Best Friend? Or Boyfriend?

Nick, Tia's best friend has been falling for her. And she doesn't know it, they'd been friends for 12 years and through thick and thin. They've managed to stick together


5. why?

*Tias POV*

The hot water feels amazing against my skin, washing off all the feelings I had yesterday, ready for a fresh start today. Once I hop out the shower suddenly my skin has goosebumps all over it, only because it's quite cold. Ya know, being the start of winter.

I head to my chest of draws and grab some matching undergarments, black with blue lacing, then slip on my thick skin coloured stockings and a leather high waisted skirt, then head to my closet and pick out a very loose top that hangs over one shoulder and tuck the bottom of the shirt into my skirt.

hmmm what shoes? As I look at my shoe collection I realise I'm missing my black high tops. Mum! Of course she took them. "Mum?! Did you take my black high tops again?" I yelled down the stairs "yep! I'll throw them up now.. Give me a second" "okay" I mumble under my breath "catch" she says as she throws them up the stairs. "Thanks, I'm nearly ready.."

Next I head to the bathroom and put my makeup on, same as yesterday, makeups the one thing I don't change. And I'm ready.


Me: Haii, I'm ready, what about you?

Nick: yep! Look outside :')

Me: hehe okay! See you in a sec •.•

As I open the front door I see him there, again, leaning up against his car, today he's wearing maroon skinny jeans and a grey hoodie. "Hey hey! Let's gooo" I yell as I close the front door and was to his car. He gives me a hug and kisses me on the cheek "hey! Yep, let's go" and then we get in the car.

I've been thinking and maybe we could give dating a go, but what if it messes up everything? What if he breaks up with me? What if he hates the way I look in the morning? And all of the sudden all there what ifs flow into my head. Nick gives me a worrying look, and then I quickly push them out of my head because I don't want him knowing I'm feeling like this.

Nick pulls up into the schools parking lot and then suddenly I remember what happened yesterday after school, my heart begins to beat really hard an my hands go clammy, I can feel this burning sensation behind my face and feel it even more intense behind my eyes. Then I realise, I'm about to have a panic attack.

Nicks already out the car and as I look at him, my eyes steer slightly to the right of him, and further in the distance is Michael he here.

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