Creepypasta Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios



4. Confessing And First Kiss

Jeff The Killer:
His Pov:
Me and Y/n were going to her friends house when we were almost there she saw some roses and went to them,"Jeff!Come on!"She said with a smile and giggle.I blushed as by smile grew wider and I went to her as she laid in the field of flowers."They look so pretty...."She said holding one of the flowers in her hand.I looked at her and blushed looking back at the stars."Jeff....are you okay?You seem.....eager on something.....?"Y/n says looking at me with a concern look.I glanced at her and sat up as she did the same.I looked at her and she looked at me.She blushed and so did I.
Your pov:
When Jeff was looking at you, you couldn't help but blush."J-Jeff wh-"You were cut off by somebodies lips and you saw it was Jeff's and you kissed back.When pulled away and his smile grew wider,"Y/n L/n would you do me a huge favor of becoming my girlfriend?"He asked an you blushed tackling him,"Yes!"You say kissing him again
That's when a man saw as he was walking the streets,"GET A ROOM!"

Ben Drowned:
It was a typical Tuesday night you and Ben playing games and he was kicking your butt at them."Ben!Let me win for once!"You whine.
Ben's POV:
When Y/n started to whine I chuckled,"Hey!I cant help it babe!"I say and when I did Y/n blushed and paused the game looking at me."Wh-Why do you always call me b-babe?"She asked and I laughed a bit,"Oh....If you only knew....."
"Know what?"
"If only you know I like you and I like calling you will you be my girlfriend?"I asked and when I did I felt lips on mine
Your POV:
When you heard Ben say that you kissed him but before he could kiss back you pulled away and smiled." that a yes or no?"He asked looking so dumb and you laughed kissing him again,"Yes Ben....its a yes."

Smile Dog.Jpg:
Smiles POV:
I was in my human form looking at the door waiting for Y/n to get home so I can tell her I like her.Man.....she should be home by now!HOW LONG DOES THE FUCKING BUS TAKE?!I was lost in thought I didn't hear the door open or close until I hear a loud groan.I looked at Y/n to see her so stressed.She came and sat next to me laying her head on my shoulder."Why is school so hard?"She asked looking at me."Cause school is an ass...."I said and she giggled witch made me blush."Hey...Y/n?I was wondering if you would be my girlfriend.......?"I asked
Your POV:
When Smile asked you that question you was dancing in your head and was blushing."YES!"You screamed hugging him but when you stopped he kissed you.

Grinny Kitty:
His POV:
I was watching Y/n play with her dog and I was just thinking of ways to ask her out.I sighed and looked at her as her dog ran up to me and licked me.I heard Y/n giggle and I blushed."I think he likes you Grinny~"She says with a smile.I looked at her dog and smiled petting it while the dog barked a bit."Yeah....."I say and the dog ran inside leaving me and Y/n alone in the back yard."Hey....Y/n?Will you be mine?"I asked and Y/n smiled.
Your POV:
"I would love to Grinny!"You said kissing him.When you pulled away you two walked back in the house and did other things all day forgetting about your dog.(NOT THAT THING THOUGH!!!!Not yet anyways.......)

Eyeless Jack:
His POV:
I got to Y/n's house and Jeff was already there with his lady."Oh!Jack Guess what!"Y/n said running up to me hugging me."What?""Jeff and (Jeff's girlfriend are dating!"She said giggling.I smiled a bit and sighed,"I wonder if me and you would end up dating someday...."I say making Y/n look at me with a blush."Wh-What??"She said and I sighed once more,"God damn your so cute when your stupid".With that I kissed her and she actually kissed back.
Your POV:
You kissed him back....that's all you did and when he pulled away what you heard made you turn from the rude bitch you are to the smart kind teenager."Y/n.....Will you be my girlfriend?"Was all you had to hear before you kissed him again while Jeff and his girlfriend videotaped the whole thing while smiling.

His POV:
As I walked around the mansion looking for Y/n I saw her talking to Ben and he started to flirt with her witch made me pissed.When she left I took it as my chance to ask her if she would be my wife girlfriend.When she went to the guest room I knocked on the door and when she opened it I blushed looking down and pulled down my hood showing my face and I saw her blush witch made me happy."Hey Y/n....."I say a bit nervous."How can I help you Hoodie?"she asked still blushing.Okay.....this is it......I then smashed my lips against hers and her face went RED.
Your POV:
He kissed me....that's what kept playing in your mind and then you kissed back.When he pulled away so you can catch your breath he looked down a bit.
His POV:
I looked down and sighed,"Y/n.......will you be mine?"I asked looking down completely afraid that she was gonna say no and walk away,Never talking to me again.That's when I felt arms go around me and saw she was hugging me.
 Your POV:
I hugged him and smiled,"I would love to be yours Hoodie...."You say and then you two kissed again but you guys didn't know that I was watching the whole thing and I was mad........

His POV:
I sighed looking at my cheesecake thinking of ways to ask Y/n out.That's when Slender walked in,and heard what I was thinking."Well child.....looks like you have a crush on a human I see...."Slender said getting a glass of water."Yeah.....but.....she just....I don't think she likes me back...."I said looking at him as he sighed."Well you should just ask her out and give her some flowers and a gift..."He said walking out the room.I got up and went to the garden and got some of her F/f(Favorite Flower)then took some of Slenders's money and went to the store looking for a good necklace.
Your POV:
You were at home watching a movie when there was a knock on your door so you got up and opened the door.You saw Masky without his mask and blushed."Wh-what do you want?"You asked and he gave you the flowers and a small box that was your F/c(Fav color)."What is this?"You ask blushing a bit."Open the box...."Was all he said before you opened th ebox.When you did you saw a necklace and it was so beautiful.(key-necklace-designs-13).."Masky......what....why did you get this for me?"You asked a bit surprised cause no one ever got you a necklace like this."Y/n.......Your the key to my heart......I was hoping this would help me love you more and more you be my girlfriend?"He asked putting the necklace on you."I would love to!"You say kissing him.

Ticci Toby:
It was now summer and you were SO happy that there was no more school and that you basically get to spend the whole summer at the mansion XD.When you got to the mansion Toby opened the door and DRAGGED you in the mansion and took you to the kitchen."Ummm.........Toby?Why did you take ne to the kitchen?"You asked a bit concerned with your ticing friend.
Toby POV:
I sighed as I looked at Y/n as she looked at me while blushing."T-Toby?Are you still alive in there?Toby?Toby?!Are you there???!"I snapped out of my trance when I heard Y/n calling me."Oh!Ummmm.....sorry about that!I just got lost in your eyes...."I said blushing.Y/n then blushed more when suddenly I kissed her.
Your POV:
When he kissed you you felt like you were gonna die!You kissed back and when he pulled away you knew what he was gonna ask so you giggled."Yes Toby....."

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