Best Friend? Or Boyfriend?

Nick, Tia's best friend has been falling for her. And she doesn't know it, they'd been friends for 12 years and through thick and thin. They've managed to stick together


7. this is everything

*Tias POV*

Okay, so the second day of school started off bad but towards the end was like..normal. Thank god!

*Brrrrrr* The bell rang and I started to walk out the front of the school to wait for Nick at his car, on the way someone came up beside me and grabbed my hand, nearly have me a heart attack! But it was only Nick. "Hey beautiful" he said as he looked at me in the most loving way. We walked hand in hand to the car, was a little weird but I got used to it.

When we got in the car nick pointed to a Red Mazda 3 car "he's there, that's why I was so touchy, I didn't want him to think you where alone and come up to you and do- do got knows what" he murmured "oh okay. Thank you, I really appreciate it" I say calmly.

Nick pulled into my driveway a few minutes later, as I go to get out Nick pulls my arm and I sit back in the car "what?" I say confused "are we going again tonight? I would really love to, but if you don't.." He says unsure "no! Id love to! What time you picking me up?" I think I was a little too exited as nick chuckles he says "I'll see you at 6:30" "okey dokey, see you then, Byeee" I say then give him a quick kiss in the cheek and get out the car.

I make my way to my room and as soon as I get in there I start to take my clothes off, first my shirt, the my pants, so I was left in only my bra and panties. I went to my closet and picked out a pear of grey sweatpants and an oversized black hoodie, then went for a shower, I washed all of my makeup off since Nick didn't are what I looked like with no makeup on, because we had grown up together, Though the worst and best looking times.

I hop out if the shower an throw on the clothes I had previously picked out, then get some warm socks, trainers and a beanie. I look at the time and it's already 6:00 so I head downstairs to have dinner and socialise with my family.

After poaching 2 eggs and frying up some bacon, I chucked it all in between two slices of toast and chowed down on it, had small talk with my mum, then *Bing!* my phone.


Nicks: where you at? I've been outside for like 10 mins, get your ass out here girl!

Me: hey sorry, didn't even realise what time is was, be out in 2 secs.

I quickly place my plate in the sink and say bye to mum, then head out the door, as I approach the car Nick is wearing his same Maroon hoodie and a pear of black sweatpants, some converse and his flatcap. He's looking good!

"Sup? Ready to go?" He says pushing himself off his car and heading to his side of the car "yep. Ready as I'll ever be" I say as we both jump in the car.

After a short drive Nick parks in the primary schools parking lot and we get out, Nick grabs my hand and places it in his as we walk the the two story building. I go up first, the Nick. But by the time he gets up, I'm already at the very top of the building am starting to sit down.

"Ah yeah, thanks for waiting" he laughs "your welcome slow poke!" I chuckle. As we sit down. The sun has just started to set and it's beautiful! It's magical! And I never want to leave. I can feel Nicks eyes staring at me, burning a hole into my head, but I ignore it.

"Your so beautiful Tia, and I never want you to think otherwise" he says softly, making my go all warm and fuzzy inside. I don't say anything back, I just smile a warm smile and move closer, he wraps his arm around me and I snuggle into his chest with me head in the crook of his neck.

This moment is everything.

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