Best Friend? Or Boyfriend?

Nick, Tia's best friend has been falling for her. And she doesn't know it, they'd been friends for 12 years and through thick and thin. They've managed to stick together


2. Grade 11 - at school.

*Nicks POV*

So, we are in the car together, she's so amazing, she beautiful, kind, caring, she not a slut and she is the most honest person I've ever met. 12 years? And we have never dated, I don't think she's ever even thought about it, but I have! I like her. I like her a lot. And I don't know what I would do without her. You know what? I'm going to tell her, I'm gonna tell her how I feel right now! " Ti? There's something I want to tell you.." I say pretty nervous of how she might react "hey, sorry. There's Olivia..tell me at recess?" She says speed talking "yeah okay, talk soon" and she rushes off.

First session was so boring I had English but Tia wasn't in my class. *BRRRRR* the bell goes for recess and I head to my locker and Tia is already at hers.

*Tia's POV*

I was just about to close my locker when I suddenly feel two hands around my waist and a chin rested on my shoulder, it was Nick. "Hey, long time no see" I say as u turn around and hug him "yep, too long" he says giggling and hugging me back, his hugs are the best, it feels like all my broken prices are getting glued back together in a single hug. He's good like that.

"So.. How was first session? Feel like a senior yet?" He chuckles "not quite, I was alone and I had no one to to talk to, I wish you here in my English class!" I must have sounded disappointed because he grabbed my hands and said "Ti.. You'll never be alone, you'll always have me. In here" he puts his hand over my chest where my heart is "thanks Nick, your the best" I say snuggling into his chest "anyways, how was yours?" I say trying to lighten the mood "yeah it was good, Trevor is in my class so he sits with me, I wonder how long that will last." He says laughing toward the end if his sentence.

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