" Just dead in the end"

Ember,Jack,Sam,Miya,and lilly diside to go check out a haunted abandoned school. But end up in some.....'troubel'. Well they get out safe or end up dead?!


4. "WTH!!"

"I turned around to see that jack was gone. "Crap" I ran to were I think he went. "SAAAAAM!!!" "I'm coming!" I said turning the corner I herd the screaming come from. "SAM! IT"S E-E- AHHH..." No...He can't die! "WERE ARE YOU!" No response. "JACK!!!" No response. "Jack...?" I felt tier's in my eye's. I ran down the hall to see something horrabule. "jack?" What was right in frount of me was Jack's chopped off head hanging on a rope with his torso on the ground. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!" "Yes..." *Stab* "W-what?" I Started to feel disey. Then the person who stabed me turned e around. "E-Ember-?" "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"


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