Switch Up

Bill Cipher is bored. So, stumbling across a strange desert community seems perfect to him. Just to shake things up a bit, he decides to take Pine tree and tattoos and have them switch for a little while. This is going to be fun.

Gravity Falls: After A Tale of Two Stan's but before Weirdmageddon
Welcome to Night Vale: After Episode 70A (Taking Off) and 70B (The Review)


1. Prologue

Note: If you do not listen to Welcome to Night Vale, understand that time is weird. And I also highly recommend it. For everyone else, this part takes place right after Episode 16(The Phone Call). Like, the day after. Also I'm not saying you should turn around, but your body might want to rotate itself 180 degrees. For security reasons.

And hey, thanks.


Bill was bored. Immortal and alone, he flicked through towns and universe like a teenage girl on Timber. Too bland, extremely boring, didn't agree with me. Then he paused, looking out on a town that didn't seem quite ordinary. He floated through, looking down on the community. It seemed normal on first glance, but there something else that attracted Bill to it.

There was a glow cloud (ALL HAIL THE MIGHTY GLOW CLOUD!!!) and hooded figures. The dog park that nobody would go within five feet of, or the library nobody would go within 10 of. Angels, that people claim do not exist, and a ban on wheat and wheat by-products.

"You will not find answers there, but you will certainly see what everyone is screaming about." The man on the radio said, Bill listening in. "Welcome to Night Vale."

"Hello, Listeners. Sorry if I feel a little down today. Carlos, the scientist, called me last night to say that the talk between us was not, in fact, a date. Uh, I was sssooooo embarrassed. I just feel different around him, wanting to run my hand through his dark perfect hair.

"Sorry, I'm getting ahead of myself. Anyways, Carlos wanted me to state that the talk was to be strictly platonic, scientifically speaking. And platonic means just friends. I had to look up the definition after he left. I hope he wasn't listening to all that.

"And now the news. The city council ..." The voice on the radio continued to talk, but Bill wasn't really listening anymore. He was already heading back to his realm, thinking of what plans he had for this desert town.

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