an you saw a gash. "oh you poor thing"  you say an grab some tissues by your bed. You spent the night taking care of the animal that caused your suffering an little did you know this animal was actually a man an was greatful to you

Grinny Kitty~
It was like any other day you were at an old park and you would feed the cats there.But you decided not to go to day since you has school and you were getting sick.When you got to school you were feeling watched just thinking it was Matthew.You shook it off.You went to your first class,Math and the power went out.All the kids were freaking out while you were walking down the halls.You heard a scratching sound and thought it was nothing so you kept walking.That's when you heard a voice say,"Why didn't you feed my family...?".It started to freak you out when you saw a red and black cat run by."H-Hello?"Is all you said until a sexy cute boy appeared in front of you."Why didn't you feed my family and friends?"Is all he said when when you ran off screaming,'ITS NOT MY FAULT I GET SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

Eyeless Jack
It was 3:35 in the morning and you were on your laptop looking at Creepypasta Yaoi.(I had to bro)You would mostly look at Eyeless Jack and Jeff The Killer Yaoi cause you thought it was cute,That's when you started to get a little sleepy and you put your laptop up getting some water and going to sleep.You only got to close your eyes for a few minutes when you started to fall asleep you heard you window open and heard a 'Thump'.You kept your eyes closed until you felt your shirt being pulled up and something cold on your skin where your Kidneys are.Your eyes snapped open and you got a book that you had on your bed and hit the intruders head."Ow!Fuck man......"You heard,"Who are you and why are you in my house?!"You yell turning on your light to see a boy almost your age with a Navy blue hood,Some jeans,messy brown hair and a mask but something was off.....wait.....,"...............Y-Your......Your Eyeless Jack......"Was all you said before everything went black and your last thoughts were'DID HE JUST DRUG ME?!'

You were at the park listening music ( on the swings when one of your bullies came up to you and pushed you off the swing and started laughing.You stood up and was about to pick up your phone when one of them took it and saw what you were listening to,"You really do listen to these naughty songs huh?!"B/N(Bullies Name)laughed."G-Give it back!"You yelled trying to get it back."Awwww!Look shes trying to get it back but cant!"One of them then fell to the ground with a bullet in their head.One by one they all died with a bullet in the head.You were about to scream when a hand covers your mouth,"Shhhh.....Its ok......"A soothing voice sounds like a teenage boy.He removed his hand from your mouth and you let out a whimper,"Who a-are y-you......?"You stuttered out.(this one like a cliff hanger thing)

You were at the café eating your favorite dessert.....CHEESECAKE..You were sitting in a booth by yourself and you were a little sad cause your mom died for some unknown reason(Masky-.-')"Umm......excuse me you mind if I sit here with my friend?"you heard a man ask.You look up and smiled a little,"Sure""Whats your name?""Y/N yours and your friends?""Im Tim and this is Brian.:He said pointing at the guy next to him,"Well its nice to meet you...."You say with a un eased tone." gotta go.....maybe i'll see you guys later....."You say leaving the café.'Why does it feel like I know him?'you thought to your self.But you didn't let it get to you because you had to go home to take care of your little sister and brother,Though they were going to be moving in with dad in like,The next hour or so.

You were at school and you were in math.You were not paying attention to the teacher,and you were looking out the window when you heard a slam.You looked up to see a kid around your age walk in the room."Who are you?And what do you want?"The teacher said looking at the boy."My name is Toby and Im the new kid....."This so called toby said and the teacher sighed,"Great....another maggot.....go sit in the empty seat next to Y/N please....."The teacher said poinying at you.Toby nodded at the teacher and went to the seat next to you,"H-Hi.....I-Im T-T-Toby....."He said while ticking and all the other kids snickered.You smiled at him"Hi....Im Y/N.Its nice to meet you toby."You say with a giggle and he blushed.You and toby heard whispering like 'Omg.....there is something wrong with that guy.....'or'Ohhh.....*tic*Im a *tic*Clock'.That would piss toby off,"Its ok Toby.....just don't listen to them......they do that to me when I get in trouble......"You say with a small smile.

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