Just In Case

What if Ron Weasley had never survived the war. What if he wrote letters to his friends and family, just in case.


11. Professor McGonagall

Professor McGonagall,

In case I don't survive,

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning in all students. I know for a fact that is exactly what you did for me. You may have been the strictest teacher, you may have given us the most homework and you may have driven us crazy; but even after all of this, though I'm sure I would have furiously denied it if you ever told anybody, but your lessons were always secretly my favorite.

I remember every single time you ever caught me, Harry and Hermione when we were off on our adventures. You were always mad, and took points off us- Though I guess we usually deserved it. I know that I have already forgiven you for all of those times, as have the others. After all, you were only doing your job. You were only protecting your Lion Cubs. Also, I suppose you never could have imagined what we were really doing- you must be used to catching troublemakers, like my brothers for example and not catching people who were actually trying to save the world.

I suppose then, that I should finally admit to some things; there really was a Dragon in our first year, we did brew Polyjuice potion in our second year and we have sneaked out of the school several times, but I know that you already know about most of those times.

Now that the war has finally taken hold, I hope that you stay safe. We know that you are one of the guardians of Hogwarts now. You chose to stay; even now the dark side has taken over the school- just so you could protect the children. You didn't flee like so many others would have, and I will forever respect you for that, no matter the outcome of this war.

I am sorry that we never came back to Hogwarts, but you must know that we couldn't- it was simply too dangerous to do so. I know that we could have helped, but as you know, Dumbledore left us a mission that we must complete if Voldemort is too fall- a mission we know may cost us our lives.

I can just ask that you look out for the students and watch over Dumbledore's Army, we know they will fight and rebel. We know they will punished heavily for whatever it is they will do. Please Professor, protect them if you can. I know it is a lot to ask, but they alone have their own battles to win.

I hope you never have to read this letter Minerva (I hope it is okay that I call you that)
Your Gryffindor Cub,

Ron Weasley

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