who is this

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  • Published: 19 Mar 2016
  • Updated: 19 Mar 2016
  • Status: Complete
its about a random guy calling someone and he wont tell who he is u will figure out in our second book so then the girl keep on says who is this but he wont tell


1. the call

ring...ring....ring hello hi who is this who is this!!! (breathing in phone) im calling 911 beep....beep.....beep 911 whats your emergency this dude called me and he is just being creepy can u come and u can come talk to him. ok im on my way (sirens) finally there here (the cop talking) ok so u need to call him again so i can talk to him ring...ring....ring (guy whispering) hello.(cop talking) this is the police who is this (dude talking) i cant tell u (cop talking) i will call backup and track u down (dude talking) ok then do it

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