Just In Case

What if Ron Weasley had never survived the war. What if he wrote letters to his friends and family, just in case.


4. Fred and George

A/N- This one has been the hardest to write for me so far. Ron wasn't to know exactly what he was going to lose. He never expected that something that close to him could be ripped away instantly, in a single moment. He wasn't to know he was going to lose something that was so dear, so important in the life of Ron Weasley. A constant figure all his life that suddenly disappears. He writes them into the letter together as he can't imagine a world where they aren't together.
Anyway, enough of the monologue of feels and onto the chapter.


Fred and George,
In Case I Don't Survive,

I have put you both in the same letter because I cannot imagine you being split from each other. Truly, you're both one and the same. There can't be one of you if there isn't the other. It just isn't right. You better both better survive the impending war, because if you don't, the one who remains, I promise you. I'll haunt you until the end of you days.

Now I wish to thank you, recently we discovered the obscure beauty that is Potterwatch. Your radio show about the war and Harry. The main reason I thank you now is because without that show, many people would have given up and fallen under the reign of Lord Voldemort. Also, you helped us, keeping us to date with the comings and goings of the world. In that sense, your information has been vital in our quest to destroy the evil that plagues the very ground we walk. Even if it's just a little bit, hope and prosperity stems from you two.

I know that over the years, we haven't really been the closest of brothers, we fight, and I was always closer to Ginny anyway. However, even after you turned my teddy bear into a spider, and tried to make me make an un-breakable vow, we've always made it through the problems we happen to have. I love you two dearly, through thick and thin, you've always been there for me.

Since I started Hogwarts, almost seven years ago, you have done the one thing I had hoped you'd do. You accepted my best friend into our family. You accepted him as one of your own, he became you friend too, a brother in all but blood. Then you accepted Hermione too, and I have never been more grateful of something in my entire like. I wouldn't have been able to stand it if the two most important people in my life hadn't been accepted by my family.

I want you two to promise me something. If this letter has reached you, I have died for the greater good in our fight against darkness. I want you to promise me you'll look out for the rest of the family. Yes, I do indeed include Harry and Hermione in that statement. They are just as much family to me as you two are.

I want to see what becomes of you both, will the joke shop lead you to stardom and the fortune you desire, or will you pursue other dreams. I always wondered what would've happened if you had gone on to become professional Beaters on a Quidditch team. I think you'd have been brilliant. You were amazing at school, professionally, you'd have been phenomenal. Sadly, if you are reading this, I haven't got the chance to support your choices. However, remember, from where I am now, I support you to the very end, no matter what path you decide to follow in your lives.

I sit in this tent every day, helping Harry and Hermione plan our next move. None of us know if we're going to live to see tomorrow. Any second, the wards could fail, Voldemort's taboo could be broken, or one of us could be captured. The only thing that keeps us going is the knowledge that we have something to fight for, and something to go home too when all of this is over.

Keep fighting and keep believing,
Forever your brother,

Ron Weasley.

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