Just In Case

What if Ron Weasley had never survived the war. What if he wrote letters to his friends and family, just in case.


10. Luna


In case I don't survive,

You know what Luna? Initially I wasn't going to write you a letter because I didn't know how well received it would have been. It took me a minute to realise that, over the years we have become good friends. In the end, friendship isn't about being totally perfect, but about other people knowing all of your worst flaws and them still loving you anyway. I love you Luna Lovegood, and nothing anyone else does or says will ever change that.

We're as different as can be, but frankly, I couldn't care less about that.

I used to believe that you were the strangest girl that I had ever had the misfortune to meet. But then, after growing up just miles from your house and being the only magical people in Ottery St Catchpole, things were always going to get strained in the end. Just so you know, I do not really think that you are "Loony," like so many others call you. We're all weird, and that's okay- weird is what makes us unique. What is the point in us all being the same, that would just be overly boring- wouldn't it?

Bravery is the capacity to perform properly even when scared half to death. In saying this, watching you grow whilst laughing, smiling and realising that you really do have friends is no doubt one of the best moments of that entire year. Luna, if there is one thing that I find brave it is that you carried on with life, never changing who you are- never for one moment did you let yourself be brought down by others and that to me, makes you one the bravest people I have ever met.

You have saved lives: Mine, Harry's, Hermione's, Ollivander's, Dean's and so many others. I know I can vouch for the others when I say that we be eternally grateful for what you have done for us.

You probably think me; Harry and Hermione will never forgive you for what your father did to us. I hope you believe me when I say it, you have nothing to worry about- If there is one thing anybody can understand, it is that a love of a family trumps all. They will do anything to get you back; we hold nothing against you or your father.

I am so proud of you Luna, proud that you have played such a pivotal role in the story of my life. You ripped up the rule book and helped us find our way, I have never been gladder for something.

I sit in this tent every day, helping Harry and Hermione plan our next move. None of us know if we're going to live to see tomorrow. Any second, the wards could fail, Voldemort's taboo could be broken or one of us could be captured. The only thing that keeps us going is the knowledge that we have something to fight for, and something to go home too when all of this is over.

So do me a favour will you Luna, carry on living- fight against adversity and never let go of who you are. You've been incredible since day one.

I have enclosed for you a photo for you- it was taken just a couple of days ago after the completion of one of the stupidest things we have done, which I'm sorry to say I cannot talk about within a letter.

Never stop fighting and always keep believing,

Love your friend,

Ron Weasley

P.S- I hope you find a Crumple-Horned- Snorkack one day. You'd deserve that success.

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