Best Friend? Or Boyfriend?

Nick, Tia's best friend has been falling for her. And she doesn't know it, they'd been friends for 12 years and through thick and thin. They've managed to stick together


6. panic?

*Tias POV*

He's here. Michael is at school again. What does he want now. As I hop out the car and shut my door I look at nick and he has a worried look on his face "Ti? What's wrong..?" He says slowly wit concern in his voice. "I-I can't. He's here. I have t-to go. N-now" I manage to stuffer out my words as I run off.

Where am I going? I was toward the school and realise the best place to be where no one would be or look for me is the roof. It's the calmest place. I head to the emergency exit staircase and run up to the very top. Although I can hear footsteps behind me, I'm too afraid to look back and see who it is.

I make it to the top, I open the door to the roof and quickly shut it behind me "Tia!? It's me!" I hear a voice yell out from behind the door and I quickly realise it's Nick.

As I open the door I see his face and I can't control it anymore. My face burns even more and my heart it pounding so hard on my ribcage it hurts. I can't hold it in anymore. I breakdown.

"Awe Ti.. It's going to be alright. I'll never let anything or anyone hurt you.. I'll protect you.." Nick whispers into my ear. The feel of his hot breath on my ear and him hugging me tight is just what u needed. I started to clam down and then everything went black.

*Nicks POV*

"Ti? Tia? Wake up.. It's okay!" I whisper in her ear. She passed out, so I took her to the nurses office. The nurse said it's from stress and lack of food and water. She probably didn't eat this morning and all we had last night was a bit of popcorn.

"Nurse! She's opening her eyes" I quietly yell out as I see Tia slowly opening her eyes. Adjusting to the light from being passed out for just over 30 minutes. "Nick?.." She mumbles out "yeah, Ti I'm here.." I say softly trying not to be too loud because she'll probably have a headache.

"Here, sweetheart, drink this, you'll feel much better in no time. And when your done I want you to eat this" says the nurse handing Tia a cup of water and an apple "Thanks" she mumbles out.

"Wh-what happened?" She mumbles out. "Well.. One minute you where fine. The next you where hoping out of the car and running off to the roof, and then you broke down. And cried and I held you, then you passed out and I brang you to the nurse as fast as I could" I said slowly and calmly "h-how long was I out?" She says starting to regain her strength "around half and hour" I stated. In an as a matter of factly kind of way.

so..the school day went extremely quick, even though I missed out on first session. But it was worth it if it meant I got to spend more time with Ti. She's amazing, there's no one else like her, everyone thinks she the innocent type, but really she's not. She has quite a dirty mind when we start talking.

But there's still so much that I don't know. I mean.. She said she's "keep that in mind" when I told her I loved her, and I know she meant it in a 'i don't know what else to say' kind of way.. But it still Kinda hurt.



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And if anyone wants to be in the story. Leave a character description, eg: name, age, what you look like- hair, eyes, clothes type. And favourite color. And what role you want you character to play.


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